Ferguson solidarity protestors march in San Luis Obispo

December 6, 2014

hand upA group of about 40 people marched through San Luis Obispo Friday night to show solidarity against police brutality following a Missouri Grand Jury decision not to indict a Ferguson officer in the shooting of a black teen.

Shortly before the annual holiday parade kicked off, people holding signs and chanting slogans such as “hands up don’t shoot” and “black lives matter too” marched down along the parade route. Several thousand people lined Hiquera and Monterey streets in anticipation of the parade.

As the protestors marched through the streets, about a dozen parade attendees joined the march while others cheered or applauded.

Across the country, protesters have marched the streets to denounce the grand jury’s decision not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.


Why do race-baiting agitators obsess over Ferguson, but IGNORE these two terrible stories?

This is news too. The murder of a white couple with a hammer near Ferguson AND the murder of two cops by an illegal in Sacramento. Report the news and stop malpractice journalism!




The rules for Killing Are like like use of the N word. Blacks can kill each other withou causing outrage as they can call each other the n word. Blacks can call whites racial names like hockey and cracker and blacks can kill whites without causing outrage.

Whites cannot call blacks the n word or kill blacks without causing outrage.

Same rules apply for the n word as do homicide.


Some advice regardless of race or position (it can be intimidating & hopeless if male, especially female & black because they have the power) or representation (it can seem futile to as we use to say to fight city hall for harrassment).

If you are truly violated, completely throw out this black or white notion, there are underhanded blacks as well as good and stupid & shrewd whites, there is in fact good and bad/dirty black cops!

I will say that we do have good attorneys in this county for these types of problems but it COSTS!



I was at the parade. I thought this gang of punks was yelling “pants up, don’t loot.” My bad.


All lives matter and IMO the racial thing is out of control thanks to our media and our government. In either case if they were not breaking the law there would be no deaths. The guy selling cigs had 31 previous arrests, did the media tell us this? no. Did the media tell us about the white guy beaten to death with hammers by blacks some 20 miles from the fergy incident just days later? no. Were locals here in SLO looting and destroying property when Jay Vestal was killed by the Sheriffs dept with restraint asphyxia while he lie there begging to be allowed to breathe? no. Did the black rapist recently arrested in Texas, who admitted to brutally raping and killing untold white women get stir any protests of white on black hatred? no. Did you hear our then white president and AG holder say were going to investigate this, and this time we’ll find justice,insinuating the G/J decision in either case was incorrect? no. So I call BULLSHIT on all these displays of empathy. Pretty easy solution, get a God damn job like everybody else, earn your keep and don’t break the laws and you wont have to worry about the law on your ass.


“if they were not breaking the law there would be no deaths”

So, I gather that if SLO’s finest decide to stop you for texting while driving, and you give them some lip, they’d be justified to choke you to death? And you’d be OK with that?


Garner died of a heart attack, not choking. The media probably didn’t tell anyone this either. So lets say your a lawman. You pull me over because I’m all over the road and its clear I have a cell in my hand. I exit the vehicle, cop and shit attitude, tell the cops to go F themselves and turn away. The approach me from behind as the will,try to get a hold of me and I smack their hands away. I then turn around real fast, and I had a pistol in my pants I could have easily taken out one or more. You think You’d be left standing? Not a chance, I would expect a few bullet holes in me Cops are trained to shoot to kill, not wound. Its all about disregard for laws and anybody who tells you what you can and cant do. But like I said before Government is much to blame. If New York’s Government( Bloomberg)and those who spend your lives saving us from ourselves, had not taxed the price of a pack of Smokes to $12, garner would still be alive as I write this. But I digress as I cannot speak for his other 30 arrests.


could not breathe had a heart attack heart stopped beating being choked on camera. what a coincidence


Sounds like some folks in slo town have too much time on their hands , so they march , the punk is DEAD get over it It was a JUSTIFIED SHOOTING , the officers life is also ruined , hes going to have to join the secret witness program now

Lets move on now and forget about the past ,


Well of course it’s justified to a proud servant of the state like yourself. Others of us don’t believe that the state has the right to summarily execute people in the street, and feel that a good cop would have moved away from the situation with his vehicle until backup arrived. Some of us have actually read the testimony, though, and know that Wilson is a damn liar. Interesting that no one seemed to check his background, because they would have found his former department was so corrupt it had to be disbanded.


