Man strips in SLO intersection after crashing car

November 11, 2014

10805065_10152898499917125_888316599_nA man crashed his car, then removed much of his clothing and entered into a yoga routine on a busy San Luis Obispo street corner Monday afternoon. [KSBY]

Douglas Kopcha, 46, rolled his vehicle into a traffic signal pole at the corner of Madonna Road and Los Osos Valley Road. He then climbed out of the car’s sunroof, took off his shirt and partially pulled down his pants, according to San Luis Obispo police.

Kopcha sat in the intersection with his buttocks visible and struck yoga poses. Police arrived and arrested him for driving under the influence and for driving with a suspended license.

No injuries occurred during the crash.


There must have been a sale at Target. His pants were half off.


And the holidays……..ARE OFF!!!


Omg…..I did not see he was doing yoga in the street! Kundalini awakening…..big time!


He was just finally told that Tony was behind in the voting.


Under the influence of what?

And they claim pot is harmless.


Assuming that he was under the influence of pot (information not confirmed), his response was less of a public danger than one would expect of someone equally inebriated by booze. I would have expected anyone not too drunk to leave the car to either try to leave the scene or deny responsibility and blame someone else.

Pot is not problem free and driving under the influence is a problem and a crime. However, as long as we tolerate alcohol use with its worse effects (and we learned the hard way 90 years ago that tolerance was less of a problem than criminalization), pot should be treated in the same manner if only to remove the hypocrisy and the resulting disrespect for authority generated by it.


It may not be pot

I have never heard any reports of pot making people do weird things like that

I have hear of weird affects with people on PCP and LSD

Just a comment, I am no expert


Maybe he was on YogaCrack.


Tase me bro.


+1 for a classic pull!


A typical Yoga Bare routine


smarter than the average bare


Another drunken driver with a suspended license. Sheezzzz…

What will it take to keep these potential killers off the roads?


As of this moment, the drunks have voted with three thumbs down.

Rich in MB

Na….he wasn’t on drugs….


The looney nuttiness of Portlandia and Seattle must be migrating southwards.


Great! I love quirky people.


yes, it can be better than the circus


Love em all you want until they hit your kid…