Man attempts to rape teen in downtown SLO

December 31, 2014

manuelA teen was shopping in downtown San Luis Obispo on Monday with her family when a man trapped her inside a public restroom, sexually assaulted her and tried to rape her.

At about 4:30 p.m., the Southern California teen, who had been separated from her family, asked Manuel Reyes Luevano, 48, for directions. Luevano then forced the teen into the public restroom aside the parking structure on Morro Street and locked the door.

While in the bathroom, Luevano sexually assaulted the out of town shopper for several minutes before she was able to push him away and escape. The teen provided police officers with a detailed description of her assailant and his belongings.

On Dec. 30, police arrested Luevano after finding him in the same area as the alleged sexual assault. Officers then booked Luevano into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on attempted rape, kidnapping, sexual battery and false imprisonment charges.

The victim positively identified Luevano as her attacker.

Luevano is also facing charges of forced oral copulation and molesting a child under 18-years-old. His bail has been set at $100,000.


Bearspray works best on bums. Stops them in their tracks!


“Bear Spray” is also classified as an insecticide. Carrying it and using it to ward off a human will likely lead to negative legal repercussions for the user. Same for those who choose to carry a can of wasp spray (very effective deterrent as well and $5.00 for a large can that can reach out up to 30′ away) which can cause blindness.

Better to buy a legal (and every bit as effective) pepper spray like UDAP’s World’s Hottest or the like.

Also, I’m not sure why anyone would says “…works best on bums.” Spraying someone with pepper spray in response to panhandling (even aggressive panhandling) is not acceptable and would likely result in an arrest. One’s life/safety needs to be at risk before employing such a measure. It’s not about annoyance or convenience.


Well in the bearspray video the bear is not begging or being aggressive but he still gets hosed and he does skedaddle! I’m just sayin….


Actually, an insecticide is compound designed to kill insects. NO registered insecticide is recognized or approved for use as a bear spray.

Bear spray is considered a repellent.


“Actually” it’s clear you have no idea what you’re talking about, yet you cannot help but pop-off. Bear spray is classed as an “insecticide” by the gov’t and pre-planned (carrying) use on another human is forbidden. It’s no more effective than legal sprays anyway.


Please provide me with a label specimen including the EPA Reg. number that indicates that bear spray is an insecticide.

I await your response.


Make sure your can of spray also doesn’t exceed 2.5 ounces or else you’ll be breaking another ridiculous CA law.


I’m very glad the young lady was able to keep her wits about her and make an escape, and then go the extra mile to provide the police with the assailant’s description. I do hope that her parents can find someone to help her with some sort of counseling to reduce any sort of anxiety she might experience. Good luck to her.

As for the perp; what a piece of human garbage. An act like this beyond reprehensible, and he should now have to bear the stigma of being a child predator and convicted so he will be labeled a registered sex offender, unless he is found to be mentally unbalanced and ends up at Atascadero State Hospital. As much of a bleeding heart liberal as I might be perceived to be, I have no tolerance for sexual assault against anyone, anytime, period. Lock this individual up for a long time ….


The homeless “industry” is alive and well in SLO.


I don’t believe this.


My teen and her friends love to rome downtown SLO, they feel safe.

If it was my daughter, better you find him before I do!

I hate cops from past experience, but I am changing.

Thank you for doing a good job.


Honestly, we shouldn’t have to depend on the police in situations like this. She should have been able to escape, scream Rape! and 10 people should have taken him down and held him until police could arrive.


Welcome to San Luis Obispo, hope you have a wonderful time…


Enjoy the diversity of the changing demographics.


These kinds of creeps are arriving here in droves inn anticipation of the new “state of the art” homeless shelter.

Build it…and they will come.

He should NOT be granted bail.


Oh Pelican, what deceitful garbage you spew! Shame, shame, shame… Want the reality of it? Here ya go….. (ano I agree with you… NO BAIL)

Homeless Coalition –

Preble Beach News –

Bangor Daily News –…/myths-about-the-homeless-p…

National Criminal Justice Reference Service –

I love the Minority Report types. Keeps my head in the game.


Please provide me the real time data that supports your claim that I spew deceitful garbage. Be specific, and cite examples exclusive to SLO.

Include related crime statistics, emergency responses, repeated offenses, arrests, and any events involving transients and homeless in SLO.

I anxious await your response.


You do your own homework my friend… I believe that ignorance can’t be cured solely on the basis of what others teach but rather through an open mind; one that is willing to look broadly for answers without pride or prejudice getting in the way.

Walk the walk before you go judging others, especially those yet to come (if they ever actually do). Or maybe move to Beverly Hills?

I hope like hell they throw the book at this guy once he is convicted!

Happy New Year!


That’s the sort of reply I expected. Unless you can provide facts/statistics to support your erroneous characterization of what I have said, there is no need to continue this discourse.

It is what it is.


GoneBabyGone, you can’t use studies from Northeast Louisiana and Bangor Maine to explain what is happening in SLO. SLO did its own study–maybe you should read it.

Northeast Louisiana is a long time impoverished area. It is rural with few jobs and Louisiana does not offer a lot of homeless services.

Nothing is mentioned about transients moving into the area–because they don’t. The homeless there cite mental illness, drug abuse, domestic violence as the major reasons for homelessness and they include people who stay temporarily with relatives, friends, but have no home of their own.

