Keep Cuesta strong, vote yes on Measure L

November 3, 2014


In August of 2014, the Classified Union of Cuesta College, aka CCCUE, ratified our 2014-15 contract and overwhelmingly endorsed Measure L; the $275,000,000 bond measure that will be appearing on the November ballot to upgrade our college facilities and meet the demands of a growing county and the technological revolution occurring in the workforce. In addition, at the September Board of Trustees meeting CCCUE also made a significant contribution of $999 to the Campaign for Measure L.

Although there are multiple bond measures that will appear throughout the county this November, all of which will affect our members in one way or another, CCCUE ardently supports Measure L and believes in its mission – to “keep Cuesta Strong” for future generations. Most importantly, we believe that to provide the kind of education that will benefit our community well into the 21st century, we have to provide facilities and technology that will keep pace with what is happening in the workforce.

It is important to remember that most of the members of our union live in this county. Our children and grandchildren will be raised and hopefully educated in this county.

With the price of a university education spiraling out of control, Cuesta College, and the community college education system remain one of the best values for a college education. The value of a Cuesta College education has increased in the past year with the introduction of the new promise scholarship, now offered to every newly graduating San Luis Obispo County high school student who completes an application, providing them with a fee-free fall and spring semester. This makes a college education even more accessible to our citizens; enhancing the education of our workforce to the betterment of our communities at large.

However, Cuesta College has not had a reliable source of funding for capital projects, and substantial repairs and upgrades to our facilities are needed since the college was originally built in 1964.

Our budget has been cut over the past five years, and it appears that it may take another three to five years for the college to rebound from the fiscal damage that was done during the recession. Unfortunately, even with a successful rebound in enrollment, the ability for Cuesta College to meet the demands of a growing community, with a depleted infrastructure and 50 year old buildings, will remain an ongoing challenge.

Our community and businesses need access to the classrooms, technology and workforce of the future in order for us to compete in the global market that expands further into our community every day. CCCUE is walking precincts, distributing lawn signs, phone banking and making monetary donations in order to move Cuesta College into the future. This is an investment that must be made if we are to keep our county strong and our workforce the best trained.

Please join CCCUE in supporting Measure L. Please vote yes on Measure L. Thank you!

H. Hunter Perry is the president of the Cuesta College Classified Union of Employees.

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Government needs to spend less, not more.

Too many entitlement-mentality parasites are riding the wagon, not pulling it.

All levels of government are loaded with corruption, fraud, waste and abuse and a paucity of accountability..

The Roman Empire declined and fell because it taxed the middle-class out of existence.


Instead of all the glossy mailers and telephone stumping, I wish Cuesta would have spent the money on an independent, campus-wide facilities audit that could have been massively distributed via the web.

Had they done that I suspect it would have become very clear they only need a fraction of the $275M they are seeking. It’s that fraction I would have likely voted for if the language of the measure would have ENSURED the money went to facility repairs and maintenance and NOT to personnel expenses or constructing new buildings!

Keep in mind that the ENTIRE Cuesta Campus (less the Performing Arts Centers and a few other non-essential buildings) cost $20-25M total to build on donated land in the late 1970s. Now they want $275M to just to repair and maintain them (plus the north county campus)?

Absolutely no way.


Enough with the taxes to repair long term mismanagement. Vote no.


Tax Freedom Day Is April 25 !

That is the time that you ” Currently ” have to work just to pay Taxes.

Do you really want to work even ” More Days ” to pay for New Tax Increases and Excessive Salaries, Benefits, and Early Pension Retirements ?

New Sales Tax Increases….Pismo Beach, SLO, Atascadero, Overzealous New Building Taxes ….Double Taxation Road Surcharge…..If these taxes are approved more will be on the Next Ballot !

Some of these New Tax Increases can last for up to 45 Years, Grover Beach Tax Increase.

When You Vote; Ask Yourself Can I Afford All These New Tax Increases ?

Be A Free Independent Voter


Your talking about a bond that’s north of a 1/4 of a billion dollars!

This amount sounds like a major capital improvement and not for repairs and maintenance that I’ve heard previously reported. And R&M is a necessary budget and is a fact of life for every institution. It should be part of a well maintained and sustainable institution.

If indeed Cuesta college wants to compete in this “technological revolution”, which by the way, has been going on since this college was built in 1964, then I suggest getting corporate sponsorships involved and developing those relationships that have succeeded with their education from Cuesta, else this money should be redirected towards elementary and primary education.

There’s a university just a stones throw away that you can model this from.

Also, 50 years is not that old for a building built to building code so I’m not buying that argument.

I’m sure the heaters work, the water facets run and there are good working Expo boards to teach the theory.


I was actually considering voting for this bill until Sunday when my phone rang for the tenth time. That was it…I’m voting no. Memo to the supporters of this bill. Call once and only once and when we ask you not to call again…don’t!


I only got one call… but then again, when they asked me if I would join a bunch of big-government-loving people and support it, I laughed and calmly said, “Not in the slightest!”

Never heard back from them again. Maybe they didn’t want to register too many “no” votes in their telephone polling, I don’t know.


Citizen Voters are on New Tax Increase Overload

Paid Outside Consultants and Unions are on Overdrive

Be Independent

Be Strong

Vote #


When Cuesta retained the services of the same polling consultants as the city of SLO did to find out how to dupe the taxpayer for measure “Y” and now measure ”G”, that said a lot about how the leadership really feels.

Did I say NO LOUD ENOUGH!? They had a chance to budget monies for maintenance and chose not to for many many years. I’m not willing to pay one cent to Cuesta until they can show fiscal responsibility, PERIOD!

NO on L-14

NO on D-14

No on Measure “G”

We have to live within our means, why can’t the government?





…nor [b]NOT[/b]!!


lol, wrong forum code (it’s been one of those mornings):




…or NOT!!!


Yes on L= Large raises for everyone!



Dependent upon