Ferguson solidarity protestors march in San Luis Obispo

December 6, 2014

hand upA group of about 40 people marched through San Luis Obispo Friday night to show solidarity against police brutality following a Missouri Grand Jury decision not to indict a Ferguson officer in the shooting of a black teen.

Shortly before the annual holiday parade kicked off, people holding signs and chanting slogans such as “hands up don’t shoot” and “black lives matter too” marched down along the parade route. Several thousand people lined Hiquera and Monterey streets in anticipation of the parade.

As the protestors marched through the streets, about a dozen parade attendees joined the march while others cheered or applauded.

Across the country, protesters have marched the streets to denounce the grand jury’s decision not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.


To lighten up a bit, the best part of the parade was the city council. They loaded themselves into one of those cutesy tourist trolleys and waved through the window at everyone. We were all so excited they were there! The question, though, is why in happy town where everybody is going to be expected to ride a bike so there’s no more traffic congestion (yes, folks, that’s basically what their new general plan says the new plan will be) the council can’t set an example by biking or triking in the parade instead of riding that closed-window fume-belching trolley?


The relentless harassment of Cal Poly and Cuesta students, as well as those of us who never grew up and like to party, by police MUST STOP. Now is the time for action! Defy the police. Fight them for their guns. San Luis Obispo IS Ferguson.


What? I’m not black? Damn.


Let me apologize for the lack of understanding of the sarcasm in your post by the rest of the forum users.


Since before our founding as a nation the vast majority of our people have eventually made cultural and political decisions based on cultural and political reality.

Since the time of President Andrew Jackson we began to forthrightly face the issue of slavery, which was eventually resolved at the price of several hundred thousand lives in the Civil War. After which Constitutional and other civil protections were enacted. Sadly, it took another 90 years, until Brown v. Board of Education, to effectively begin the process of equality as a reality. This process was furthered by the civil rights legislation of 1964 and the school de-segregation battles which lasted into the 1970’s.

Name one other nation in history that has fought as hard, and at such cost, as America for equal rights for all citizens?

The problem today is that we live in an altered state of reality promoted by the media and a large segment of the political class. Accordingly, we generally cannot and do not focus on root causes or issues, which by doing so would allow us to make appropriate corrections and adjustments.

These are realities:

1) During almost six years of incumbency our President has show a remarkable lack of leadership with regard to race issues and in the most recent cases defaults to a “blame the police” position.

2) Police during the last 40 years or more have largely cleaned up their act with regard to excessive force, which is now the exception and not the rule.

3) However, most police agencies are now much more prone to use military equipment and tactics, even in routine situations, than was the case just 15 or 20 years ago. Where this will eventually lead is hard to know, but there is great danger in this trend.

4) Notwithstanding the history of slavery and discrimination, which we have paid a heavy price to overcome, where is the leadership in the black community (or from our President) to effectively deal with the clear problems in the black culture which are more to blame for the unfortunate recent events than are police conduct? Until this cultural causal relationship is addressed and repaired there will indeed be no peace.

Conclusion: As long as we are bombarded by an alternate reality our body politic cannot effectively achieve resolution of these issues.



You nailed it sir! We have bocme victim’s of the 30 second sound bite and now want an analysis and solution to our social ills in 30 seconds or less. This does not bode well for the nation, as a new generation of voters doesn’t realize the level of our dysfunction because they have never known anything else.


torture is now normal


The justice system have concluded and closed.

When all this controversy settles, its still not going to be over.

When people are dissatisfied with the justice system, the next is a civil action.

So, taxpayers get your wallets out again.

Then its still not over, future changes and adjustments will require more LE training, equipment and “funding” so don’t put away your wallets.


This is the new 99% protest of this election cycle.

These protests help the far left activate and identify local leaders of the sheep. If you will lay down in traffic for a made up controversy, you’ll be a loyal democratic voter forever.


i thought all this was about civil and constitutional rights…..lots of talk about race, thugs, cops, etc…


Why does the left in this country including the current occupant in the white house seem to want civil unrest of one kind or another? How does this benefit them? These protesters for the most part are the same people that took to the streets during that silly occupy wall street embarrassment. Just whom do they think they are reaching with this childish hands up BS? The young man did not put his hands up!!!!!! if he had he would be in jail and still alive today. 40 people protesting???? big deal.

The fact that only 40 morons were protesting in SLO gives me hope. You can get 40 people to jump off of a bridge these days.


Oh, that’s brilliant; the President wants unrest? I’m having trouble getting my head around your mindset…

And by the way, Chief, the protests are not so much about the Brown killing; it is the system whereby cops kill people with impunity. And not just blacks in other cities, it’s happened to white guys in this county. I’m talking about Donal Snyder and Jay Vestal; both died while under the total control of San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Deputies. In both cases the deputies deviated from training and doctrine and sat on their victims while they were face down. Both men said they couldn’t breathe, and guess what, they couldn’t breathe, they both died. Two citizens posing no threat were murdered by deputies, who all walked. Can anyone explain to me how it is possible that the cops did nothing wrong but they killed a citizen under their control? How could they possibly have followed procedures and killed a helpless person totally in their control? It scares me; the cops in this county KNOW they can murder a citizen and face no consequences other than a paid vacation. An arrest by San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Deputies can be your death warrant…


“cops kill people with impunity”

Are you serious? if you want to witness killing with impunity just go to any inner city on a Saturday night. Do you really want to live without law enforcement?


Love the examples, no mention of the perps breaking the law or fighting with the police, or resisting arrest, nope, those police just jumped on random law abiding citizens. And you can tell it’s epidemic by the dates of the examples; 2006, 1999, 1951…


Here’s something to ponder.

David Broadwater


The Concourse


The American Justice System Is Not Broken


Maybe these black thugs should listen to the police when they are trying to arrest them. To blame the police for these peoples stupidity is ludicrous. You reap what you sow.


While I agree that the American justice system is broken and the article you reference points out a few of the flaws, it also makes some claims not backed by evidence and loses much credibility in the process. Try to limit examples of injustice to those for which the evidence is clear — there are enough of them to make the case without using high-profile/marginal-evidence cases like Ferguson and the Michael Brown case.


Good for them. Good to know that there are still some decent, moral, sane and compassionate people in the right-wing fascist hole which is SLO…


I had actually prepared a protest sign and was hoping my friend would let me know if there was a march or protest. It says:

I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe

But wait! We don’t want to have to ruin our “Happiest City in the US” theme we have going on…can’t we just pretend we are insulated from the world in our little bubble? That no amount of suffering or any social issue can affect our cozy little holiday season?

This town is so artificial.