Hill overtaking Ferrara in A.G. mayor race

November 6, 2014
Mayor Tony Ferrera

Mayor Tony Ferrara


A spectacular political upset may be brewing in the colorful race for the mayor’s seat in the village of Arroyo Grande, with write-in candidate Jim Hill gaining substantial ground Thursday on longtime incumbent Tony Ferrara as county election officials continued counting additional ballots.

Ferrara’s initial 9-point lead, fueled by early mail-in tallies, plummeted overnight to 3.5 percentage points, with 800 more ballots to be counted, probably by the end of Friday’s work day. Hill collected more than twice as many new votes as Ferrara today.

Another 1,216 votes are slated to be counted, most by Friday at 5 p.m.

If needed, 717 additional ballots — either left blank by the voter, or with the write-in candidate’s name written, but without the oval blackened — would finally be counted.

Ferrara’s advantage has been eroding ever since the opening of polls Tuesday morning. At today’s end of counting, he claimed 2,545 votes, or 51.79 percent, and Hill’s total had climbed to 2,369 or 48.21 percent. The candidates now are separated by only 176 votes.

After avoiding the media for days following the election, Ferrara finally contacted KSBY with the following statement, in which he blamed reporters, radio personalities, city residents and police, and a lack of communication for what he called “the results of the election.”

“The results of the election have clearly indicated a need for the City and the Community to find ways to better communicate. It has also exposed the disconnects that can often occur when people believe everything they read on an internet site or hear on talk radio. It is troubling when no attempt is made by reasonable people to verify false assertions made through these media. Hopefully, we at the City can open the door wider at City Hall for the community to feel comfortable and welcomed to do so in the future. We will also be welcoming a new Council member and this will provide an opportunity for all of us to share new ideas about the future of the City and also exploring more opportunities for comprehensive communication and outreach for the community.” (Tony Ferrara)

Hill’s brief but fast-moving campaign evolved from community dissatisfaction with the handling of a July 3 City Hall incident in which City Manager Steve Adams and a subordinate employee, Teresa McClish, the city’s community development director, were found near midnight in Adams’ darkened office by police responding to an emergency call.

Citizens accused Ferrara and the rest of the council with fashioning a cover-up of the incident — and then suggesting that responding police officers were lying about the circumstances to further ongoing contract negotiations.

Ferrara is the newly elected president of the powerful League of California Cities, a post he’d have to vacate if he loses to Hill.

Also, next Tuesday’s regularly scheduled city council meeting has been cancelled.

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Wow !!! I think we are witnessing the text book display of a Narcissistic Egotist who believes their own messed up delusional thinking !!

Tony Ferrara…I hate to break it to you but over 2000 votes NOT FOR YOU is not a disconnect of your citizenship because of the internet and talk radio. It’s because YOU ARE A DISCONNECTED DELUSIONAL individual WHO JUST DOESN’T AND NEVER WILL GET IT !!!

Tony Ferrara, if I gave your crazy delusional opinion any credit, I would be offended by your statement about myself and the Arroyo Grande voters, basically calling over 2000 of us easily mislead, but I expect that kind of arrogant, overbearing and insolent behavior from you. Ferrara is self destructing and showing Arroyo Grande who he really is.

If Ferrara does squeak out a win….He continues to provide fodder for his recall, and show his true colors to those who have not seen it before.

Citizenry not citizenship

No matter how this turns out there’s a lesson here. If you vote by mail don’t be in a rush. Take your time and pay attention.

“…for whom the polls toll”

Whether Ferrara loses once the votes are finalized, or whether this goes straight into a Recall, please know there are MANY of us out there who very much appreciate our Citizens for stepping up to the plate and making your votes count. Sincerely…Thank You

We’ve got your back SadInsider. It won’t be long now—change is eminent.

Sad insider

We are holding strong for all of you.

We can do this

This is better than an old soap opera. At this point the drum is rolling and we are waiting for the cymbal to crash.

GO TEAM HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so awesome…….

OMG….can you just imagine if Hill pulls this off?

Tony I’m sure is in disbelief that the voters would DARE question his authority!

“Sit down…shut up…I’m in charge here”

That’s what happens when elected officials hold office too long, they start looking down with contempt for the voters they are there to SERVE….not Lord over!

Lazy, complacent and self serving arent things you become, but part of your true character. You either are or arent.

Cant wait for the final tally. Wow!

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