A.G. manager Adams’ job on line again

November 14, 2014


A special 6 p.m. meeting of the Arroyo Grande City Council Wednesday will feature the possible dismissal, discipline, or release of embattled City Manager Steve Adams, as well as the unveiling of the results of an independent investigation commissioned by the council.

Chuck Hookstra of Ventura’s Sentra Group will make a public presentation of findings of the probe into a July 3 City Hall incident involving Adams and a subordinate employee, Community Development Director Teresa McClish. The pair was found in a darkened office near midnight by police officers responding to an emergency call from McClish’s husband.

The incident fueled community dissension after Mayor Tony Ferrara was accused of attempting to fashion a cover-up of the incident and of being dismissive of city residents and police officers who expressed dissatisfaction with the official disposition of the affair.

That civil unhappiness led to a vote of no-confidence by the Arroyo Grande Police Officers’ Association in both Ferrara and Adams. Then, a swiftly-organized campaign evolved to support a write-in candidate, Jim Hill, to challenge Ferrara, who was planning on running unopposed after a decade and a half as a city leader.

Ferrara now trails in the vote count to Hill; final results will not be known until early next week. Ferrara is the newly-elected president of the League of California Cities, a position he will lose if Hill prevails.


Whether it’s articles about A-town’s Man of the Year Kelly Gearhart, the Trib’s own former “40 under 40″poster girl Lisa Chitty or any OTHER important local issue, that dying paper’s motto should be The Trib: “We’re Too little, Too Late.”


I would rather see McLish stay. After my dealings with the AG Planning Dept. She was the only planner in that dept. that I could talk to that didn’t treat me like I was some kind of idiot.


Both McClish and Adams violated city policy with their longtime, not so secret relationship.

The legal exposure they have brought upon the City is grounds for their termination…period.



My god. What’s it like to work at City Hall these days?

With both Tony and KB visiting daily for their ego boosts, cannot imagine its much fun.


Is Adams still showing up to work?

Someone must be able to shed light on the tone at the office.

Are their secret parties that the wicked witch is dead or are they like the munchkins hiding as Glendale the good witch descends?

For sure, it is obvious to everyone that the entire Council underestimated the dissatisfaction in the community with the Council and Adams.

The holy trinity must be removed – Adams, Ferrara, and Carmel

We are on our way!


One can only imagine the strain and tension that exists in that office.

Surely Adams has to be uncomfortable, but what about the other employees who are innocent victims of his bad behavior?

Prior to the events of July 3rd, the staff in City Hall either pretended not to know about the relationship with McClish, or were not aware.

Now everyone knows. How awkward can THAT be?

Other employees must resent the pass he’s gotten from the council and City Attorney, who wouldn’t?

They’ve recently learned they’re held to an higher standard of employee conduct than the City Manger. Generally, the manager is held to a higher standard, but the rules are out the door, and exceptions made for Adams.

After all, how long has the Mayor and others covered for Steve and Teresa, and pretended not to know or notice what was taking place right under their noses?

Now half the voters in AG want a change in leadership.

Voting out Ferrara is only part of that change.

Adams must go.


Can you imagine, following the hours/days after the polls closed and the numbers were not what Tony Ferrara wanted (you have too believe it never even entered his thoughts that he might lose the election), all the secret phone calls that have been going on, that the delete button on certain city computers have been in overdrive, the back office conversations that have been happening.

Has anyone with eyesight of the city managers office seen the movers yet? If not, perhaps Monday and Tuesday, but we also know certain city officials like to spend time at city hall during weekends and weeknight hours. Anyone checked the alarm system this weekend at city hall or if the front door has been left open?


Let’s get that alarm system from this weekend.


I want to know where Tony is going to be on Wednesday evening – the AG city council special meeting or the San District regular meeting.

He can’t be at both.

Where do his priorities fall?

We shall see.


I’m thinking maybe Jim Guthrie will,be running the CC meetings he is in charge of the investigation and possible made the agenda.

He is the mayor pro tem


In that case, it could be that Ferrara purposely scheduled it to conflict with the Sanitation District to give him an excuse not to have to deal with the gloating public.

I never figured Ferrara as a cut-and-runner…..


More than likely Ferrara never figured himself as a cut-and-runner either

because he never foresaw himself losing.

I’m sure the thought never even entered his mind.

Tony will no doubt be VERY busy in the next couple of weeks tying up a lot of loose ends, we should be concerned with the actions he takes to wrap things up before his departure from the sanitation board, our council, etc.


My guess is his ‘ole buddy Katcho is looking around for him to be in the Coastal Commission or something.

