Speaker ejected from contentious Arroyo Grande Council meeting

October 8, 2014
Mayor Tony Ferrara

Mayor Tony Ferrara


In a very special example of hindsight, the Arroyo Grande City Council called a special meeting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning to take public comments, hail the Brown Act, on the plan to select an “interviewer,” to reexamine the Adams/McClish incident. Hindsight? Read on:

Public testimony was given, most of which was critical of the plan and the crass decision of 9 a.m. for the meeting on a workday for most citizens.

Yours truly stated emphatically “that given that the Arroyo Grande Police Officers’ Association (AGPOA) has stated “certain members of this Council have chosen to prejudge the so-called evidence and have already pre-determined what the outcome should be,” why should the citizens agree with the Council’s selection of an independent interviewer?

That, the council has selected an investigator who is contracted to examine the council on the issue of the cover up. That this reason alone constitutes an incestuous conflict by the fact the council may be subtly controlling the investigation of itself. That the council in framing the process investigating itself and then is the judge of the results of the investigation. Why? Ferrara knows the interviewers — ex police officers from Ventura.

Added to these points is the fact that both Mayor Ferrara and City Manager Steve Adams have publicly stated there has been no cover up and the police are wrong in their complaint.

Nevertheless, ignoring the comments protesting the interviewing scheme, Councilman Jim Guthrie explained the contract with Sintra had been made. It was a “fait accomplie”!

This immediately caused a reaction by attendees at the council meeting. “Why are we here?” Obviously the horse was stolen and the council is attempting to close the door. All this at 9 a.m. on a workday. Hindsight by the council?

But this was contested by the observing and offended citizens who attended the meeting. There is horse manure behind that barn. Outrage. Why at a 9 a.m. meeting to disclose the deed is done? The contract is made and interviews start on Thursday, Oct. 9.

In exclaiming a frustration throughout the meeting (no applause — public comment had been made — sit down Otis) Ferrara cut the mike and instructed a police officer to escort this writer out the door.

The police officer did so with a smile on his face, for he knows which side Otis is on. Ah, the deceit of politics in its crudest form. Only in Chicago?

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Otis needs our support.

Let your Facebook friends know about Jim Hill’s write-in campaign.

Call for a sign! 441-5133



Help get the word out READ CAL COAST NEWS its your only source for the truth!!!! There are still a lot of people that don’t know about it.


For the REAL story!!


email 10 friends and have them email 10 friends so on and so on. The word will get out quickly that way


Where is Otis? Is he okay?


Otis may well be resting up for Tuesday’s council meeting!

It’ll be hard to top the fireworks of Wed special meeting, but we all need to be there!

Come around 5:15-5:30 for the

No on Charter City, Write-In Jim Hill for AG Mayor Rally!

See you there.


October Election:

With so many of us Voting By Mail, This election will be won in October !

Those crude little signs that are growing in numbers day by day make me proud to live in this area, to live in a free democratic country, and most of all to have the power of the Vote.

To be able to fill in a bubble and write a name is what our Constitution is all about in this great country.

I encourage you to Vote In This Election.

Today, I will get in my old 25 year old pickup, drive around town, see how many” New” crude little signs have appeared overnight , then drive down Grand Avenue and see more of those citizen voter signs even in Grover Beach.

City Council Elections, District Elections, New Sales Tax Increases, Charter City Vote, New Special Road Tax Increase, Automatic Rate Increases, South County Sanitation in the shadows.



new scandal with south county sanitary similar to city hall , AG will be in paper thru chistmas at least


The focus should be on the real solution — to elect Jim Hill in place of Ferrara. Let the purge then come from within.



Fill in the bubble, write in the name. JIM HILL

Two step process!


I absolutely love Otis! The mayor is obviously intimidated by how well spoken he is! This is our town. Ferrara and Adams have made a joke of us and our town. You are no longer wanted here, it is time to move on. Go back to your big city because you are about to learn the ways of small town comradery!


