Synthetic marijuana blamed in deadly Cayucos crash

October 27, 2014

spiceThe grandmother of the toddler killed in a fatal accident Saturday on Highway 1 in Cayucos said the adults in the vehicle were addicted to spice, a synthetic marijuana. [KSBY]

Two children are dead, two adults are hospitalized with major injuries and a Morro Bay man is in jail after the alleged felony DUI accident. Three passengers, 22-month-old Mason Gibson from Los Osos, 17-year-old Simon Brito of Morro Bay and Wendi Brito, 19, from Morro Bay, were thrown from the truck. Both boys were pronounced dead at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

Wendi Brito, 19, who was babysitting the toddler for her sister, is in critical condition. Her brother Michael Brito is in fair condition. Only the driver was wearing a seat belt and the toddler was not in a car seat.

Aside from the toddler, the four people in the vehicle had driven to a new smoke shop in Cambria to purchase spice. Though legal to smoke, it is not legal to drive while impaired.

The driver, Tanner Mengore, 22, allegedly smoked spice before the accident. He was arrested on suspicion of felony DUI and manslaughter.

Spice, sometimes sold as incense, is popular among teens. It is cheap, looks like marijuana, but can be deadly, according to the Washington Post.

Josh Payne

Cal Coast News needs to stop calling Spice or K2 a “synthetic marijuana”. K2 is a dangerous research chemical that can kill you. While Marinol can truly be called synthetic cannabis, it too can kill you. Associating cannabis which CAN NOT KILL YOU to either of these drugs is just yellow journalism in which William Randolph Hearst and Harry J. Anslinger would be proud of. Let’s stick with the facts Cal Coast News. The facts are: Spice or K2 is very dangerous and should be avoided by all. If you have young ones, please educate them on the dangers of this disgusting chemical. And if you do partake in all natural cannabis, don’t drive.


Whoa! Just look at the pro-potheads as others note that weed smoke is indeed carcinogenic. Just look at their reaction when their “it’s not as bad as alcohol argument” is rejected.


Sure, smoking 40 joints a day can probably cause lung cancer, just like a two pack a day tobacco habit.


Something does not have to be devoid of imperfection in order to be substantially less harmful than alcohol. Also, just because a person argues in favor of facts and medicinal use of marijuana for patients, does not automatically make them users. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that alcohol is not medicine, it is poison. The fact that alcohol is legal and marijuana is illegal is one of many absurdities in US law. Cheers.


The people that are selling this stuff should be publicly shamed. I hope that whatever money they make selling this stuff helps them sleep at night.


Why is this store in Cambria allowed to operate,does one of the granola bunch run it so its OK, but they can’t work on their water problems.