Cayucos firefighter allegedly had a sex slave

January 29, 2015
Oscar Higueros

Oscar Higueros

As the sex slave of former Cayucos firefighter Oscar Higueros Jr., a teenage Los Osos girl had to engage in intercourse with her master as often as five times a day over the course of a month, court testimony indicates. [Tribune]

Higueros, 39, attempted to force the victim to sign a “Master-Slave Contract,” which a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detective found on the firefighter’s computer. He succeeded in forcing the girl to use cocaine, smoke pot, drink alcohol, do household chores, make coffee and have sex with a belt wrapped tightly around her neck, according to testimony heard at a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

The hearing concluded with Judge John Trice ruling that enough evidence exists to bring the case to trial. Higueros faces 33 charges, including several counts of forcible rape.

Higueros allegedly met the Los Osos teen through a Craigslist ad. A sheriff’s investigator said he initially paid $150 to a Bay Area man in order to have sex with her.

The Bay Area man, Richard Scott Brooks, is accused of trying to pimp out the girl while her mother was on vacation. Brooks faces nearly two dozen charges related to the case.

Both Higueros and Brooks have pleaded not guilty.

The teen is believed to have moved in with Higueros after a dispute over a messy house led to the mother striking her in the face. The victim told prosecutors that, upon moving in, sex with Higueros was consensual.

But, then Higueros forced her to comply with all of his demands, which included having sex every time he became angry. If she protested, the then-firefighter would say, “Daddy gets what Daddy wants,” according to testimony.

At the time, Higueros was a paid volunteer fire captain with the Cayucos Fire Department.

Other women who had relationships with him also accuse Higueros of punishing them with forced sex for perceived wrongdoings. Higueros allegedly forced one of the women to do dishes in boiling water and strangled another so hard that one of her eyes turned red.

He is due to return to court on Feb. 11.

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A real classy group of people.

The girl was 17 at the time of Higuera’s arrest in September 2014, making her legally a child.

I hope they lock him up for the maximum time for the 33 charges against him.

Agreed. I don’t care if the teen said the sex was “consensual.” She was legally a minor who fled a mother who was slapping her. The girl had no idea she was fleeing into the armsof a sicko who also strangled another woman and made another do dishes w/boiling water.

Higueros does not deserve to roam free among society. What a monster.

This guy makes John Ryan Mason look positively wholesome.

It’s time to hose down “Daddy” once and for all.

There may be a firefighter job available for this evil abuser in SLO town. After all, if they rehired MASON……

Seriously, this man is a couple of cards short of a full deck. I agree that the mother shares some responsibility for the situation that this teen ended up in, and there should be an investigation into her role in contributing to the abuse this teenager received. And definitely prosecute both this man and the guy who pimped her out. Felony convictions all around, and lots of counseling to help out this young woman.

She met him on Craig’s list, and then moved in with him?

Consensual sex?

This girl has problems.

Not saying mom has no responsibility,

but she may not be entirely to blame either.

I agree.. maybe she enjoyed the drugs and the attention until it turned real bad..

There is no such thing as consensual sex with a 17 year old. By having sex with a minor you are committing rape because they cannot legally consent.


How about some charges against the girls mother while they are at it.

She goes on vacation without her daughter, leaves her home alone, comes home and smacks her in the face, then conceivably doesn’t know her whereabouts for however long she was imprisoned by Higueros.

That’s not good parenting.

I wonder if the mother reported her daughter missing?

Or maybe she didn’t care.

I agree

But reading into this, I can’t help but to suspect that the girl consented in some understanding of an agreement in a sense of contributing out of a need to survive and he not really knowing her age (what a mess).

In the earlier years the elders use to say the young girls were from back hill areas abused and tossed into the streets. Now I think the young girls are spoiled and run away out to the world of golden opportunity same as foreigners try to come here where they believe the concrete is made of gold.

One last comment, regardless of the girls situation, Oscar Higueros as a public servant is excussless!

Throw the book at this sicko!