Election day: the races to watch

November 4, 2014
lynn compton

Lynn Compton


San Luis Obispo County Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson are not on today’s ballot, but their leadership style could lead to a switch from a liberal board to a conservative one.

Supervisors Gibson, Hill and Caren Ray comprise a liberal majority. If supervisor candidate Lynn Compton, who won the June primary by more than six percent, unseats Ray, the board majority will switch to conservative.

Caren Ray

Caren Ray

In California, the numbers of registered Republicans has been falling substantially for more than eight years while Democratic numbers remain steady. Amid allegations of Hill and Gibson bullying and stifling public comment, in San Luis Obispo County the opposite is true with the number of registered Democrats falling.

In another close race, recent polls show Rep. Lois Capps in a close race with her Republican challenger Chris Mitchum. Capps has easily held the seat for 16 years.

However, because of redistricting, Capps alleged coverup of a fatal DUI and her close ties to Gibson and Hill, Capps’ Congressional seat is no longer a sure-fire win.

Former staffer Raymond Morua and Rep. Lois Capps

Former staffer Raymond Morua and Rep. Lois Capps

In response to the recent polls, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently purchased $99,000 in radio ads that attack challenger Chris Mitchum.

Amid allegations he constructed a coverup and has used public services for his personal needs, conservative Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferarra is battling a last-minute challenger, Jim Hill. Critics of Ferrara asked Hill, the former president of the Oceano Community Services District, to run as a write-in candidate.

Nevertheless, it is highly unusual for a write-in candidate to unseat an incumbent.

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When two women run against each other for political office, I usually vote for the hotter of the two. Kind of like how my wife chooses which football team to root for based on the better uniform colors.

I’d have to say the race between Compton and Ray is a toss-up. They’re both hot!

Has anyone checked into Lois Capps health record? I see some kind of show biz which avoids Lois from having the speaking parts. As for Karen Ray, she too is benifiting from her sound of music stage performances. I give them credit for a good screen play but these tough times can only be helped with less theactrics as well as less taxation, something they both do not represent.

Are there any plans for a meet-up for Hill supporters to watch election rests?

Jim hill will be at the village grill at 7 pm

Just spoiled my lunch… yuck.

OOPS, I THOUGHT you were referring to Hill (County Supervisor) My lunch is settling fine now…. lol

Thank goodness it’s almost over!

AFA the potential makeup of the BOS, should Compton be elected; then it would be Compton and Arnold as the Sarah Palin Clone Coalition, and Frank Meacham will be voting more often with Hill and Gibson.

Much conflating and guessing here.

Interesting that Compton has been tooting her supposed fiscal prudence credentials, yet her campaign is over $100,000 in the hole/debt. How’s that for deficit spending?

Meanwhile, Ray has stayed within her campaign budget , and only has $500 in owes.

Which one is better at managing money ?

All your spinning makes me tired.

Heard the same BS from you on Congalton last night. How many times does it need to be explained?

That wasn’t me, so there may be some other faulty reasoning present.

Apparently you don’t dispute the fact that Compton is fiscally irresponsible…

I would say that she is most likely more calculatingly clever that irresponsible. After all, if you are trying to hide those who are your financiers, loaning yourself the $$$$ and then having your buddies pay it off after the election is definitely the Compton sneaky way to go. Very typical of her approach to everything. If you vote for Compton you can be sure this is the type of representative you will get.

Ray is far more bi-partisan than Compton would ever be.

What’s to explain? Her financial report says she is stiffing her lawyer and campaign consultant big time. Over $100,000 in debt. What mystery man will pay off the debt. We won’t know until after the election. How’s that for transparency?

Shhhh… presenting facts here can ruin their day.

Oh Adam would you finally just shut your mouth or stop drinking. Are you and Gibson upset you lost your golden goose

Try as you may SlowerFaster…but the Obama/Ray ticket is done for….happy days are here again!

