Cayucos firefighter allegedly had a sex slave

January 29, 2015
Oscar Higueros

Oscar Higueros

As the sex slave of former Cayucos firefighter Oscar Higueros Jr., a teenage Los Osos girl had to engage in intercourse with her master as often as five times a day over the course of a month, court testimony indicates. [Tribune]

Higueros, 39, attempted to force the victim to sign a “Master-Slave Contract,” which a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detective found on the firefighter’s computer. He succeeded in forcing the girl to use cocaine, smoke pot, drink alcohol, do household chores, make coffee and have sex with a belt wrapped tightly around her neck, according to testimony heard at a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

The hearing concluded with Judge John Trice ruling that enough evidence exists to bring the case to trial. Higueros faces 33 charges, including several counts of forcible rape.

Higueros allegedly met the Los Osos teen through a Craigslist ad. A sheriff’s investigator said he initially paid $150 to a Bay Area man in order to have sex with her.

The Bay Area man, Richard Scott Brooks, is accused of trying to pimp out the girl while her mother was on vacation. Brooks faces nearly two dozen charges related to the case.

Both Higueros and Brooks have pleaded not guilty.

The teen is believed to have moved in with Higueros after a dispute over a messy house led to the mother striking her in the face. The victim told prosecutors that, upon moving in, sex with Higueros was consensual.

But, then Higueros forced her to comply with all of his demands, which included having sex every time he became angry. If she protested, the then-firefighter would say, “Daddy gets what Daddy wants,” according to testimony.

At the time, Higueros was a paid volunteer fire captain with the Cayucos Fire Department.

Other women who had relationships with him also accuse Higueros of punishing them with forced sex for perceived wrongdoings. Higueros allegedly forced one of the women to do dishes in boiling water and strangled another so hard that one of her eyes turned red.

He is due to return to court on Feb. 11.

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He was actually always a real creep, would wear that uniform around like a Ted Bundy type, a predator on the prowl. He was pure evil though, you could see it in his walk, in his eye. A

huge megalomaniac, the Fire Dept assoc. made it worse. Last time I saw him he was off duty at the Save the Pier Party, in full uniform of course. He glared at me because I’m strong

willed and he could sense that I was on to him. He was with a group of people I knew, and he circled around like he was the King of the roost. Always puffed up, superficial, total sociopath.

First day I met him eight years ago, by the Pier, I was headed to the bathroom while my husband and baby were playing on the beach. He propositioned me, asked if I wanted to go to a

pajama party. I declined, and he explained : ‘nobody needs to feel guilty, everybody is giving.’

I’ll save my jammies for bed, I told him, and got the hell out of there.

I’d summarize his persona as that of a creepy Lifetime movie predator from hell. Good thing

he’s off the streets as it ‘appeared’ as if everything was so cozy, he was ‘too cool’, part of the ‘clique’ and wouldn’t let you forget it. Like finally, the bad movie is over.

Sociopaths are everywhere. (Read “The Sociopath Next Door”). Yet, we are still amazed when we see these monsters that lack a conscience in positions (doctors, psychiatrists, firemen, police officers) where we usually have a high level of trust.

It is reputed that the American Indians recognized this behavior fairly early on (as a mental health professional-I look at conduct disorders and animal torture or fire starting as an early warning sign) and they simply drowned the person in the local watering hold. Why? Because there is no way to treat them or cure them.

Even in grad school, we were told “not to treat sociopaths”. They simply refine the therapy session and learn how to be more deceptive and skilled. They are not fun people, as you can see.

Very interesting. I just wonder how much cruelty a child should have to exhibit before we start keeping an eye on him/her, and if there’s any aging-out process, where through learning and social pressures, they either re-channel, or stuff their cruelty and never act out as an adult. I guess you never really know until the next door neighbor gets caught. It looks like Higueros (though none of us can diagnose him) arrogantly thought he had the perfect cover (firefighting) and the perfect victim (a “contractual slave”),and still probably believes he’s been wronged. Amazing.

There is no such thing as consensual sex with a 17 year old. By having sex with a minor you are committing rape because they cannot legally consent.


But for Christians it’s perfectly ok if a 12 year old gets pregnant as long as its with Jesus.

But you see, Christians have a pass. Because they recited a prayer from the Book of John, everything they do, for eternity, is forgiven.

Again, I have issues with “a paid volunteer” – one either volunteers (gives freely) or does not (is paid or otherwise compensated).

I mean, technically, all paid employees are “paid volunteers” as no one is being forced to work at their jobs (yet).

As much as I don’t like giant, over-bloated, inefficient, corrupt, malfeasance-laced government, is it possible we can get a GOOD story on them? Or the ONE GUY / GAL that isn’t a piece of excrement and is not stealing from the public coffers? Just a thought…

Oscar gives new meaning to the term “daddy issues”.

From what I understand, his father was mysteriously murdered. The people I’ve spoken with who know him, as well as myself, think there’s a very high likelihood that it was Oscar who murdered him. Oscar is by-far, one of the most evil people I’ve ever met. Hope he has fun being gang-raped.

Funny that you should mention that you and others think he’s a murderer. I think so too, for other reasons. He fits the FBI’s profile for serial killers; he’s manipulative, smart, evil, had an absent father and overbearing mother. He is violent toward sex partners, violent in general, a sensation seeker, a dare devil, and probably abused as a child. In my mind, there is good reason to believe that he could be responsible for more the disappearance and death of several young women in the central coast including Gail Catherine Allen and Kristin Smart. If I were LE, I would get a cadaver dog to check his Mom’s old home in Los Osos and his old apartment in Morro Bay.

This poor girl’s never going to want to dust another shelf or wash another dish as long as she lives, and she’s going to have to find a man that doesn’t mind doing a little housework, and is hopefully not a sociopath.