Keep Cuesta strong, vote yes on Measure L

November 3, 2014


In August of 2014, the Classified Union of Cuesta College, aka CCCUE, ratified our 2014-15 contract and overwhelmingly endorsed Measure L; the $275,000,000 bond measure that will be appearing on the November ballot to upgrade our college facilities and meet the demands of a growing county and the technological revolution occurring in the workforce. In addition, at the September Board of Trustees meeting CCCUE also made a significant contribution of $999 to the Campaign for Measure L.

Although there are multiple bond measures that will appear throughout the county this November, all of which will affect our members in one way or another, CCCUE ardently supports Measure L and believes in its mission – to “keep Cuesta Strong” for future generations. Most importantly, we believe that to provide the kind of education that will benefit our community well into the 21st century, we have to provide facilities and technology that will keep pace with what is happening in the workforce.

It is important to remember that most of the members of our union live in this county. Our children and grandchildren will be raised and hopefully educated in this county.

With the price of a university education spiraling out of control, Cuesta College, and the community college education system remain one of the best values for a college education. The value of a Cuesta College education has increased in the past year with the introduction of the new promise scholarship, now offered to every newly graduating San Luis Obispo County high school student who completes an application, providing them with a fee-free fall and spring semester. This makes a college education even more accessible to our citizens; enhancing the education of our workforce to the betterment of our communities at large.

However, Cuesta College has not had a reliable source of funding for capital projects, and substantial repairs and upgrades to our facilities are needed since the college was originally built in 1964.

Our budget has been cut over the past five years, and it appears that it may take another three to five years for the college to rebound from the fiscal damage that was done during the recession. Unfortunately, even with a successful rebound in enrollment, the ability for Cuesta College to meet the demands of a growing community, with a depleted infrastructure and 50 year old buildings, will remain an ongoing challenge.

Our community and businesses need access to the classrooms, technology and workforce of the future in order for us to compete in the global market that expands further into our community every day. CCCUE is walking precincts, distributing lawn signs, phone banking and making monetary donations in order to move Cuesta College into the future. This is an investment that must be made if we are to keep our county strong and our workforce the best trained.

Please join CCCUE in supporting Measure L. Please vote yes on Measure L. Thank you!

H. Hunter Perry is the president of the Cuesta College Classified Union of Employees.

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Vote NO on the Cuesta bond! The college just can’t responsibly or professionally handle taxpayer money.

Their problems abound! High administrator, part-time faculty and classified staff turn over. Token race-based hiring practices (Euro Caucasians have the wrong skin color). Several under-performing programs. Some excessively tax-subsidized programs with NO accountability. Low student enrollment. Poor reputation among students. A campus culture of personal bias and prejudice that many direct toward each other. A history of lawsuits against the college and admin. Etc.

Don’t waste taxpayer money! NO on the Cuesta Bond!