“A good cop would have moved away from the situation with his vehicle and waited until backup arrived.”

Backup for a jay walker?

Under our Penal Code an officer is not deemed an aggressor for stopping someone or for using force to overcome resistence, protect themselves or protect the life of another.

The law gives them Qualified Immunity, which simply put is how we let the officers know they are not going to lose everything they own or go to jail for doing their jobs. If an officer is engaged in outrageous conduct or intentionally does something wrong acting out of a malignant heart a judge, not a bunch of protestors, may deprive the officer of the qualified immunity protections.

An officer is expected to deal with violations appropriately, often this means alone because the offense is relatively low key or minor in the beginning. The escalation into a more serious incident can occur in seconds and is often beyond their control.

The notion that they should not engage anybody for any reason until they have backup is ludicrous.

Your comments on this matter seem to indicate that you are the type of citizen that is never happy with anything the government does, unless it involves an act or ommission that is to the detriment of the government or its agents. For your own mental well being you should remove yourself at once to a cave and live out your days there, free from government intrusion and ignorant of government activities.


The officers life is ALSO ruined?!? A kid is no longer on this earth and you are comparing the officers situation to his?!

Shame on you…

The shooting may have been justified, but don’t forget the real effects of the act.


While the shooting may have been justified, per the findings of the Grand Jury, the idea of forgetting about the past, is precisely what has brought America to this point.

It’s time to try and understand why, as such a potentially great nation, we have evolved to become so racially divided.


Fact; if they hadn’t been committing crimes they wouldn’t have been stopped by the police in the first place,

Fact; if they hadn’t resisted arrest they would both still be alive today.

Fact; if they had been white nothing would have played out differently.

Could we please move on to something else now?


Short memory Shelworth. The stuff you say is what all conservatives always say when people are accosted by the cops. Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember our esteemed Attorney General under Nixon, John Mitchell. He said the same things about protestors and ‘darkies’ in trouble. Within a year or two he was indicted for crimes against the state and whined like mad about the injustice of it all.

Getting harassed by the cops does not mean one committed a crime. That decision is up to judges and juries, and of course they make plenty of mistakes. Your law and order (a constant Nixon thing, and of course we all know he was one of the biggest crooks to ever grace our country) comments do nothing to address the controversy of police brutality.

It seems like Jim Crow is alive and well, still, in this country.


“Getting harassed by the cops does not mean one committed a crime”

I agree, but I must ask you, is every investigation by a police officer “harassment” or is it only when the person detained is Black?

We will keep beating up on the police and they will park their police cars at the fire stations and watch as the thieves and dopers steal our property and ruin our communities; and why wouldn’t they, after all we might file a complaint against them if they did their jobs and we didn’t agree 100% with how they did it.

Between Proposition 47 and all this cop hating I imagine California is in for a crimewave like we have never seen before.


Cops have brought this upon themselves by adopting an attitude of “everyone is a potential threat” and showing it in the way they approach them. They also seem to rely on a philosophy of “personal safety via intimidation and aggression” whether justified or not in a specific circumstance. If you expect people in general to respect (not fear) you, learn to treat them with at least a cautious respect until they show evidence that will not work.

Then there is the idiotic war on drugs and its accompanying assault on civil liberties in the form of property seizures. I realize that police didn’t pass these laws by themselves, but many advocated for them and they certainly didn’t hesitate to use/abuse them for enriching their departments and providing leverage to get more arrests to buttress their personnel records.

Finally, there is that “thin blue line” which is one of the most immoral aspects of police culture. It is one thing to stick up for an officer falsely accused or even to provide a degree of support when the circumstances of an accusation are debatable. But to support someone who knowingly stepped over the line or to actively lie to cover up such activity is wrong. Far too many cops who wouldn’t step over the line with their own actions are willing to act to help those who do.

