Man attempts to rape teen in downtown SLO

December 31, 2014

manuelA teen was shopping in downtown San Luis Obispo on Monday with her family when a man trapped her inside a public restroom, sexually assaulted her and tried to rape her.

At about 4:30 p.m., the Southern California teen, who had been separated from her family, asked Manuel Reyes Luevano, 48, for directions. Luevano then forced the teen into the public restroom aside the parking structure on Morro Street and locked the door.

While in the bathroom, Luevano sexually assaulted the out of town shopper for several minutes before she was able to push him away and escape. The teen provided police officers with a detailed description of her assailant and his belongings.

On Dec. 30, police arrested Luevano after finding him in the same area as the alleged sexual assault. Officers then booked Luevano into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on attempted rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and false imprisonment charges.

The victim positively identified Luevano as her attacker.

Luevano is also facing charges of forced oral copulation and molesting a child under 18-years-old. His bail has been set at $100,000.


What nationality is Manuel?


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Something about this story does not pass the smell test. For one, assailants like this usually target victims who are not with other people, are intoxicated, or other factors that make them vulnerable. Secondly, as someone else pointed out, the door to those bathrooms cannot be locked. Third, from the picture, it doubtful that a young girl would have been able to fight her way to safety from him. And finally, if you are being attacked in public and yell, wouldn’t other people immediately come to your aid? It seems odd that she escaped and, without anyone else having been alerted and taking this guy down until police could get there, then went to report the incident to police.

Of course I don’t have all the details, and the devil is always in the details, but I encourage more thorough reporting on things like this because it can influence how the public perceives things a great deal. Personally, this story leaves me with more questions than conclusions.



Good points, many jump the guns on a teen little girl when they cry that a heinous sexual crime been committed on them (myself included).

I know there has been circumstances in the past where persons have been falsely imprisoned (many many documented) where a “helpless appearing” (spoiled and know how to use, or including foster/ delinquent girls who know how to use the system that I have seen) little girl (in some cases a whore) would timely use a circumstance to bail themselves either out of a a problem or into a more comfortable status.

Even though my father of a young daughter protective instinct was triggered, I believe you because I have seen much in this world that tells me to sometimes reserve judgement which is hard to do when the news report this story in the way it does.

You are correct.

Kevin Rice

Information disclosed to the public is always lacking detail in order to build the prosecution case. What you read will always have holes and cannot be relied upon to form am opinion. The court is the only proper venue for presenting a case. A man could really block a door, and given the forced copulation charge, I’d suspect the crime was very heinous prior to any escape. The female was purportedly separated from her group.