Ferrara slams… well, almost everyone

December 4, 2014
Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Ex-mayor Tony Ferrara

Stringing together a heated litany of complaints and accusations, Arroyo Grande’s dethroned mayor Tony Ferrara launched a lengthy and emotional attack Thursday against the city’s police department and those who worked for his defeat.

Ferrara was bounced from his job — and from the prestigious presidency of the League of California League — Nov. 4 following a vigorous, brief, but successful write-in campaign by Jim Hill.

In his commentary in the local daily newspaper, Ferrara lists a number of things that irritated him about his losing campaign.

Among his myriad comments: “I could continue to feel short-changed that my opponent chose to hide behind an aggressive and well-planned propaganda machine and not engage me in a conventional campaign,” he wrote.

“I could opine that things might have turned out differently if my opponent and I could have openly, publicly debated the issues and through that process, afforded me the opportunity to challenge the mountain of misinformation promoted by a vicious, destructive and unethical social and fringe media campaign — a campaign launched in part by a police union that substituted greed and intimidation for the honor of wearing their badge.”

Ferrara has promised to stay involved in community issues.

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Did this asinine (Tony Ferrara) really provide the world with a true glimpse inside the delusional mind of his ? Not ONE of his accusations towards the countless people/groups he blames for his demise is true..NOT ONE. I really think he needs his head examined and his hearing and vision checked because he is the only person, along with the guilty he protects and the Sheeple who hang on their masters every word that do.

I have not seen one police report against ANYONE alleging threats, public disruptions, or the like. If what Ferrara and Barnich say is true, why no crime report ? I know why…Cause it NEVER HAPPENED ! The only violations of law against these individuals, the City Council, City Staff or anyone else during these “turbulent times” have been figments of your own imagination, that somehow gets automatic credibility because it came from your LYING MOUTH ! If it’s true…Put up, or shut up…be careful that you tell the truth when you start naming names and that you have proof, something you never seem to have, NO EVIDENCE circumstantial or FACTUAL. Unlike what the Citizens who started to question YOUR ETHICS and BUSINESS had.

Evidence…hmmm, Ferrara and Staff have done there best to keep information hidden from the public. I can understand an error or two, but for every item requested ? First it was the missing, later found, but not all video tape (funny how it was only the hours in question were what was malfunctioning). Then there is the request for public records not being made available, or it was “personnel” related, therefore protected. Then there was the numerous “closed session” discussions and decisions that the public was left unaware of until the disclosure came out on CCN on Aug 19. How about the self incriminating statements made by Tim Carmel to Tim Brown about communications and actions about Adams and McClish that were kept from the ears of the rest of the council. What irritates me, is that statement (big piece of relevant information) by Tim Brown was made AFTER the closed session, AND the presentation. Then in the next Council Meeting when Tony Ferrara decided to show up ? Ferrara DENIED the allegation, basically calling Attorney Carmel and Tim Brown liars, on top of acting like a petulant spoiled Baby and resigning instead of being a Man and dealing with the situation in a professional manner ! Again, herein lies the problem…WHY didn’t anyone stand up to Ferrara at that time and confront the Ogre ? Where is everyone’s integrity ? He still needed a majority, we know he had a Puppet in Kristen Barnich, who else ?

I do not give Tony Ferrara or Steve Adams, any credit for any good they may have done especially when it was probably done by dupe and con to accomplish their own agenda all along. I DO NOT THANK TONY FERRARA OR STEVE ADAMS FOR ANYTHING !! That would be like thanking your Rapist for a wonderful evening. Bad Acts Can and Do outweigh the good. That’s why people get punished…

Evidence…Yup, those people who Ferrara accuses of this political upheaval and turmoil and have used their FIRST AMMENDMENT RIGHTs have spoken up, and provided it, a lot of evidence. We may not have Adams and McClish in the “buff” doing it, which was the level of proof the City Council was requiring in order prove the “romantic indiscretion”. I find this the most expected outcome since it’s what Ferrara and City Council wanted and supported all along. What is most incredulous with that legal standard the Council maintains is the fact that a CRIMINAL COURT requires a less stringent standard (How many rape cases do you think are tried with only factual or substantive evidence?) What a waste of money. The Conflict of Interest at every corner regarding this investigation and many other City matters is immense, but somehow everyone else who doesn’t go along with the incestuous plans are blamed for not wanting to take their word for it, and disrupting life and City Business as they all knew it…CORRUPTION has started to really begin to bubble to the surface…I want the City of Arroyo Grande to return to what it was prior to the Ferrara Infestation which seemed to encourage secrecy and deceit.

I think our new mayor, Jim Hill, is big on evidence, which is why one of the first things he is going to do at the Sanitation District is to request a forensic audit of the Sanitation District, and he apparently has the votes for it, too.

Yes Mary, undoubtedly Jim’s law degree will come in handy.

Would be willing to bet the farm Jim Hill knows

the first amendment allows for citizens to express their political preference

by standing peacefully on a street corner,

unlike Ferrara who wanted the police to remove the sign holders

under the bogus guise of his city sign ordinance.

Nice try Tony, but we were one step ahead of you,

and had prior approval for the corner sign campaign,

even though we didn’t need it to begin with.

That’s not a well-planned propaganda machine,

it’s creative, strategic, effective and LEGAL grassroots campaigning.