Maybe he’ll move to Oceano to run their mess.

We know one thing, his forays with Caren Ray certainly has not endeared him to the Republicans! Ha!

Why did he support Ray?

Oh yeah, I forgot about that little secret.


Can’t imagine anyone, be it R or D, who supported Ray,

being thrilled with Ferrara.

Who knows how much his “help” and support

hurt her chances of being elected.

Big Tony

If I promise to fire Stevie and not give him a golden parachute could we mabye go back and to that whole vote thingy over again? I promise I’ll be good. k

I love you,

Big Tony


You get a thumbs up for humor,

but if I could vote again,

I would thumbs down you for honesty.


QUOTING BIG TONY: “If I promise to fire Stevie and not give him a golden parachute could we mabye go back and to that whole vote thingy over again? I promise I’ll be good. k”



–Little Mary


I don’t want to sound like Susie Sunshine, but I am hopeful we will get “some” decent resolution to the Arroyo Grande Mess !

Because of the upcoming Special Meeting and the different order of business on the agenda, and the way things have been handled thus far, people are suspicious. In researching the “Special Meeting” agenda I found the verbiage for the Public Comment was the SAME in ALL Special meeting agendas, I guess that’s why they call them “SPECIAL” for a reason. In discussing this with several people, I thought the meeting was going to be presided over by someone other than the Mayor, this IS NOT the case, or maybe it is.

I am hoping that the City Council in their closed session (Item 6) regarding Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release…title City Manager, will emerge with an announcement of termination of City Manager Steve Adams, effective IMMEDIATELY, when they reconvene to open session.

Next, we are now going to get what we asked for over 3 months ago, the results of the investigation by the Sintra Group. We will be given a presentation and until I see or hear otherwise, I am going to trust that the Sintra Group has done the job they were hired to do, and the results of that investigation will cover the scope of investigation they were charged with, and provide complete and honest findings.

We must let the process play out to maintain our credibility as truly concerned and outraged citizens. If for some reason we receive some diluted, or manipulated version of the truth (which is possible due to numerous past violations of procedure, etc by this Council and Staff), THEN we will take further actions as CONCERNED CITIZENS, just as we have been doing all along. It isn’t a “few vocal miscreants with personal vendettas or agendas, but over 3000 concerned VOTERS who are done with “dirty business as usual”.

Pollyanna ??? Maybe. But I believe we are on the verge of finally seeing some real light shed on some real shady business that’s going to open the door for another larger investigation by a government agency (like criminal). Remember, there are a lot of eyes, and ears keeping watch, they are not going away, in fact those eyes and ears have grown in number and continue to grow. Now is the time to clean the house of Arroyo Grande…looks like we are off to a good start with new Mayor. Maybe the Sintra Group’s investigation will surprise us and confirm what we all know, which might lead some others to Resign before they go down with a sinking ship.

I want OUR TOWN back !


Good luck.

Sintra is not independent as proclaimed by the Council. The principle of Sintra was a close colleague of Richard Thomas, of the Thomas Group who did the “independent” investigation of the Sanitation District. Thomas is a good friend of Tony’s.

The Grand Jury called the Thomas investigation “ineptly performed, not substantiated, and inadequate to determine the reasonableness of Wallace Group charges.”

So Sintra is “independent” because it’s run by the firm whose principle is a friend of Tony’s good friend?


I think you wrongly assume that we believe this investigation was independent, however, we are hoping for the best…that said, I have never believed that this investigation was independent, nor that it would be impartial–this has been a travesty from the beginning and continues to be–I do always hold out hope in human kind and hope they do the right thing…we shall see on Wednesday.


Who is “we”?


The anybody but Tony campaign


Well, frankly, you DO sound like “Susie Sunshine,” or the archetypal doormat Democrat.

Thugs like Ferrara don’t understand “taking the higher ground.” He will see it a sign of weakness, and it will encourage him to remain in AG and make Jim Hill’s term in office living hell.

While I think it is important that Jim Hill take the higher ground, there has to be a contingency of his supporters who will make it as uncomfortable as possible for Ferrara and his toadies on the city council.

I am not saying all of Hill’s supporters have to be aggressive in dealing with Ferrara and his cronies.

I am just saying that some of us are naturally the kind of folks who not only can hold Ferrara and his cronies’ feet to the fire, but we actually enjoy it. My momma didn’t raise any doormats, and I am not able to start being a doormat now, not at this stage of the game.


Good! See you Wednesday Mary Malone.

We need your tongue, not just your fingers!


We all fight our wars in different ways.


