Speaker ejected from contentious Arroyo Grande Council meeting

October 8, 2014
Mayor Tony Ferrara

Mayor Tony Ferrara


In a very special example of hindsight, the Arroyo Grande City Council called a special meeting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning to take public comments, hail the Brown Act, on the plan to select an “interviewer,” to reexamine the Adams/McClish incident. Hindsight? Read on:

Public testimony was given, most of which was critical of the plan and the crass decision of 9 a.m. for the meeting on a workday for most citizens.

Yours truly stated emphatically “that given that the Arroyo Grande Police Officers’ Association (AGPOA) has stated “certain members of this Council have chosen to prejudge the so-called evidence and have already pre-determined what the outcome should be,” why should the citizens agree with the Council’s selection of an independent interviewer?

That, the council has selected an investigator who is contracted to examine the council on the issue of the cover up. That this reason alone constitutes an incestuous conflict by the fact the council may be subtly controlling the investigation of itself. That the council in framing the process investigating itself and then is the judge of the results of the investigation. Why? Ferrara knows the interviewers — ex police officers from Ventura.

Added to these points is the fact that both Mayor Ferrara and City Manager Steve Adams have publicly stated there has been no cover up and the police are wrong in their complaint.

Nevertheless, ignoring the comments protesting the interviewing scheme, Councilman Jim Guthrie explained the contract with Sintra had been made. It was a “fait accomplie”!

This immediately caused a reaction by attendees at the council meeting. “Why are we here?” Obviously the horse was stolen and the council is attempting to close the door. All this at 9 a.m. on a workday. Hindsight by the council?

But this was contested by the observing and offended citizens who attended the meeting. There is horse manure behind that barn. Outrage. Why at a 9 a.m. meeting to disclose the deed is done? The contract is made and interviews start on Thursday, Oct. 9.

In exclaiming a frustration throughout the meeting (no applause — public comment had been made — sit down Otis) Ferrara cut the mike and instructed a police officer to escort this writer out the door.

The police officer did so with a smile on his face, for he knows which side Otis is on. Ah, the deceit of politics in its crudest form. Only in Chicago?

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You all will enjoy the New Times take on all this.

Oh, yes, the black shirts at the meetings are very intimidating (very sarcastic)……and yes, I think I remember Mr. Guthrie being very vocal about needing an investigation (also very sarcastic)….NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the New Times serious?

We need to hold a teach in at one of the parks so people can lean about the corruption and lack of integrity and transparency with this mayor and this council.

Oh, good grief! No wonder I never read the New Times…what a waste of time.

And all of those big words they use.

Is anyone skeptical about who is really running the interviews of this investigation?

Unless the interviews are done under oath, recorded and made available we will never know the truth.

do you know how investigations are conducted ?

dont guess if you want the truth

Okay, I’m trying to understand what you just said—–care to enlighten us on how they are conducted, if you know that is…I see people who don’t trust this process at all, not people who are simply guessing…….but maybe you are satisfied with Tony and his tribe……I am not.

That two of us, not sure either what was trying to be said.

Mayor Tony Jong-un?

Dictator extraordinaire…

and maybe Tim Carmel??????

I understand Mayor Ferrara wants to file a restraining order against Otis Page, I guess so he can no longer attend council meetings and speak out against the mayor.


Otis must be onto something, certainly Tony is not afraid for his personal safety.

Good golly, what next Mayor?

Tony was in “fear for his life”…..emotive subterfuge…..

did he really say that???????

Yes, I have seen the video

Tony is ridiculous…….


OTIS PAGE was NOT “escorted” out by police officers. Her walked by himself to the foyer and was met by 2 officers who walked outside with him

They told Mr. Page he could not stay and he smiled and said, “yeah, I know, I’m on your side.” The officer smiled back.

Otis may have a lot to say, but really Mr. Mayor, a restraining order? What else are you going to hide behind throughout the remainder of the election this October and 1st part of November??????

where did that rumor come from?

Apparently it’s only a rumor to you, it is fact to everyone else

What, Tony you don’t remember saying this? I see a commercial on TV about brain training, Lumosity I think, no direct knowledge if this works but maybe it can help you with your memory problem.

when and where did he say that? not on tape, CCN or paper

It was on Facebook, video of the mayor speaking to the police officer. Since this video was not available to Mr. Adams it was likely not edited, and then again Mr. Adams is more about removing video.

facebook where?

Well, team, it’s day one of the investigation——I wonder who is on the list today?????

Probably NOT Otis. : (

Those Crude Little Signs…..

Just went to CVS, where did all the signs on Cortland come from in this quiet little residential neighborhood ? I was completely surprised.

Will say this, citizen voters are not waiting for someone to bring them a sign. These signs were made by motivated independent residents ! Dollar Tree must be doing the business.

LeAnn, used the word “Energized” yesterday, to describe what is happening. Have to agree after my quiet trip this morning in my old truck.

Vote {o}

YES! Amazing the power a poster board and a Sharpie, plus a little bit of courage can have.

There is strength in numbers people, take the leap!

It’s refreshing and quite empowering…nice to feel like our voice CAN make a difference.

We do NOT have to tolerate what is happening, WE HAVE A CHOICE.


Write-in campaigns rarely succeed, let’s show them what we’re made of.

Can we put signs on onramps and offramps to the 101??????

Not legally

so we can only put signs on private property?

