SLO Council planning student housing removal program

December 3, 2014
Councilman John Ashbaugh

Councilman John Ashbaugh

San Luis Obispo Councilman John Ashbaugh and Mayor Jan Marx are proposing a program where the city would deed restrict homes to protect the city from becoming like Isla Vista. [Mustang News]

In neighborhoods with a mix of primarily families and 40 percent or less student occupied homes, the city would purchase homes as they come on the market. The city would then sell the home with a caveat that it must be owner occupied in an attempt to move students out and families in.

The city is not planning to implement the program in neighborhoods with a 70 percent or greater student population.

After deed restricting the home, the city would give purchasing preferences to Cal Poly and Cuesta College staffers for homes in the Monte Vista Place and Monterey Heights neighborhoods. The program could also be extended to the Highland Drive and Cuesta and North Chorro streets areas, Ashbaugh told the Mustang News.

Ashbaugh said the planned “neighborhood stabilization program” would have little or no cost to taxpayers because city staffers would resell the homes shortly after purchasing them. The new owners would then be required to occupy the home as opposed to renting.

Marx said the plan to reduce student populations in areas where they occupy 40 percent or less of the homes would help stave off segregation.

“The difficulty that arises when you just have one group of people in a neighborhood is that it becomes like segregation,” Marx said. “And the city’s policy is that it’s healthier for everyone if there’s integration in neighborhoods.”

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Pretty soon, the council of slo will only allow white anglo saxon protestants who are card carrying Nazi’s to own property in slo. Can we say discrimination. If you are a renter in slotown you can only live in those areas that council deems appropriate. What a bunch of elitest snobs. I would say racist, but clearly this is discrimination based upon the ability to own. How is this any different then the deep south. Oh that is the hometown of at least one of these nazzi leaders.

Guess the elite in slotown no longer need revenue from the students. Slotown or elite town. It is just a matter of time before this scam falls apart. Why doesn’t ashbaugh move back to wherever he came from. I am sure his hometown would love o have him back

Talk about self serving. Ashbaugh lives approximately 4200′ from Cal Poly while Marx is only 485′ from Cal Poly. No wonder they both think it’s a good idea to have the taxpayers clean up their neighborhoods and protect their investments.

I would encourage both of them to look into the Business and Profession Code and become informed on the guidelines for a government entity to purchase property. And to say that it would cost little for staff to buy and resale these properties is absurd. The process is takes a long time and is very costly and worst of all attorney’s get involved and now you probably know the rest of the story.

Both Ashbaugh and Marx should be required to do a cost analysis on how much this would really cost the taxpayers to protect their investments and their neighborhood.

If I’m wrong on this maybe they should do it for all of San Luis Obispo and bring it back to the nice community that it once was.

Listening to Ashbaugh on the Dave Congalton he specifically backpedaled and stated

“that the neighborhood stabilization program will have NOTHING to do with the City of San Luis Obispo but would be implemented by the Cal Poly Foundation”

He soon realized this far fetched plan was unpopular and quickly shifted gears showing his typical true colors by putting the onus on anybody but himself.

No chance for unintended consequences and taxpayer rip offs here.

For govt to buy these properties they will have to make the best offer (likely higher than fmv), unless they take through eminent domain, then the owner gets screwed.

They will then be able to discriminate against potential buyers (which we cannot) to favor govt workers. The poor black couple who is discriminated against may think to contact a lawyer.

Who will pay the transaction costs (3-6%)? Will the govt pay cash or utilize a bank for the purchases. Does a bank bid on the contract to hold the counties note.

Finally what happens when real estate corrects again and the city owns 10houses that are underwater. Obama won’t be there to bail them out.

Yep, nothing could go wrong with this scheme.

SLO does have older developments with covenants, conditions and restrictions that forbid certain folks from living in them. Quite a legacy. Thankfully those CC&Rs are now illegal.

Apparently Ashbaugh and Marx aren’t students of history.

“…Monte Vista Place and Monterey Heights neighborhoods. The program could also be extended to the Highland Drive and Cuesta and North Chorro streets areas…”

I wonder if Ashbaugh or Marx owns real estate in these parts of town? I wonder how they went about picking parts of the city? It seems like Laguna Lake needs their help most of all.

I would guess the taxpayers would foot the bill for 20-30% of the cost of each home sold with the city taking part in the process.

I think I just heard Dan Carpenter’s head explode. That poor fellow, having to work with these two…