Californians can seek gun restraining-orders

October 1, 2014

gunsCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Tuesday that will allow family members to seek court orders temporarily prohibiting their relatives from possessing firearms. [Sacramento Bee]

Democratic Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner authored the bill in response to a deadly shooting in Isla Vista in May. The new law will allow family members of individuals displaying signs of mental illness to request a court order temporarily barring the relatives from purchasing or using a gun.

Brown also signed a bill authored by Democratic State Senator Kevin de Leon, which will require toy guns to be brightly colored. The bill emerged in response to incidents in the state in which police officers shot young Californians carrying replica guns.

The governor did, though, veto one gun bill, which would have required Californians to register firearms they make themselves. Concerns about the availability of homemade guns, including ones produced by 3-D printers, prompted the introduction of the bill.


What a joke!

So family member#1 gets mad at family member#2 during Thanksgiving and to screw with them makes up a statement that #2 said they were going to hurt themselves and then goes to court and gets a restraining order..

Is there any corroboration required by the court or are they supposed to issue every order no matter how thin the allegation? False reporting is a crime? How do you prove or disprove a conversation alleged to have occurred between two people?

Clearly the agenda is to harass gun owners, this time by using a tragic murder to further that agenda.


The “purchase” part of this legislation I agree with. But, laws like these seem to have no real practical application. I am sure there is some hypothetical that could be dreamed up where this might actually prevent a crime; and for that maybe, it’s worth it. However, this doesn’t seem to be the answer to mass shootings or other gun related crime. You think Adam Lanza (or other criminals) would have not committed his heinous crime if there was a restraining order saying he can’t “use” a gun?


So if a manufacturer of guns start to make the real guns brightly colored, then what happens to the toy guns. Can you believe the way these idiots work. Always knee jerk reaction to the latest headline.

Crisis, must show we care, write useless law that has no value except further restricting freedoms. Good.


just how this restricts your (or ) rights is left to imagination.


What other Civil Rights can be stripped from you without Due Process of the law?


This is a bitter pill for me growing up I had one of my friends shot by police after his girlfriend called the police after an argument! He was setting in his car leaving.

People need to think long and hard before the send the the police things can escalate in a bad way. I still remember her crying at the funeral and the hatred and sadness in his family eyes


NEVER…I repeat, NEVER call the police unless you think you are immediately going to die.

They will CRUCIFY you.

Everyone they come in contact with is a MAGGOT…a NOBODY in their estimation. You are a TURD to be stepped on, unless you are smart enough not to talk AT ALL. Not even with Miranda warnings. Just act stupid and mute.

I come from a family of COPS. Honorable men. None of them got rich. They were fair.

There are still plenty of those, but none of us know who the good ones are, or who the creeps are, and the CREEPS often dominate the good ones.

IF you are innocent, or unknowing, just act retarded ( sorry ) or stupid, and DO NOT SAY ANYTHING to POLICE, until you have counsel.

They are authorized and legitimized killers, just like Ferguson.