All I can add is we have to let the process work. Until we get the information, it would be foolish to accuse anyone of impropriety, based on associations, that’s how shit get’s thrown back in your face. There are enough real arguments with real evidence to be made. This is time consuming enough. I am not saying to blindly accept what we are presented with as “golden word”, but you have to hear it before you pre judge that this investigation is a sham or slanted. THEN you act, based on fact. Let’s not do what they have done and make a simple problem grow for no sake other than to argue. That just plays into the hands of those we are disagreeing with now.

Mike Byrd

Agreed. There may be some reasons for suspicion but Sintra and even the council deserve the chance to demonstrate that they can do the right thing. I really, really hope they do.


I agree. Expect the best but prepare for the worst.

It is highly likely that Ferrara already has his post-election strategy to deal with the election loss. If the strategy is like any of his other strategies when he ran into political difficulties, it will include blaming the residents who opposed his illegal activities, and conspiring with the remaining “old-council” council members to make Jim Hill’s term in office a horrible ordeal as Hill continues to have to develop strategies to block Ferrara’s machinations.

Jim Hill is one heckuva nice guy. I would hate to see that change because he had to deal with Ferrara’s post-election BS.


You’re crazy if you think there are three votes on that council to dismiss Adams.

That would mean they were wrong and we were right.

That the fringe, who BTW are now the majority, were lied to by Mr. Adams and he should be TERMINATED for cause.

Adams, Ferrara, Costello and Carmel MUST go,

They were all part of the tea party story and perpetrated a lie on out community.

They should cut their losses and resign now.


I think your logic is sound but perhaps, IMO, it misses an important part of Adams’ duration as City Manager even being scheduled for discussion so soon after losing the election.

I believe it would not be coming to even a discussion if Ferrara had not already conspired with the existing city council members to both allow another discussion of Adams’ remaining with the City of AG and to to get them to agree which way to vote. Whether they have been instructed to vote YES or NO on keeping Adams on as City Manger is due to either:

1. THE CITY COUNCIL HAS BEEN INSTRUCTED TO VOTE TO KEEP ADAMS ON AS CITY MANAGER. If this is the case, IMO it shows Ferrara is still using his troglodyte ham-fisted way to deal with the issue and wants his legacy to include forcing a vote to keep Adams in office.

2. THE CITY COUNCIL HAS BEEN INSTRUCTED TO DROP KICK ADAMS FROM HIS POSITION AND TRANSFER AS MUCH BLAME FOR THE SCANDAL AND THE COVERUP TO ADAMS AS POSSIBLE. Ferrara is looking towards his legacy and the possibility of lawsuits and prosecution for illegal behavior. If this is the case, IMO, Ferrara will look MUCH better if Adams and McClish are terminated under Ferrara’s watch…which is soon coming to an end.

I see Ferrara as being in the position of going-for-broke now, and every action he takes should be evaluated based on what it is likely to best benefit Ferrara.


I agree.

Losing the election is the least of Big Tonys problems.

I believe he has serious legal issues he will need to attend to.


There is only one acceptable reportable action that should come from that closed session. “Terminated WITH Cause.”


For the remainder of his time, Tony will no doubt continue operating, possibly even increasing his level of questionable dealings. We should all be suspect of his actions.


He will do less of that if at least some of Jim Hill’s supporters remain aggressive in dealing with Ferrara, standing up to his BS, and not pussy-footing around about it.

The more uncomfortable we make Ferrara in the period right after the election winner (Jim Hill) is announced, the least likely Ferrara will hang around, using his cronies on the city council and elsewhere, making Hill’s life miserable.

“When did being “Democrat become the equivalent of being a doormat?”

–Mary Malone


I hope the delay in the vote count doesn’t have anything to do with Wednesdays meeting.

Perhaps Tony has friends in the Clerk Recorders office?


Tony does not have friends, he has colleagues.


The mayor was on the phone to the Godfather last night…. “Don Corleone, I need a man who has powerful friends. I need a million dollars in cash. I need, Don Corleone those politicians you carry in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.”


And Don Corleone replied, “Sorry, I don’t support @ssholes.”

Mike Byrd

There has been no delay in the vote count. The county clerk and her staff have been working their tails off getting the count done and getting it right. This election was one for the record books and not just in Arroyo Grande. Having witnessed part of the tally firsthand, I applaud Julie, Tommy, Jessie and all the rest for their dedication and professionalism.



Can you provide us a tune for KB spinning out of control?

She’s really losing it.


Hey, looks like Pelican1 is preoccupied right now. In the meantime, maybe try this one:


Did that one already.


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