Man killed fleeing from police

January 1, 2015

chpA 20-year-old Santa Maria man was killed after he was hit by several vehicles on Highway 101 near the Santa Maria River Bridge while trying to flee from California Highway Patrol officers on Wednesday evening.

Shortly before 10:30 p.m., the man was driving on Betteravia Road when a police officer attempted to pull him over. He then entered Highway 101 head north at times reaching speeds of 100 mph.

The driver then attempted to take the Broadway off ramp, but crashed into a fence.

Following the crash, the driver fled his vehicle and ran across the highway where he was struck by at least three southbound vehicles. The California Highway Patrol has not yet released the name of the man who was killed.


Good. Save the taxpayer some money. Those who struck and killed him are heros.


another person who has been protected and served by our police state……….


Yeah but on this one I gotta say that he really managed to do it without a great deal of assistance from them.


NO…Here is another example of a person evading and avoiding personal responsibility by failing to yield to a LEO. The victim, and ONLY the victim is responsible for his death.

To think otherwise is a failure to understand/acknowledge the concept of personal responsibility as a virtue.


Yielding to a LEO ?

Just wait your turn. You will get it.

Personal responsibility up against personal survival.

How will you react?

Not to be snarky here, but my old granddad gave me some personal advice.

He was one of the first motorcycle cops in the nation …and he told me, NEVER argue with a cop. They have a gun.

SO, when stopped by police, I am most UN- belligerent. I turn into the John Candy, most obsequious, over-friendly, best-friend-you-don’t-want -to -know personage ever.

I’m so cloying and sweetly obnoxious, that all these ordinary cops want to do is to get rid of me as soon as possible. Which they do.


What a terrible incident to end the year.

A 20 year old is dead …It doesn’t matter who he was or where he’s ‘from’. Somebody loved him. He made a mistake fleeing, yes; but he paid for it with his life.


Terrible for the cops to witness this, but there should never have been a high-speed chase. Without extenuating conditions of other crimes ( bank robbery, murder, et al ), these ‘super cop’ chases puts more people at risk …including the lives of the cops.

Terrible for the unwary motorists that struck the fellow on the highway. I’m sure that it added to their holiday cheer.


This guy ran a red light and when the Santa Maria police tried to pull him over, he wouldn’t yield. They followed him onto 101 and when speeds reached 80 mph, the chase was called off and the CHP was notified of the speeding car. The SM police were on their way to his residence when the crash happened. –from the Santa Maria Times.


Well, that makes more sense.



Why do people always say, “it was just a mistake, we all make mistakes”? B.S.! It was a conscious decison and it got the fool killed. Good riddance!


Oh, baloney. The cops did their job. Crimes have consequences.


The police obviously need to stop bothering criminals, just let them go.


Like has been done with the bankster’s that have scrubbed the records for their thefts in the TRILLIONS ?

They BLEW it, then got bailed out by Bush and a complicit Republican Congress, followed up by Rubin, Geithner, OBAMA, and Holder.

They’re ALL to blame, because they are puppets of Wall Street.

You conservatives have to realize that we’re all on the same side of the boat: UNDERWATER….and they’ll let us all die quietly, and snap up whatever remains for profit.


Only conservatives need to realize this? You truly do short-change yourself on so many occasions.


Stay on subject…sheeesh!


LOL. Just like in Ferguson, right?


Disrespectful and rude comment. A human life was lost no matter what the person’s legal resident status or previous history was. This was someone’s son, brother, husband, father, etc.


Yea, he was just a dreamer on the way to free college. The Po Lice were probably just harassing him, gah…


Not as rude and disrespectful as his actions.


Granny, No. This was a criminal.

Extremely Stoic

Will they ship him back to his home country or bury him here?


what country is santa maria within- for fifty alex


You know what would be a rather stunning turn to your typical American comment is if he was a Mexican national and his ancestors were from the area around Santa Maria but moved south when the United States invaded and took over this area. Rather idiotic how people complain about Mexicans in the land we stole from them.


And, that they stole from the natives.

Ah well, the invaders got tobacco and venereal disease for land in the bargain; so I guess that’s kind of an even trade.

Nationalism is the enemy.


You hit the nail on the head sir, nationalism is the enemy and patriotism is its battle cry.


Don’t go there mkaney! Don’t frickin’ go there!!!! Remember, ALWAYS REMEMBER!!! Ignorance is bliss… Even though none of us bare any responsibility for the “Manifest Destiny” doctrine that very narrowly missed complete genocide on our aboriginal peoples and a not taught fact in American History K-12 Classes?!! Welllllll, we are all a product of it!. And if that God lets those down who first believed? Wellllll, then the other god they worship, Gread, steps right in to more then fill the void…. Not even 300 years of history, no culture (other than a corporate one) and the complete disdain we have for those with cultures that can date back thousand’s of years????!!!!!! Well, what would a little attempted genocide and grand theft land on a “THE REAL GRAND SCALE” mean? Nada!

I’d love to see us all under go genealogical DNA testing… Some would probably jump off the roof if they only knew!!!!


Halleluiah…the Great God “GREAD.”

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird.

It’s a plane


Yes, it’s GREAD, strange visitor from another land who came to America with powers and abilities far beyond those of native men. GREAD, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands. And who, disguised as Manifest Destiny, mild-mannered pioneer of a great expanding nation, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.



We didn’t steal their land.

When Mexican insurgents kept raiding towns in Texas, the US finally sent troops to control the carnage. US troops pushed the Mexican raiders and the Mexican army that came to help them all the way back to Mexico City.

In the Mexican surrender, Mexico ceded this land to the US AND the US paid Mexico over ten million dollars (quite a sum in those days).

Besides, the Mexicans took the land from the American Indians living there and paid them nothing.


Quite a mixed historical revision…but not one that I would argue with. It was the Texas invaders that Mexico sought to kick out.

Sam Houston, Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie were all land-grabbers, but so was Santa Anna.

Your last sentence redeems you