Ferguson solidarity protestors march in San Luis Obispo

December 6, 2014

hand upA group of about 40 people marched through San Luis Obispo Friday night to show solidarity against police brutality following a Missouri Grand Jury decision not to indict a Ferguson officer in the shooting of a black teen.

Shortly before the annual holiday parade kicked off, people holding signs and chanting slogans such as “hands up don’t shoot” and “black lives matter too” marched down along the parade route. Several thousand people lined Hiquera and Monterey streets in anticipation of the parade.

As the protestors marched through the streets, about a dozen parade attendees joined the march while others cheered or applauded.

Across the country, protesters have marched the streets to denounce the grand jury’s decision not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.


Do you know what they call a brick in Ferguson, MO?


Jorge Estrada

Man robs store then slugs armed police officer, comes back for more and gets shot. This is news? The news wants to talk race? The violations are color blind so why do we allow the media to get racial for their financial gain?


If “black lives matter” why isn’t anyone protesting black on black murders??

Or has it become so prevalent that we don’t even think about it anymore??

The problem to me is the fact that people have no respect for the law.. whether you like it or not.. you have to obey.. and If you don’t listen and follow direction.. you could get hurt..all you have to do is give them a reason.. I say don’t give them a reason..


Yeah, there you go; throw out the “black on black” murder canard. Why are there murders at all in the first place, be it any race or ethnic group versus any other person killing another human being?

To equate any murder of another person with the near “executions” that have seen mainly white police officers killing unarmed black men is going a whole world away from the root cause of why there are so many officer involved shootings and killings of unarmed citizens. Part of the problem in our society at large is the “perception” of the black male as some sort of “other”, a person who is either seen as sub-human or inversely a “super-human” ; those who see blacks as sub-human probably believe that they do not deserve the respect that would be afforded most individuals. Those who see the black male as “super-human” believe that they do not feel pain like the rest of us, that they can charge head first into a barrage of bullets aimed at them believing that they can survive such an situation. The truth is, we are all human, we all deserve to have a certain amount of respect for existing, and law enforcement officers need to be trained more thoroughly so they can operate in confrontational situations without having to resort to the use of deadly force as their first choice of defense. If a person who is a police officer is so scared of potential suspects that they have to use deadly force as their first choice in dealing with potential suspects, they have no business being in law enforcement, period.


Near executions? Really? Would you be happier if the police had died instead? You’re not the same person that commented last year that the police should shoot guns out of the hands of bad guys are you?


No, that was not me; I fully understand that once an officer draws their weapon, somebody is going to die, period, and I would not want that to be any police officer, anywhere, anytime. What I object to is police officers drawing their firearms before they have either tried to talk down a suspect, use less-than-letal force in appropriate circumstances, or, in very rare cases, engage in physically subduing a subject that does not have a firearm in their hands.

Watching the video of the police officers in Cleveland shoot and kill the teenager with the pellet gun, before their vehicle even comes to a stop certainly doesn’t instill confidence that those officers knew that they “had” to shoot the suspect.

Watching the video of the Los Angeles police officers shoot the suspect because he had a three inch folding knife reminds one of how much there is a lack of training in hand-to-hand combat techniques that would allow an officer to disarm an subdue someone brandishing a knife or bat or even a sword.

My concern is that far too many officers reach for the firearm first; either they are too scared to confront a suspect physically, or they do not have the confidence that comes with effective training.


“…I fully understand that once an officer draws their weapon, somebody is going to die, period..”

And that is why you fail at seeing any facts about this case.

An officer will draw his weapon ONLY to preserve his life, or another life, or to stop a threat of physical harm. 99 times out of a hundred, the police will NOT shoot anybody, despite drawing their weapon.

If you think it would be better for the police and bad guys to roll around the street, fighting each other for control of a weapon….you think like a 5th grader.

It’s not the officers job to EQUAL a threat, but to DOMINATE the threat, and end the threat to life and limb. That way, everyone not breaking the law gets to go home.

Facts and reality elude you typical ignorant leftists. Get some small amount of police tactics and training, then come back here and insist you are still right.

Better yet. Get mugged, and complain the cops weren’t there to save you.


Perhaps I did not make my remark about a weapon being drawn by a law enforcement officer clear enough: When a police officer draws their firearm out of the holster, they have decided that they are in imminent danger, and that they may have to fire their weapon- once the decision to fire has been made, it is a decision to end someone’s life, period. It may be, in their mind, a decision to “stop” a grave attack on them, but the firearm training is clear; when firing the weapon, the focus is on “center mass” targets, with the goal being to stop the suspect, and the stopping of the suspect will usually result in the suspect dying. I don’t think that any officer would ever make that decision lightly, and most of them probably have some regrets afterwards, but drawing the weapon means you are ready to shoot, if needed.

Your remarks about my remark are well founded, with the exception that I am not seeing any facts about the case. Officer Wilson did not exhibit good police procedure when he attempted “drive-by policing”; he should have stopped his vehicle and gotten out, he should have had his baton, pepper spray and taser all handy to use, in addition to his firearm, and if he felt that he was at a disadvantage in facing the suspects, he should have called for backup. He had no knowledge that the suspect had just committed a strong-arm robbery; all of this information leads to the conclusion by many, myself included, that confrontation did not have to escalate in the manner it did, and most of that could have been avoided by Officer Wilson responding in a different manner than he did. Once the suspect reached in the vehicle and attempted to punch the officer and even reach for his weapon the officer was fully justified in responding with deadly force; and then again, once the suspect had withdrawn, the officer should have driven away to get back up; the result could have been a suspect under arrest instead of dead on the ground.