Coming soon to a private piece of property near a 101 on/off ramp! Keep your eyes open!

I have met some great residents of AG and seen some amazing arts and craft era homes, and amazing gardens.

I love listening to what residents have to say about what we are doing.

This grass root campaign is a great lesson in what it means to have the system we have and how it is suppose to work. I feel I can make a difference, and no matter the out come I did my best to make a change.

We are mad as hell and not going to take it any more!

Come join us in a history making lesson. Call 441 5133

Go dog, go dog, go!

We can win this people—-we really can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday at the meeting Mrs. Barneich said that the meeting was published in plenty of time and that the meeting agenda was posted online….interesting fact, the organization our mayor is president of, published an entire handbook on the Brown Act—-guess what? They did not follow the guidelines for a special meeting, nor did they follow the spirit of the law, as it says in this handbook by publishing the agenda in a variety of places, not just online, because people do not have universal access to the Internet…….bummer for them!

I am doing more research on this and will ask CalCoast if they will publish this—I will also forward what I put together to the League of Cities, the mayor, and the Mr. Carmel (who also needs to be replaced).

what reasonable person capable of independent thought and incapable of parroting the Mayor, would have said what Kristen Fellows Barneich said yesterday?

Let’s work together on the Brown Act stuff —-if you have time………

Carmel needs to follow Tony, and ‘ole Joe out the door if he is responsible for the absolutely horrid human resource policies our council is following.

They ALL know better, just don’t want to DO better…shame on them!

For the individuals who disliked this little tid-bit of information, I feel badly for you that you will let a city council and a mayor run over you and be okay with it—-they are trampling all over your rights, yes, yours, not just mine—-maybe you don’t care, I do—-I refuse to accept half-assed government in my city.

WRITE-IN JIM HILL FOR MAYOR!!!!!! Fill in the Bubble! Make your voice heard! Tony cannot silence everyone in the town—–he isn’t that powerful…..he may think he is, but that is how most people who are arrogant and full of themselves roll—-they attempt to roll over everyone.

Guess what Mr. Mayor? You will not roll, run, walk, or jump over me. You will not hold this community hostage with your lack of leadership, ethics, or integrity. Your time is up.

They might have placed the agenda outside city hall

Or on council chambers doors.

the agenda was on the table in the chambers, but not the staff report……not universally accessible by everyone…….

it use to be posted on board outside city hall but dont think there is place to post now

I didn’t see it posted anywhere outside…….

so did you not like this post because I missed the agenda being posted somewhere accessible to everyone or did you not like this post because you know I am right????? I am prone to believe it is the second one——

it was not likening or not. I was only stating fact at old city hall the posted on board outside to post different items the new city hall does not

Shhhhh… don’t bring facts into the conversation. It only confuses them.

THis is in reply to Cowtipper—–Know that I am not confused about really anything with regards to this situation. The fact is that the materials were not posted outside, regardless of how things were handled in the past—-and maybe you aren’t bright enough to read my earlier posts where I was stating facts about how and where things were posted……go back to sleep……..

Well she stated it was published at 11:30 Monday morning, but what if you work in SLO and don’t get off until 5pm? and the meeting is at 9 am the next day, no time to get the paperwork..

How is that for transparency???

Did anyone happen to hear at the Council meeting yesterday that Jim said that the investigation HAD already begun. Then a minute later he stated that it was to begin at 7am today! Well, which is it?. Re listen to AGP


WRITE-IN JIM HILL for Mayor and Darken the Bubble…

I have heard that people are scared to donate funds and put up signs because of back lash from Tony. Its time to step up if you want change. Im not sure everyone gets it! If Tony is still Mayor come November 5th we are ALL Screwed! He will be MORE of a Tan headed monster!

There will be a day of reckoning for sure. Lets ALL ban together to show we want change from the direction this great town is going. Tony and his cronies can be over thrown only if we stand united.

Remember, United we stand, Divided we fall.

This grass roots effort takes money , time, and conviction, therefore, You can donate $99.00 without your name showing. So, if you have five people in your family every one can donate $99.00

Thank You to all those that have the balls to stand up and be seen!.

Before a few days ago, Tony had 100% of the votes, and he knew it.

SO, IT IS UP TO US, to work hard, pass the message and take those votes away…give them to someone who will bring a fresh voice, and more importantly a new ATTITUDE to the AG council.

Haven’t we had enough already?

Sorry Tony, but while people may be afraid to speak openly there are lots of folks who are supporting Jim Hill quietly, and discreetly. Others have chosen to publicly lead the charge. To each his own.


Tony Ferrara has 100% of the apathetic vote…….

That’s exactly what he’s counting on, and why we are where we are!

No one to blame but ourselves for letting him get so out of control…

tony is rsponsible for his actions no one else

Yes, but we have let him get away with it for waaaaaaaay toooooooo long!

at this point its not about money but word of mouth via social media and other means

absentee voteing is 60 % of voting in AG.

by the time november 4th rolls around its too late

AAADADDYO where do you get the stats of 60%?

I believe in the last election 58% of the votes were mail-in. And only 25% of all registered voters cast ballots. If this election has the same turnout only 1,300 or so need to write in Jim Hill and darken the bubble. If turnout increases this year that would mean less apathy so more write-in votes for Jim Hill. Electing a new mayor is definitely within our reach. People just need to understand why it’s time for a new mayor and how to cast a write-in vote. Then they have to actually vote.

county clerks office