Ferrara slams… well, almost everyone

December 4, 2014
Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Stringing together a heated litany of complaints and accusations, Arroyo Grande’s dethroned mayor Tony Ferrara launched a lengthy and emotional attack Thursday against the city’s police department and those who worked for his defeat.

Ferrara was bounced from his job — and from the prestigious presidency of the League of California League — Nov. 4 following a vigorous, brief, but successful write-in campaign by Jim Hill.

In his commentary in the local daily newspaper, Ferrara lists a number of things that irritated him about his losing campaign.

Among his myriad comments: “I could continue to feel short-changed that my opponent chose to hide behind an aggressive and well-planned propaganda machine and not engage me in a conventional campaign,” he wrote.

“I could opine that things might have turned out differently if my opponent and I could have openly, publicly debated the issues and through that process, afforded me the opportunity to challenge the mountain of misinformation promoted by a vicious, destructive and unethical social and fringe media campaign — a campaign launched in part by a police union that substituted greed and intimidation for the honor of wearing their badge.”

Ferrara has promised to stay involved in community issues.


Good Riddance.


One thing is for sure,

If the Princess keeps her little wagon hitched to Tony

it will only make recalling her that much easier!


It seems what he still fails to grasp is that it wasn’t his “opponent” Jim Hill that created this movement. It was the electorate.


So true!

The electorate sought Jim out, he answered the call.

A majority of the voters simply wanted an option,

we are thankful for Jim stepping up, being willing and our alternative.

Monday’s meeting was such a wonderful change from the past few months.

Loved the spirit of celebration. Everyone except Barneich seemed to enjoy themselves.

During the swearing in oath she chose to rifle through papers rather than paying attention.

No doubt she will call this multi tasking, most call it rude.


Oh, I think Ferrara gets the concept of the voters drop-kicking him like yesterday’s meat-loaf.

That is why Ferrara is so furious. The voters of AG–who Ferrara has screwed over whenever he can–in the end, were powerful enough to send Ferrara packing down the road.


Number 1 reason voters wrote in Jim Hill

Tony Ferrara


Precisely Put Surferdude !


Maybe the kind citizens of AR should gather donations to buy Tony a dictionary, so he

can find out that class is spelled c-l-a-s-s; not ‘up yours’.

He probably did some good things for AR during his time in office, but he allowed his

ego, his “I’m better than you” attitude, and his desire to protect those who have served

him like the master he believes he is; to dictate how he made the decisions he made.

And that, in simple terms, is why he is a x-mayor today. Until he comes to terms with that

and accepts that he, and he alone, brought all of this on himself – he will never be a true

man. And much of what he helped accomplish will always be ‘colored’ and diminished by his actions and decisions over the past 6 months and will be part of his legacy.

All in all; just another example of a politician who gets to the point of believing he is

invincible, is always right, and can do no wrong – gets the “big head” and does something

like this and has to suffer the consequences.

Maybe the idea of even tighter terms of office would not be a bad thing!!


QUOTING PASO CITIZEN: “Maybe the kind citizens of AR should gather donations to buy Tony a dictionary, so he can find out that class is spelled c-l-a-s-s; not ‘up yours’.”


I totally love this comment!

However, the problem with buying Ferrara a dictionary so he could learn how to spell “class” is this: he would just pitch a fit and claim the dictionary was wrong and obviously out to get him.

fishing village

I agree,

this was a frenzy of attacks on the mayor, manager, people who didn’t need to be smeared. I’m glad to be able to read Exmayor Farrarra’s side. I don’t live in AG, so will limit my comments here.


Sorry fishingvillage, the smear and attacks

are in the New Times today, written by the EX-Mayor.



(EX) Mayor only jerking o??


OMG, he is NUTS. I am starting to get concerned. Really.


In previous print media, even the Ferrara supporters said he had a “strong personality”

That was a nice way to say “B-U-L-L-Y”

There was no convincing the voter. We just had to provide Tony with that “Raised platform” for Tony to spew his lame excuses for Adams behavor, the tree removal, and then the constant attacks of the police.

NO.. There is no PARTICIPANT TROPHY for you Ferrara.


Reading Tony’s comments and criticism

of what clearly blind-sided him during the election

is very similar to sitting through one of his lectures from the dais.

His recent encounter with the overwhelming tree quickly comes to mind…

It’s becoming more and more difficult to take this man seriously.

We can’t underestimate his desire for power–he has every intention

of making things difficult for Jim Hill.

I’m sure no one foresaw just how badly Tony would handle the loss.

Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of what he plans to do for the next two years.


YES, just like I have been saying. We must recall at least KB and Brown, and bring in new legal counsel.

Clearly, Ferrara is going to continue to use his two lap-dog publishers (Tribune, NTimes) to manipulate reality, just like he is using KB, Brown and Guthrie to do his bidding.

Ferrara’s increasing animosity towards Hill and the voters who voted Ferrara out of office, to the point where he concocts such bizarre lies to support his position, is worrisome.

The quicker we get rid of the city council members who will continue to do Ferrara’s bidding, the sooner our new mayor, Jim Hill, can start clearing up the putrid mess Ferrara left behind.



I really enjoy your posts, but Brown is pulling away. Please give him credit for telling the truth. He needs our support . KB is in her Daddy complex phase so she will continue to listen to Ferrara. I’m guessing her husband is done with all of it ,

How ’bout Guthrie. What’s your take? Can he be independent?


Are you kidding me? Neither Guthrie or Brown can be independent and they cannot be trusted.

Remember, Brown and Guthrie concocted and approved the scope of the second “investigation” and then both voted to accept the bogus findings. This was at a time when it was quite clear to everyone with one ear that AG residents were FURIOUS with Ferrara and his city council, and their bogus “investigations.”

In addition, up to the time when it became clear it was over for Ferrara, Brown (and sometimes Guthrie) was still a horse’s patoot, and very demeaning to the AG residents who went out of their way to attend the city council meetings, sometimes even when Ferrara and the rest of the city council conspired to make it very difficult to do.

Then there is also the deal about wadding up the Brown Act and using it for toiletpaper, which Ferrara and the rest of the bunch did on a regular basis….something NO ONE on the city council said a word about.

My question to you is what makes you think you can trust either Guthrie or Brown? Tony would not have become the egomaniac he is without having the city council playing simpering little handmaidens to every one of Ferrara’s evil machinations.


Tony…turn up the volume!

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We shouldn’t be surprised by Ferrera’s public reaction, words and outburst from

the past few months. Truth be told, Ferrera is responding like any other self-absorb

narcissist who clearly cannot see reality of his actions and behavior. Has someone

contacted the local sheriff of PD in regards to concern or fear of safety with

Ferrera’s tantrum antics? He’s scaring me more than Otis minor outbursts at a

city meeting. You remember Otis. He’s the older, distinguished, well-spoken,

educated gentleman that actually apologized for his few words of frustration.

Its simple ” you can’t polish a turd” and Ferrera has shown he’s a large one.

Good bye Ferrera, Good bye Adams don’t let the door slam you on the backside

on your way out. The best of luck and patience to Jim Hill and Barbara Harmon as

they start their city council duties with the City of Arroyo Grande and the road

of repairing and healing the community.


I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!!