SLO assailant reoffends shortly after release

November 15, 2014
Justin Edmond Pard

Justin Edmond Pard

Shortly after an Arizona man was arrested for battery and concealing a dagger, the suspect allegedly harassed patrons of another store in San Luis Obispo.

At 11:30 a.m., Justin Edmond Pard, 20, entered a downtown San Luis Obispo store Thursday morning, conversed for a few minutes with a female employee and then punched her in the face, surveillance footage shows. Officers arrested Pard and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail where he was held for about four hours before being released.

At the time of his release, sheriff deputies had not yet watched a security video of the assault or researched Pard’s criminal history which includes being on probation in Arizona.

At about 9:30 p.m., an employee at Black Horse Espresso on Foothill Boulevard reported Pard lingering inside the shop, acting strange and making customers feel uncomfortable. Police later found Pard trespassing at a nearby church and arrested him for trespassing and disorderly conduct.

This time, Pard will be held in jail pending a mental health evaluation.

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Warn your children to be wary when strolling their own downtown SLO or strangers, weird transient (trust their gut) and go where there are lots of people (witnesses for whatever good it does if any at all).

And drug crimes are “victimless”?

Its ironic, If he had bruised and caused nose bleeding to my 20 year old daughter trying to do good on her job employment


Struck my 15 year old daughter breaking her jaw in the company of my wife minding their own business (happened to a SLO resident couple of years ago)


he only got a $2000 bail that he will not pay when due.

(What constitute simple battery or assault with a deadly weapon?)

If I knocked some of his teeth out, my bail would end up about $50,000.

It has been common practice for LE to move troubled transients to a neighboring town or state.

I truly LE has to be professional careful in SLO, there are too many homeless advocates (after more tax dollars support) attorneys that will do Pro Bono work for the homeless. If I want to help someone out I will use my own time energy and expense.

But the politicians here provide additional findings and support so that their friends or relatives can get tax paid high paying salary positions to manage the services.

The city of SLO provides transients with cell phones and free local bus passes, they spread the word to their comrades and more come from all over.

Suggestions for tackling the “homeless” problem in SLO.

1. End all public assistance programs immediately.

2. Institute a $500 fine for those who give money to the “homeless”.

3. Enforce loitering and vagrancy laws.

Take away the homeless Nirvana and make this a miserable place to be a bum. They’ll leave.

Those under the influence of a controlled substance are held for approx. 4 hours…a victimless crime…An altered mind in comparison to this guy who cracked some poor girl in the face for no reason gets roughly the same amount of time in jail? I bet his sentence will be less harsh than a “drug” offenders would be…..ASS BACKWARDS.

If he can or qualifies for probation in Arizona and released from jail on low bail then he:

1. Is a good and rational talker not insane

2. He knows how to convincingly twist the truth appearing credible

3. He knows how to toss names

4. He knows showing substantial bucks in his pocket excludes him from being an armed robber.

He is not a mental case.

He knows the game and how to play it cleverly.

He is simply no good and knows how to twist things around.

And yes he will convince the doctors he is mentally ill incapable of committing a crime with intent.

I am already sure he’s figured out that having a mental case record will protect him when he commits future crimes.

And best of all he will be able to collect disability / pension and benefits for the rest of his life.

And being homeless as well, the city of SLO will give him a free cell phone and bus pass.

So why not stay in SLO, besides he knows how to get along with LE and its job security for them.