Ferrara slams… well, almost everyone

December 4, 2014
Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Stringing together a heated litany of complaints and accusations, Arroyo Grande’s dethroned mayor Tony Ferrara launched a lengthy and emotional attack Thursday against the city’s police department and those who worked for his defeat.

Ferrara was bounced from his job — and from the prestigious presidency of the League of California League — Nov. 4 following a vigorous, brief, but successful write-in campaign by Jim Hill.

In his commentary in the local daily newspaper, Ferrara lists a number of things that irritated him about his losing campaign.

Among his myriad comments: “I could continue to feel short-changed that my opponent chose to hide behind an aggressive and well-planned propaganda machine and not engage me in a conventional campaign,” he wrote.

“I could opine that things might have turned out differently if my opponent and I could have openly, publicly debated the issues and through that process, afforded me the opportunity to challenge the mountain of misinformation promoted by a vicious, destructive and unethical social and fringe media campaign — a campaign launched in part by a police union that substituted greed and intimidation for the honor of wearing their badge.”

Ferrara has promised to stay involved in community issues.


Because nothing says conventional campaign better than hiding a sex scandal.


“I could continue to feel short-changed that my opponent chose to hide behind an aggressive and well-planned propaganda machine and not engage me in a conventional campaign,”

I guess standing on street corners on Saturdays holding “Honk for Hill” signs is considered aggressive and propaganda.

Tony write this sh#t to make himself look good.

Poor Caren Ray… he should have never brought her into this. Dumb A$$.


It seemed like everywhere I went for awhile I’d run into Jim Hill (Francisco’s Restaurant most recently). I sent a note to him & got a quick unpolished reply. Why is it I’ve still never seen the X mayor face except in newspapers? Poor bully loser.


Tony has his facts wrong (again). Timelines tell the truth.

The terms of the AGPOA’s MOU were agreed upon, voted on and approved by the POA’s 30 members on Sept. 15. That put that matter to bed.

The very next vote made by the membership was a vote of ‘No Confidence’ in Mr. Adams and the next, another vote of ‘No Confidence’ in Mayor Tony Ferrara.

The AGPOA”s letter of Sept.17 was sent to the Arroyo Grande City Council reflecting the POA had no confidence in their leaders. — That would be you Tony.

– See more at: http://calcoastnews.com/2014/09/ag-officer-raises-pale-comparison-adams/#sthash.0zJdmAnc.dpuf



If you honestly want to know why you were defeated—walk the streets of AG.

Listen to the residents who think you’re a bully, or were simply in office too long.

Listen to the people who are sick and tired of hearing about your dealings

with John Wallace, and Nick Tompkins to mention a couple.

Listen to business owners as they tell their stories about being threatened by you–

YES, threatened BY YOU!

Listen to why people were not in favor of you having a Charter City.

Stop crying about what you think did you in Tony, because YOU did yourself in.

And now would be a really good time to stop blaming others,

and leave while some folks still have some nice things to say about you.


Wow! Perfectly stated.

Mr. Former Mayor

“Self awareness is key”

You know damn well the police did nothing. Most of the officers do not even live in AG and were unable to VOTE against you.

And those that did live in AG, did not campaign and were total professionals all the while you were disparaging them.

Shame on you for talking about your employees in that manner.

You never smile, laugh, or say nice things. You are no fun to be around.

Your arrogance has no bounds.

Stop blaming others because you did not run a campaign.

You are the only one to blame….


Your bullying tactics will no longer work, Mr. EX Mayor. As part of the very well run Elect Jim Hill campaign, I can tell you we followed all rules and worked very hard to get the word out. YOU never asked for a debate, and by the time the “incident” was disclosed it was after the arranged public debates. Mr. Hill was not even a candidate at that point. Knowing he missed the opportunity to publically debate, and to get his perspective out, he wrote a few opinion articles that were published in both the Tribune, Coast News and CCN.

I am sure he would have loved to faced you with the public. He is a calm, fair speaker and would have run circles around your rhetoric.

Jim will listen to the people, and not tell them their opinion is CRAP. You had been elected by the people, and it was your responsibility to listen to ALL, which you had a very difficult time doing.

Your ego was so large that you never dreamed you’d lose to a write in. Call it what you want, but I can tell you no propaganda was spread. It was the truth that made you lose.

Jim Hill was elegant and humble the first time he took the seat as Mayor of AG. We welcome this new attitude of representing the people. It is time for AG to heal and move on.

Power to the people!


My apologies Stakeholder. I tried to hit the like button but my fat thumb hit dislike by mistake on my cell phone. Grrr.


Jim Hill repeatedly laid out his positions on city matters in Opinion Pieces available on CCN; the Tribune failed to print most of them. The Tribune chose not to acknowledge the brewing change in political wind in the South County. Spending their energy backing the old guard at AG City hall and the Ray campaign where they ended up on the wrong side of things.

Arroyo Grande and the 4th District is conservative; perhaps the voters there aren’t willing to put up with city staff’s late night trysts, a Mayor’s Match.com profile that demeans women, a Supervisor who cries wolf when a BB hole is discovered in a window of her home near a creek — where kids are known to shoot BB guns. The same Supervisor who shoots off her mouth — taking credit for things she hasn’t done, resulting in shooting herself in the foot.

Voters in District 4 ousted both a prominent Mayor and an appointed Supervisor for two candidates who recently graduated from law school and got their Juris Doctorate’s. Voters clearly recognized that Jim Hill and Lynn Compton are smart people, willing to challenge the status quo, listen to the public and respect the power of each voter.

At last nights San Dist meeting Hill’s first action was to ask that a forensic audit be put on the January agenda, Mayor Shoal’s agreed, there is real change in the wind.


A forensic audit may be he first positive step towards recovery. We’ll see.


Let’s hope Shoal’s doesn’t change his mind.


Gotta get Guerrero onboard.

He doesn’t want to rock the boat, got that future judgeship to consider.


Oh yeah! Audits all the way around please!


He could go away and just be quiet too but…


Tony Ferrara — the mouth that roared.


Sour grapes for balls.

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