Speaker ejected from contentious Arroyo Grande Council meeting

October 8, 2014
Mayor Tony Ferrara

Mayor Tony Ferrara


In a very special example of hindsight, the Arroyo Grande City Council called a special meeting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning to take public comments, hail the Brown Act, on the plan to select an “interviewer,” to reexamine the Adams/McClish incident. Hindsight? Read on:

Public testimony was given, most of which was critical of the plan and the crass decision of 9 a.m. for the meeting on a workday for most citizens.

Yours truly stated emphatically “that given that the Arroyo Grande Police Officers’ Association (AGPOA) has stated “certain members of this Council have chosen to prejudge the so-called evidence and have already pre-determined what the outcome should be,” why should the citizens agree with the Council’s selection of an independent interviewer?

That, the council has selected an investigator who is contracted to examine the council on the issue of the cover up. That this reason alone constitutes an incestuous conflict by the fact the council may be subtly controlling the investigation of itself. That the council in framing the process investigating itself and then is the judge of the results of the investigation. Why? Ferrara knows the interviewers — ex police officers from Ventura.

Added to these points is the fact that both Mayor Ferrara and City Manager Steve Adams have publicly stated there has been no cover up and the police are wrong in their complaint.

Nevertheless, ignoring the comments protesting the interviewing scheme, Councilman Jim Guthrie explained the contract with Sintra had been made. It was a “fait accomplie”!

This immediately caused a reaction by attendees at the council meeting. “Why are we here?” Obviously the horse was stolen and the council is attempting to close the door. All this at 9 a.m. on a workday. Hindsight by the council?

But this was contested by the observing and offended citizens who attended the meeting. There is horse manure behind that barn. Outrage. Why at a 9 a.m. meeting to disclose the deed is done? The contract is made and interviews start on Thursday, Oct. 9.

In exclaiming a frustration throughout the meeting (no applause — public comment had been made — sit down Otis) Ferrara cut the mike and instructed a police officer to escort this writer out the door.

The police officer did so with a smile on his face, for he knows which side Otis is on. Ah, the deceit of politics in its crudest form. Only in Chicago?

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Proud of you for showing up, OTIS – Thank you for your civic courage and gumption!! You call this faux-meeting what it was, another in a series of go-arounds by the A.G. City Council with a fait accompli (Oxford Dictionaries) decision the public had no say, once more, once too many times!

It will all come back on election day to bite those participants. “Jim Hill for Mayor” is looking like the only option to change this present set-up, machination of the process.

We need bumper snickers with “FREE OTIS !!”


Go to staples and make them on your computer! You can donate to Jim Hill via Otis!




Send donations to write-In Jim Hill Mayor

669 Garfield Pl

Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93420

Let us know if you’d like to hand out fliers at ALBERTSON’S, canvas your neighborhood, suggest a sign location…there are plenty of ways to bring change to AG.

Get involved, or it’s more of the same folks.


I find the democratic revolt that is taking place in Arroyo Grande is spreading across the County. Hand made signs on Grand Avenue in Grover Beach against the New Road Tax,

San Luis Obispo standing up against Three New Tax Increases, Atascadero citizen outrage over the New { Walmart] Sales Tax Increase, Los Osos calling for new leadership, Paso Robles water wars and the Ogren csd located in Oceano continuing to run the budget in the Red to justify ” New Automatic Rate Increases “, Pismo Beach trying to fly under the radar to get their” New Temporary Sales Tax Increase “, South County Sanitation, waiting in the shadows.

This is going to be the Mostly Costly Election in the History of San Luis Obispo County

Please Vote. Inform other in Your Communities.

The Question When You Vote: ” Can You Afford All These New Taxes ?”


I agree falconbh. The communities along the central coast are feeling energized to make and effect change in how their cities are run, operated, managed, and governed. This year’s mnatra? VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OR WOMAN)


Dear Otis,

You gave them heck today! I am proud to know you. We will get them, we just have to patient even though it may be hard. I support everything you said today Otis and will continue to.


Let me understand this…..They had already hired the company before the meeting today?

And if so…….Does Jim Hill need help moving into his new office?


i hope that wasnt lost on everyone….


Mr. Page was excused from the meeting because the meeting was a done deal.