Well, I guess Compton has been counting on the hate that most of us have developed for Obama and she’s hoping it will stick to Caren just because she happens to be a Dem. Anybody with a brain and the ability to discern the incredible difference between the two candidates will know that the Republican/Democrat issue is the only thing that Compton has going for her. Let’s hope the electorate has enough grey matter that they don’t just vote their party and have taken the time to actually meet and listen to our candidates for District 4 Supervisor. If so, their choice would be as easy as Gov. Brown’s when he tossed aside Compton and chose Caren Ray. Her high intelligence and exceptional experience made her the only person to choose regardless of party. Aside from a pretty face, Compton had nothing to offer.

Spot on. Vote the person, not the party!

Really, that is why we have Hill for the quality of the person, really? Are you nuts, he is sitting there because he is a democratic because no smart informed person would vote for that loose canon!

You misunderstand. If you don’t like Hill–don’t vote for him. It works both ways. Don’t just vote Republican OR Democrat.

How about some civility.

Obama/Ray ticket? Huh? Where, pray tell, did that come from? Maybe you oughta lay off the republican/Fox cool aid; your brain must be getting soggy…Sheesh!

As I thought, Kittydude, it’s apparent that you can’t read and you can’t think. I hope you also were not able to find your polling place, but it looks like you found it. Too bad Lad. Now you will see for the next four years what we have been witnessing when a bunch of idiots decided to vote Obama into office. You have just elected the same type of person…just a different gender and different skin color. You’ve been conned again! You had your chance at electing an honest, intelligent person but your party affiliation and your hate won out.

I hope Jim Hill beats Ferrrara by JUST ONE VOTE!

Write in Jim Hill

Fill in the bubble

TIME for CHANGE in A.G.!

Each and every vote counts!

A vote for Hill is a vote against Ferrara and validates the size of the opposition. It is difficult,

but if Ferrara wins he can be recalled after 90 days in office.

On Sunday night I received a robo-call from Michelle Obama saying that “Barack and I encourage you to support Lois Capps, etc., etc.”, and last night I received a robo-call from Barack himself also urging support of Capps. That, along with the relentless barrage of Capps radio and TV ads, seem to indicate that Capps is, indeed, doing poorly in the pre-election polling.

Regardless of the outcome of today’s election, this much is for sure- as long as I may live, I hope I never, ever, again hear the words “I’m Lois Capps and I approve this message.”

Shut off your land line – that’s what I did.

Obama will probably appoint Lois Capps’ child killing minion Attorney General.

I don’t have a landline so I didn’t suffer your fate. However, I agree with your sentiments in the last sentence. It got so that I was turning off my radio everytime I heard the same repetitious attack ads whether by Capps, Ray or the Howard Jarvis Foundation one’s supporting Compton. I don’t know whether Mitchum just didn’t advertise in mediums that reached me or whether he just decided to sit back and let all the negative ads reflect on their sponsors. Either way, the lack of inundation of attack ads by him was a big reason why I voted for him instead of writing in “Diogenes”.

I think you give far too much juice to Gibson and Hill by implying their ties to Capps could help unseat her. Yet, at the same time, I am so sick of their abuses and arrogance that I may just give the nod to Capps’ challenger Mitchum.

If I could I would vote early and often to get rid of Adam Hill lackey Caren Ray.

Shows how little you know Caren.

If true, whose fault is that? While I would not go so far as to describe her as a lackey of Hill, her fairly close association to him, Gibson and Ferrara (along with their endorsement of her) was one of two major reasons I did not vote for her. If she wanted the support of moderates in this district, she might have done well to distance herself from the aforementioned arrogant bullies and make it clear where she did disagree with them.

Did you ever go and listen to Caren speak at a neighborhood coffee or anywhere else? Did you ever speak to her in person? Have you ever spoken to Gibson for any length of time on a personal level? Bully? Not quite. The other two may be questionable but decent people don’t throw those they are working with or have worked with under the bus for your personal betterment. Guess you’ve never met any decent folks.