Lompoc police officer arrested for violating court order

November 30, 2014

LompocSanta Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested a Lompoc Police officer for the second time in less than two months because of domestic violence allegations.

On Thanksgiving, Matthew Lee Hill, 29, allegedly contacted his ex-girlfriend in violation of a court order. On Friday, deputies arrested Hill and transported him to the Santa Barbara County Jail.

On Oct. 19, Hill’s neighbors called 911 to report a disturbance at a Vandenberg Village residence. At the time, Hill was off duty.

Hill was booked into jail and then released on $25,000 bail. Last week, a judge told Hill he was not to contact his ex-girlfriend.

Hill then allegedly contacted the victim at a home on North F Street in Lompoc on Thanksgiving and was arrested the next day.

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This cop may not be as bad as everyone would like to believe.The alleged victim is a convicted killer. Did time in state prison. Really. Have to see what shakes out in court.

Statistics show that women partners of police officers are 4x more likely to be victims of domestic abuse than the general populace. More sad evidence.

Well stated dogeatdog—well stated.

Any idea if he is still on paid admin leave?

That guy is psycho.

Not only should he not be a police officer, he should not be out loose on the streets.

This is exactly the kind of profile that leads up to a domestic-violence murder.

Sorry to say it but Officer Hill probably should not be a law enforcement officer any longer. When you can’t follow the restrictions put on you by the court, why should you be responsible for up holding them with your job.

You have to be able to follow the law to enforce the law.

The reality is, even if he is kicked off this Sheriffs Department, there will be other, smaller, poorer departments who will employ him.

Sherriff’s deputies arrested him, he is Lompoc PD officer.

Hopefully soon to be former Lompoc PD officer.

This guy doesn’t deserve to wear a badge.