If you want to increase respect and support for cops among the general public, figure out how to address these issues. Better training? Improved screening of applicants? Less protection of bad cops? Mandatory video-taping of all citizen interactions with protected storage of such recordings? All of the above?


Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember our esteemed Attorney General under Nixon, John Mitchell. He said the same things about protestors and ‘darkies’ in trouble.


I check back to see what’s being written and this is what I have to look at? You’re trying to tie in Nixon to this? Could you be any further out in left field? Why not bring in MLK and Hitler and the civil war and the Missouri compromise while you’re at it? I’m sure you could tie them all into your conspiracy theories.


I take events on an individual basis, I don’t lump them together by color like you do. There is no epidemic of white police officers killing black men. Look up the FBI statistics if you can unbend your mind for a moment. The events in Ferguson and what happened in NY are totally unrelated. You are being manipulated by the left for their own purposes. Don’t let them lead you around by the nose.

If you want to see injustice and how it was handled, look back to Kelly Thomas’ death in Fullerton in 2011.


Fact, if the police in Ferguson weren’t working for dirty corrupt officials who get 20% of their budget from court fines alone people wouldn’t be trying to start problems with them.

Fact, resisting unlawful arrest is not illegal and Wilson made the arrest unlawful when he put his car in reverse (note that he wasn’t stopping them for any crime until Mike Brown mouthed off, he had already passed them up) pulled back just behind them and smacked the car door into Brown.

Fact, I don’t really care about Mike Brown, I care about making sure that we have police that are capable of making intelligent decisions like moving to safety and waiting for backup rather than playing judge and jury in the street.


“Wilson made the arrest unlawful when he put his car in reverse”

Fact: Officers have discretion on whether to take enforcement action in most types of cases. An officer may decide to not take action snd then observe something inva rearview mirror that changes their mind. Whatever police action that follows is not tainted because the backed their patrol car up.

Fact: Most contacts begin with a detention, not an arrest. If sn officer stops you he must have probable cause, such as walking in the middle of the road. If he has probable cause and he detains you, you have a duty to comply, if you don’t you could be arrested for resisting, obstructing or delaying a peace officer.

Fact: If you resist violently the Penal Code code allows an officer to use whatever reasonable force necessary to overcome your resistance.

Fact: if you make them fearful for their lives, say by trying to rush them and try to take their gun away they will use deadly force to stop you snd you might die.

Fact: People who are rightly or wrongly stopped by the police and who follow the officers directions completely will be alive to have “their day in court.” There are plenty of attorneys waiting to help wrongly accused people in both criminal and civil actions, and everyone of us says “don’t argue or fight with the police, keep your mouth shut and we will fight it in court.”


If your comments are supposed to be generally applicable, I have a long list of rebuttals.

“Fact #2” — Probable cause is a really vague term in many situations. An officer’s judgment is usually accepted pending strong evidence to the contrary which means that a biased or abusive cop can get away with a lot of harassment.

“Facts #3 & #4 — The prejudice in favor of an officer’s testimony works here to allow them to exaggerate or lie after the fact to cover actions that shouldn’t be justifiable.

Fact #6 — If you are on the receiving end of an unjustified stop — especially one where the cop uses unnecessary force — your day in court may take a long time to arrive and the quality of your legal representation will likely be poor if you are not wealthy or influential enough to immediately get the high-pirced defense attorneys. Meanwhile, if you are an employee or a small business person, you may well be losing your source of income which would help you prove your case.

Being alive may be an improvement but not much of one.

Not all cops are as bad as these statements indicate (probably not even most cops locally) but enough are so that it is a real problem. What is worse is the willingness of the good cops to stand mute and support the bad ones.


He should have been shot by the clerk he assaulted in the market. What the hell is wrong with those people, why were they not armed?. I worked in a bad neighborhood for years and always packed. I weigh 170 lbs and if a thug that size assaulted me I would definetly feel my life is threatened and shoot!


God made men. Sam Colt made them equal.


All the usual suspects


Of course…the Joey’s, the Linde’s and the rest of the weekly protest crowd.