In other words: “The people have spoken, and now they must be punished”.

Tony, what size straight jacket would fit you best? I was thinking the “Institution” model would be most suitable.

Oh, why skimp? Let’s go for the full Hannibal Lecter model.

As the character Ripley (“Aliens”) said…”its the only way to be sure.”

Sure hope Dave, the “fringemaster”.Congalton

has a copy of the Trib and New Times in his hands before his show today.

This, I gotta hear!

Here is my post to the Tribune article:


Blah-blah-blah-blah. For heaven’s sake, why does the Tribune keep giving the ex-mayor free space to spew his bile? Honestly, he is like an old piece of gum stuck on a shoe.

The voters have spoken: Ferrara is irrelevant to running our city. The voters spoke for transparency and accountability, something Ferrara has diligently worked to thwart.

The voters of AG have sent Ferrara a very clear message, and we are trying to move on from the kind of abuse of power and harassment we suffered under Ferrara’s crony-centered rule.

It is time for Ferrara to move on, too.

The Tribune–if it wants to become relevant as a local newspaper–needs to stop giving giving free press space for has-beens like Ferrara and Ferrara’s handmaiden, ex-City Manager Steve Adams, to continue to try to manipulate local politics to suit their whim.

I can understand why an egomaniac like Ferrara just doesn’t get the in-your-face message delivered by AG’s voters…that is how egomaniacs are.

However, the Tribune does nobody (except washed-up has-beens like Ferrara) any good in encouraging him in his sad attempts to remain relevant in local politics.


Oh but Mary

Please see the New Times.

It even gets better.

Yeah, I saw that one, too.

Seems like he is trying to make sure as many people as possible know what a poor-loser nutball he is.

Funny how the “small band of malcontents” that the ousted mayor referred to regularly has now been transformed into a

“well organized attack campaign” ( the LA Times)

or an “aggressive and well planned propaganda machine” (the Tribune)

How ironic!

In Tony’s mind only a small fringe group would initially consider opposing him,

But a vicious well organized campaign is to blame for unseating him.

What a difference a few weeks and an election defeat makes.

QUOTING AGAG1: “What a difference a few weeks and an election defeat makes.”


Well,you know what they say..”No rest for the wicked.”

LOL. If a “small band of malcontents” was enough to vote in a new mayor, ousting Ferrara, then that doesn’t speak too well for Ferrara’s standing with the voters of AG and relevance to what we want to see for the future for our city.

Why O why can’t we do this with Gibson and A. Hill,just dump the e two so we can also move forward.

Well, for awhile Adam Hill had great Ferrara potential…I mean, he coulda been a contender.

But he has been muzzled for awhile now. Lucky for him, Ferrara is more than willing to take up the nincompoop scepter and run with it.

Sometimes people commenting here forget that it wasn’t just the coverup of the Adams affair and the blaming of the cops and opposition that led to Tony’s defeat. That was just “the straw (log?) that broke the camel’s back.” He had been alienating people with other actions before this — his bullying of businesses his supervisorial failure (or worse?) with the Sanitation District.

Hill and Gibson, despite their arrogance and cronyism, actually do represent the political viewpoints of large segments of the voters in their districts. If they can keep their personality defects low-profile and don’t get exposed for major scandals, it may be difficult to get them removed. That doesn’t mean no one should try but don’t under-estimate what it will take to accomplish an overthrow and plan on spending lots of time, effort and money to achieve it.

Similar to our “waste of skin” Supervisor Hill, King Tony just can’t seem to keep from running his mouth.

During every “session” of the King, he continues to show who, and more importantly what, he really is.

The people have spoken and we’re tired of “taking this crap” – hit the road dude.

He’s going to stay around as long as he has a free print platform, like the Tribune, to launch his poor-loser bile.

When you are narcissistic you never think it is your fault.

Like agag1 stated, go talk to the merchants, residents ect… They don’t forget how they were treated no matter when you pulled one over on them.

We knew Tony was not going to take this sitting down and he is not. He is standing up stomping his feet,waving his arms and screaming like a child.

If the chief of police was so bad why did you not replace him? If Steve and Teresa did nothing wrong why did the city atty have to “chat” with them prior to the July 3rd incident? Why do you say Jim did not sit down and have a debate with you, did you ask him? NO!

We did not ruin anyone’s political career, we might be guilty of letting you stay in office to long and allow the culture you created to continue, but “you people” did this to yourselves, we called you on it.

Wonder what the FPPC will have to say about some of the actions Tony did while the Jim Hill campaign was going on.

Is there a level above narcissistic?

It appears the definition of a narcissist just doesn’t quite seem to cover it at this point.

I’ve always thought of sociopaths as narcissists on steroids.

Oh there probably is, but just like ‘selfies’ it takes Webster a while to get it accepted as a new word.

Ferracissistic, I think that may be the word you are looking for.

Anyone else find it ironic that Kristen barneich has YET to congratulate the new mayor?

So much for being skilled in social skills.

Tuesday night ought to be interesting with her, her mouth will be moving and it will be Tony’s words coming out.

OMG dog, Ferracissistic!

You’ve been savin’ up for that one, way to go!

One thing Tony said in his latest rant that stood out was…

“Standing on a raised podium and addressing thousands of people”

Not just addressing thousands of people, but on a RAISED podium.