Bangor Maine has one/third of their homeless coming from other states.

Your ncjrs link doesn’t work.

You can’t just pull up info from other areas and pretend that it applies to SLO.

We need to continue to track why transients are showing up in SLO, and if they are stranded here, we should set up a fund, like Ventura does, to give these people bus tickets home.


okay let’s give homeless people tickets home?


Santa Monica still the home of the homeless?


Actually Santa Monica has gentrified a great deal from the latter 1980’s, early 1990’s. Their tolerance of street people declined as property values rose.


Lene Lovich HOME San Francisco 1990:


P-1: Have you had a bad holiday season? You often provide a needed bit of levity to these comments but here you fail big time.

First, you assume the assailant is homeless. Based on what? An unwillingness to believe that someone “responsible” enough to have a place to live is automatically too good a person to be a perverted rapist. Yes, there is a disproportionate number of troubled people among the homeless but there are also a lot of troubled people in the rest of the population whether you wish to believe it or not.

Offering broad, gut-level “solutions” or ignoring problems doesn’t usually make them go away. This seems to be the simplistic, go-to rant of so many posters on this site. I’ve seen enough of your posts to know that you can do better than that.

Then you link in a new homeless shelter that is probably two or more years from existing as a lure to attract homeless people in general. That may happen after the shelter is built but I suspect that there is already a long enough list of local people in need that there won’t be a sudden surge in the homeless population to fill empty beds.


A person characterized in the media as a “transient” is almost ALWAYS a homeless individual in our somewhat unaffordable town.

Simply building a state of the art homeless facility is nothing more than a band-aid in an attempt to address the REAL problem. But, state of the art makes SLO look good at least on the surface.

How many homeless shelters do you figure exist in Beverly HIlls? None? Why is that?



Good post. Don’t take offense to what GoneBabyGone retorted. Probably Dee Torres or Jim Hill. The 2 making BIG BUCKS off the less fortunate. And we taxpayers.


Your so far off base it’s not worth a retort other than to say your as wrong as your contention of Jim Hill rather than Adam Hill… Oh well, with some? Ignorance is bliss!

Happy New Year All!



You’re right GBG. I meant Adam not Jim. Jim is a really good person.

Never drink Champagne and type!

Happy New Year!!!


‘These kinds of creeps’ have not been and will not be allowed at the shelter. Everyone at the shelter has been checked out as sex offender.


“Locked the door?” One cannot lock the door on “the public restroom aside the parking structure on Morro Street” in SLO.


The last downtown incident (transient punching store clerk) was caused by a mentally disturbed Arizona resident. Where is this guy from?

Is there a transient tourism group promoting San Luis Obispo as a destination location?



Kevin Rice

Pepper spray.

Theo P. Neustic



.45ACP or 10mm.

Theo P. Neustic

Yeah,I agree. I just figured a 9 is easier for teen age girl to hang on to.

Kevin Rice

Not an option for a minor in California.


Thank you! One sane person anyway! Next thing you know the gun lobby will be convincing our representatives to allow kids to tote guns around! Then maybe allowing them to have CWP’s? The Constitution is pretty mute on age limits, right? Scary thought!!!!!

Kevin Rice

20 year old adults are barred from obtaining handguns. They aren’t kids. Yes, I agree the somewhat arbitrary age limits that vary state to state poses an interesting constitutional question. I think, perhaps, exceptions should be made available to certain young people who have specific training, military background, or unique circumstances.


A “child” as young as 18 can have a hand-gun, a machine gun, a TOW missile launcher, etc…

…just join the military.

Kevin Rice

18 is an adult.


The potential penalty for carrying a concealed firearm sans a permit in CA is a misdemeanor for the first offense.

If the price of protecting one’s life or purity is a possible misdemeanor conviction then I would suggest that price is not too high to risk paying.

I personally believe that firearms and pepper spray are complementary defensive weapons that should be carried in tandem.


By kids?


Certainly well-trained teens with a need.


well trained teens … a… ah…..

what could possibly go wrong.

Kevin Rice

Ah, the distrustful pessimistic “liberal”…

Kevin Rice

It’s also a crime to provide a handgun to a person under 21, so there’s more than just the victim involved here, and parents might even lose custody over something like that. Pepper spray would have been adequate in this situation and is a legally available option. I don’t see how a firearm is a good remedy in this case when lesser and legal remedies are available.


How about pruning shears?

Kevin Rice

Novel. Might conflict with edged weapon laws. Ask an attorney.


your idea is unusually cruel


It’s also wrong to have laws which keep some people from access to items for which they have a constitutional right to possess.

It’s absurd to allow 16 and 17 year old drivers, 18 year old voters and 18 year old rifle and shotgun owners while not allowing anyone to own a handgun until they are 21. Arbitrary laws are often dangerous laws.

Age is not the only barrier either. Until CA becomes “shall issue” rather than “may issue” (hopefully in 2015!) with regard to issuing concealed carry licenses, many are refused such licenses based on the individual whims of local law enforcement.

Pepper spray may have made a difference in this case. It also may not have. That’s why I personally recommend that both a firearm and pepper spray be carried in tandem for personal safety.