And I have had an attempted mugging on my person before, and my Aikido training allowed me to defend myself very well.


Aaaaaaand…you’re still wrong about the FACTS.

Wilson saw two idiots walking down the middle of the street. He did NOT seek them out beforehand, but was simply driving his patrol, thus had no idea they were in fact complete idiots (or very recent criminals)….until he asked them to get out of the street…you know, so they won’t be in danger from cars in the streets, seeing as that is what cops do, you know, protect people.

At that point, one of them (possibly both), told him to fuck off, or some other kindly comment about his excellent policing of a bad neighborhood, which initiated the contact. Wilson back his vehicle up to block their progress….just like ANY cop in ANY city confronting ANY body walking in the street that just told him/her to fuck off….and BEFORE Wilson was even able to get out of his vehicle (see where you got your facts wrong yet?), Brown slams the car door shut on Wilson, and reaches INSIDE the vehicle to begin the physical assault. During this assault, Wilson quickly determines that Brown is attempting to gain control of his duty weapon (catching up with facts yet, Bob?). Wilson is able, beneath more than a few poorly aimed blows to his face, to gain access to his handgun, and fire at least two rounds to STOP THE ONGOING ASSAULT (more pesky facts there). One round strikes Brown in the hand, sending blood and tissue throughout the drivers side interior of the vehicle…that Wilson never had the chance to exit in order to ask the very large pissed off man to kindly step to the sidewalk in order to be safe a secure, nor gather a myriad of tools and components in order to better assess the behavioral aspects of Browns mostly crude upbringing …

Brown, now in pain, recoils from the vehicle without apologizing to Wilson for getting his car all yucky with blood and tissue. Wilson is NOW, FINALLY, AT LAST able to exit his vehicle to confront the TWO idiots who are still in the street. But brown decides he’s not through proving how much of an idiot he is, and charges the cop who has his weapon out and at the ready, because, you know, there are still TWO idiots on the street. Wilson, likely knowing from his training that an adrenaline pumped person can close a fair distance with amazing rapidity, brings his weapon to bear, announcing loudly (more eye witness facts…jack) to Brown to STOP!! STOP!! But, as we all know from the FACTS, that Brown does not, and is quickly approaching Wilson in a football like running crouch, giving Wilson no other remedy for the coming impact….than to fire at Brown, hitting him enough times for Brown to fall forward and take the last two shots to his face and head….because Forensics FACTS tell us that is exactly how Brown was positioned.

So, Bob, you can check my FACTS against the reality of every investigation, including the concluded FEDERAL one that concurs with ALL the others, that Brown attacked Wilson, and died being an idiot.

And that’s a fact.


I don’t think the officer in Ferguson had time to try anything else, and the officer in NY wasn’t trying to use “deadly force”.


See my comment to Messkit above about the incident in Ferguson; as to the officer in NY not using “deadly force”- yeah, he did not use a firearm, but he did not apparently have any real skills in subduing a suspect, otherwise he would not have had to resort to a prohibited hold by wrapping his arm around the neck of the suspect.

Anyone, large or small, on drugs or not, can be controlled by an individual who has had the proper training. If you want to see an agency that has taken some cues from a few marital arts trainers, research how the Secret Service now trains their officers; they have incorporated moves from Aikido and Ju-Jitsu and have increased their effectiveness at protection and being able to subdue without the use of deadly force.


Wasn’t Obama supposed to end race problems with his hope and change, and unite us all with his leadership? And how come the US a “racist society” and still elected a black president-how is this possible? Are we better off now than 8 years ago with being a “racist society”? And is Al Sharpton drumming up the beat of racism for the good of blacks while, according to the internet, making $20 million dollars? And has been Jesse Jackson shaking down (ie extorting) businesses of millions of dollars in “donations” with threats of boycotting them for years? This is big business for newspapers and certain members of the black caucus.


Go to YouTube and look up Chris Rocks’s “How to NOT get beat by the police”. Oldie but goodie that applies more than ever today.


Here’s the Chris Rock video:


Has anyone noticed that rioting and looting takes place every 5 years or so? We could stretch that out a bit if they would only come out with new TVs every 10 years.


True, but bottles of Wild Turkey and Jack Daniels are always in season.


I think a lot a problems started when females and emasculated males began joining law enforcement agencies. These changes, coupled with the advent of corrosive PC laws has made things a lot more dangerous for citizens coming in contact with law enforcement officers.

Back in the day, cops were tough! I don’t think Michael Brown would have dared treat a cop as he did. Had he tried, I think the cop would have gotten out of his car and likely ended-up sapping Brown was a blackjack. Brown would likely have ended up with a shattered shoulder or arm but it would no doubt have taken the fight out of him.

I don’t think Eric Garner would have continued to sell lucies after the first or second encounter with a cop. 31 arrests? It would have never happened. After getting beaten with a truncheon or rubber hose in an alley for the first time, Garner would have lost some weight and gotten a real job.

With females and girlyboys on the job today, plus the desire to make things “safer”, we have cops who garner little respect because they often act arrogant and rude, not to mention tentative and afraid. They rely too much on (and supposedly safer) tasers, pepper spray, the swarm technique and their firearms. The result and been fewer beat-up perps and more dead perps.


SamLouis has this right! A lot of you PC types won’t like it or agree but it sums it up correct.



SamLouis for president!

the guy paso

Wow, around .07% of the city and a full .011% of the county population participated. By all means, this is big news.


Stop the race baiting!