Isn’t it ironic that those who protested have never known poverty, or racism, or segregation…only affluence.


How do you know?


Shortly before the annual holiday parade kicked off, people holding signs and chanting slogans such as “hands up don’t shoot” and “black lives matter too” marched down along the parade route.


Ironic that if Micheal Brown had actually had his hands up he probably wouldn’t be dead.

And hypocritical that they chant “black lives matter” over the one in a million cop chokehold death due to a heart attack while ignoring the thousands of black lives that are lost every single year in this nation due to black men murdering other blacks.

I mean if you are going to protest, at least make sense about it.


16 of the 18 witnesses to the Brown shooting said he had his hands up and was on his knees when Wilson shot him in the top of his head with the fatal bullets.

Furthermore, the cop has lost his last job when the whole department he worked for was fired for bad police practices.

And have you seen how many whites are murdered by other whites! Those numbers are really shocking. It even includes many kids by other white kids who are just “playing” with parents guns.


Yeah, right…..you just go right ahead and continue to believe that hogwash. It’s working well for you.


Get your facts: there were dozens of witnesses called. The autopsy showed frontal wounds. The Grand Jury is made up of over a dozen highly vetted individuals, they were not fooled, like you are.


Beachmuffin: READ the evidence, please. You are completely wrong. Brown was NOT on his knees with his hands up. Here’s a link to the Grand jury documents–



Dammit, Citizen, don’t let the facts get the way of a good outrage.


Did you read Wilson’s testimony? And you actually believe it?


in his testimony his victim was described as a demon, that means something to the religious right dog whistle crowd


Yes, I believe him. Especially when witness statements and forensics corroborate his story. This is exactly what the Grand Jury deliberated on.

See…when FACTS agree with STORY, you get TRUTH.

Opps! Sorry! Didn’t mean to use that ugly word, “truth”, against you…


mkaney. I went back and reread Wilson’s testimony. Yes, I believe it. He gave detailed and compelling minute by minute information.

His testimony remained the same from the interview right after the shooting to the Grand Jury testimony and was confirmed by the physical evidence.

Downtown Bob

You are full or crap and your “facts” are fabricated. Every weekend dozens of young black men kill each other in the strictest gun control city in the nation and folks like you that love to incite racial violence don’t have a word to say. Where is your outrage over violence and women degrading rap music which is really money laundering for prostitution, and drugs by criminal gangs. Complete nonsense meadow muffin.


The issue is NOT ABOUT PEOPLE KILLING PEOPLE you fool. It’s about POLICE killing UNARMED suspects. PERIOD.


It’s improving the gene pool, if you are so stupid that you physically attack someone holding a gun…nature wins every time.

Downtown Bob

Matt, I have known you since the bus to Los rancho in 4th grade…and you are just as bitter now as then. Seriously, this happens to be about people killing people unless you think that cops are not people. What difference does it make, unlawful killing is rampant in Chicago by people of color and that is ok. A cop defends himself and you are wantinghis head on a platter. Go for the largest killing…get on board with stopping the killing in our cities!

fat chance

Now that’s some funny $hit…….I take it you can’t read LOL


Thank you for trying to communicate to these people with factual information. Don’t be discouraged by the low comment rating. The cops come out in force on this site and manipulate the ratings. And also people seem to dislike black criminals more than they dislike dirty cops.


We have plenty of dirty cops around here. You can start with the narcotics task force once led by Rodney John. That fool can’t even read his own boss’ guidlines.


You are either being malicious or ignorant by bringing up black on black crime and suggesting that it is at all a meaningful statistic. 83% of white people are killed by other white people. The issue is not about WHITE people killing BLACK people, either, it’s about POLICE killing UNARMED PEOPLE, and those people being killed are DISPROPORTIONATELY BLACK. Not even because the cops are racist, but because they are morelikely to use excessive force against someone that is less likely to have the money and influence to cause trouble for them.


We look to the police for protection, not to be killed by them. THAT’s the difference beween what was being protested, and the irrelevant stuff you cite.


No it’s not. Read warren v DC. The police investigate crime, they do not prevent it.

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