I dont know why investigators have to be former officers. CPA’s are professional auditors and held to high professional standards with accountability throughout their entire career. CPA’s are highly experienced at identifying a policy and testing compliance with that policy. Why cant the City hire a CPA firm?


Many of the speakers (citizens) asked for a human resources attorney. But rest assured Tony Ferrara was only in law enforcement for 42 years. I doubt he has any connections still.


Too many attorneys involved in every part of life. Keep the attorneys out of the picture – they create problems and do not solve them.


We need IT people to go thru the computers and the cameras, so we need a bit more than what a CPA offers, but good advice


It’s one step forward and five steps back with this City Council and Mayor Ferrara. It is extremely frustrating to see them do just enough to “appease” the people, but when it comes to the actual actions that need to be taken it falls short, way short.

We have to remember what we want, which is an independent investigation. We are getting what we asked for (appease) and the Council keeps failing to hear and or heed to what that entails (fall short). It is because of this run around the natives are getting more restless. Believe me when I tell you, I am Pissed Off ! But we need to let them go through these motions and they BETTER HOPE they do it the right way or they lose their credibility, not us who are demanding proper action be taken !

We have to give them the rope to either save the City, or hang themselves…Everyone is watching ! Let’s let them have the Sintra Group Investigations do the job they are being contracted to do and see it’s results, at least we are getting more done than before. If the investigation, and it’s results are presented we can then make a determination if the investigation was adequate, or flawed/discredited. I would have liked to have seen this all taken care of on July 4, 2014 with Mr. Adams termination…but there is so much more to the story we have to let it play out, with us watching their every move just like we have.

Please remember, every time one of these players opens his mouth, they are cramming the war chest of the opposition with more and more inconsistent and outrageous statements. Time allows for a much more thorough investigation, new allegations to surface, and a bigger ditch for some to dig for themselves.

I also wanted to comment about statements made during this mornings council meeting regarding how some of the police supporters, and a few unhappy residents with an axe to grind are intimidating to others who support the council and or staff. Give me a Break ! What exactly intimidates you ? Please step forward and tell me what information you have other than they are nice hard working people with families, that would support your statements of support. This is not a popularity contest, this is City Government. If you quit just believing what you are being fed and use your intimidated minds, maybe you’d get the whole point. Until then I will continue to have to listen to your Bulls**t, because this is a free Country for you too.

Lastly, I am still so sick to my stomach at the disgusting lying vitriol spewed onto paper by Steve Adams. This isn’t a resignation…it’s almost a one page AD about what he wants everyone to believe…No mea.culpa from Adams, just blame and yet another fantasized version of what happened on July 3. I want him TERMINATED NOW, especially after the allegations he has made against the Police Association and their Labor Attorney. Steve Adams you DISGUST ME !


The citizens are still paying Adams’ salary and benefits. Welcome to the world of government employment.


I would like to point out that the Tribune allowed a “Viewpoint” from Steve Adams that filled almost a full page in the newspaper. This was a FREE AD for Steve Adams that allowed him to tell his version of the story (which he keeps changing to try and fit the true statements of the officers and trying to discredit the police officers motivation at the same time)

Stupid man, just keep thinking every dirty dog… But I find it very suspect when the same newspaper did NOT print full page copies of the Police Officer Memorandums, or Letters of No Confidence, they did make them available on line if you chose to go the extra step to read them. I just find this another questionable action, along with all the opinion pieces coming from the Tribune that has at least twice shown obvious bias and prejudgment of the incident and subsequent questionable actions that followed.


Otis, do you remember tony’s behavior toward Tom Runels and other council members regarding Walmart (years ago)? tony made many accusations regarding the council members he disagreed with.

once in power, tony has become the very person he said should not represent the city.

tony, karma is nasty, isn’t it?


I clearly remember Tony’s remarks which is why at the first meeting I reminded him and Joe and Tim and Jim that they got in office to demonstrate a better City Council. A Council that was honest, served the people and build a financially solid city, one that has Honor and

Integrity. What ever good Tony, Jim, Tim and JOE you have done you have now… torn it down and none of you will get my vote…What Am I Nuts to said Yes to what you ALL have done to this wonderful City…Shame on you all…Yes YOU All.