On Auguest 26th all 5 of the Council agreed to a discussion in open session regarding an investigation and scope of the work.

He thought there would be a choice.

Instead the guy already signed the contract and the city was waiting after the meeting to sign most in the audience were surprised. There was no staff introduction or questions by the council prior to public comment.

Watch the video, the Mayor scolded some and let others go on and on without bringing it back to the agenda item.


yes council agrred to open session then city attorney shot that down.

i hear otis spoke after public comment? if that is correct he did not help his cause.

there is a way to create change but that is not it, if indded thats what happened


Sure, because following protocol is exactly what our beloved council has done….are you serious? It’s time for action and sometimes those actions need to be done outside of the parameters which are established as acceptable……maybe you should come to my house for history lessons as well…….history is wrought with examples of people actively pushing for change—–Otis did what he thought was necessary and he’s outraged—you should be too—but again, you lack of concern for how our beloved council has handled this mess is exactly why some of us are fighting for change.


Lynch mob mentality and tactics rarely succeed.


Dear Majority Fan,

Lynch mob–transitive verb— to put to death (as by hanging) by mob action without legal sanction—I do not believe that the group who is unhappy with our current leadership is a lynch mob. You need a good dictionary and you need to read it and use it before you post language you do not understand.


unfortuanatley the sheeple mentality is the majority……


so true


Otis Page, THANK YOU for taking a stand and supporting the voice of the community!

The only good thing about how this issue keeps digging a deeper hole (yes, Tim Brown, you DID make a mistake on how it has been handled and now you can’t seem to find a way out!) is that the chances of Tony getting re-elected are getting dimmer and dimmer.

EVERYONE should have a “write in Jim Hill for AG Mayor” sign in their lawn. If you can’t make your own (on $1 bright yellow poster board from the Dollar Tree and a black marker) contact the supporters at (805)441-5133 and they will get one to you!

Stay on top of it all at the facebook site of Write In Jim Hill for Mayor Arroyo Grande.

And, please, TELL A FRIEND!


Gotta love Ottis!

We need shirts made up ” Vote Jim Hill for AG Mayor and Free Otis”



Sure do wish I has a video of the officer escorting Otis out, would have been great YouTube material!


Sorry, Cal Coast News, tried to get a public copy of tape, but they said it is missing or was it that the camera was not working.


I just spilled my drink on my phone—–good one!


Had a video, not has….sorry. Laughing too hard, need to focus.


Otis , let me know if you need bail ! Noticed a lot of Mr. Jim Hill lawn signs today when I was doing my errands. Crudely made, but proudly displayed on homeowners properties and small businesses..

Something important is happening in Arroyo Grande, democracy for the people, and by the people Today, citizen voters are taking back their community.




We make the signs,deliver the signs and will pick up the signs after the election.

We have gone door to door with flyers stating who JIM HILL is.

WE COULD USE HELP call 441 5133 if you have spare time to help this weekend. Or even after work.

We have put in some long hours going to meetings, getting the word out, making signs

Come join us let get Jim Elected mayor of Arroyo Grande.


We make the signs,deliver the signs and will pick up the signs after the election.

We have gone door to door with flyers stating who JIM HILL is.

WE COULD USE HELP call 441 5133 if you have spare time to help this weekend. Or even after work.

We have put in some long hours going to meetings, getting the word out, making signs

Come join us let get Jim Elected mayor of Arroyo Grande.

I love the idea of FREE OTIS t shirts, we just don’t have the time left for the fun laughable things like that.



Everytime I hear or read about Otis, I can’t but help to think of the town drunk in the old Andy Griffith Show !


Otis could probably give you a verbal ass-whooping and who knows maybe he could whoop your ass physically to—-I happen to think you are intimidated by him because he is so articulate—and then again, maybe you weren’t raised to be respectful…..we could go with that too.


WHO was ejected and why?


Sounds like Otis Page was shown out for getting a little pissed off at the mayor for sidestepping what was the right thing to do!


Daddyo did you read the article?

It says ” this writer” meaning the person who wrote the article, was escorted out of the council meeting.

Sheesh, you can go back to sleep now, we’ll wake you up when we get there.


There you go again, talking down to people.




I’ll let Ish explain




Did you get your question answered?

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