By the way, what did Otis say that got him tossed? Anybody catch it?


Otis was tossed because he was upset that the contract and the investigator was a done deal—there was really no need for the meeting today—-he voiced his concerns during public comment and when public comment was closed. He made Mayor Ferrara upset because he wouldn’t sit down—at one point Otis challenged the council to call the police and arrest him.

I don’t blame Otis for being upset.



I’m ish. Its short for ishmael. Because you asked who was ejected, Agag1 kinda hinted around in his reply that you were dumb. When he did, I mentioned that he talks down to people alot. (He does, too.) He was rude to me once as well, and hinted around that I was dumb.

He knows that these boards are full of mean comments he’s made, some funny maybe, but alot of mean ones too. That’s why he told you I would answer.

Hope this clears everything up, and please don’t stop asking questions and making comments. For every mean one, you find two nice ones ususally (if you stay nice yourself).


thanks for response

I know a bit about civil disobedience matin luther king Cesar Chavez, gaundi all understood the value of this type of protest, however they were not violent or disrespectful to the those that did not hold their same view. they accomplished so much by being both firm and civil this country and some in this town don’t understand this, my mom use to say you catch more fly’s with honey than vinegar


I think you are quite correct, though you may not make many friends talking about restraint around here. Lol. I think Mr. Page probably knew what he was going to do before the meeting began, and for what he wants it was probably a clever move. A shame, though, that nobody looked for a more graceful way of doing things.


I think that Otis Page knew what he was doing and wanted this story to be above the fold again tomorrow.




Ish and others,

As someone who was in attendance during this morning’s meeting, I have to respectfully disagree on our GUESS of Otis’ true motives for his outburst today.

Here are some facts though – to help us form opinions as AG voters:

1) A hastily called meeting of the AG city council occurred.

2) Those that could, attended. Bear in mind a city council member couldn’t even make the meeting because it was so last minute he couldn’t finagle his work schedule.

3) The meeting was SUPPOSED to be about the council listening to public comment and then discussing among themselves the pros & cons of choosing a particular investigative company.

4) As is protocol (unfortunately) the public had to speak on the matter with only a bare bones “staff report” as their guide of the council’s potential action.

5) Public comment closed, with no idea of the direction the council was going to go.

6) The public showed up and participated, thinking that we were on the same Brown Act page as the City Council.

7) Mere minutes into the council’s discussion, the Mayor pro-tem clearly stated that the investigative company they were there to make an “in-the-moment” decision on was already set to start their job at 7am tomorrow morning.

8) Many audience members – AG residents and involved citizens who took the time to attend this spur-of-the-moment meeting this morning in order to help shape public policy – were shocked to find out the decision had already been made before this meeting even took place.

9) Otis Page’s outburst of “Why are we even here then?!” was exactly what most of us thought the moment we heard it pass that council member’s lips.

Why ARE we even trying? No one else seems to give two shits and the city council loves that about you. It helps them operate among the blissfully ignorant.

It is so disheartening that our local AG government rides roughshod over our wishes, our rights and our best collective interest.

We *are* a town divided. If our residents were more educated on civic issues, the divide would be less “I like that (insert local politician’s name)” and more “that (insert local politician’s name) keeps violating the Brown Act and I cannot support that.”

I’m going to stay on the ‘informed citizen’ side of the fence. Won’t you join me?


Can we please put a WRITE-IN JIM HILL

FOR ARROYO GRANDE MAYOR sign on your fence ajdury?

Fill in the bubble,

Write in the name JIM HILL

Let your voice be heard!!!


Great synopsis

It was very awkward that there was no presentation of the item of the agenda by a staff member or a council member.

We felt blind sided

Mr. Page said what we were thinking.

Get their ducks in a row. Mayor

He runs his mouth so god damn much it makes me absolutely crazy.

Whatever you decide

DO NOT vote for Tony ( at all costs) Ferrara and Old Joe ( wake me up ) Costello!