Fake CAPSLO check fraud scheme

January 7, 2015

CAPSLOA car decal scheme using fake California Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo checks has made its way across the country. [Tribune]

People responding to an online ad offering monthly checks of $300 to $400 for placing a CAPSLO logo on their vehicle, received a decal and a check from between $1,500 to $2,200 in the mail. The sender then asked that the recipient keep their cut and wire the difference back to the vender.

The next day, the check bounces and the recipient is on the hook for the difference.

After receiving complaints from as far away as Florida and New York, CAPSLO reported the scam to the San Luis Obispo Police Department. CAPSLO officials said the non-profit and its clients have not incurred any losses because of the scheme.

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Sometimes I wish the Taxpayer’s check to these leeches would bounce…

Ha ha ha….

Anyone else see the Irony in Using CAPSLO as a Scam….the agency itself is a LEGAL SCAM…ha ah ah

CAPSLO is 100% public money with 0% transparency/audits/accountability/freedom of information required of publicly funded government. It is a massive fraud and you can’t do anything about it. You think government is wasteful? You haven’t seen quasi-government.

Really? You base this on what? CAPSLO is audited at least every 2 years by the feds and comes through as one of the best operators of Head Start programs in the country every time. Their records are open except when privacy is required in regards to individual clients or the usual employee and legal action limitations found with any government agency. I think you listen too much to equally uninformed commentators here on this site — echo chambers are not conducive to accurate information.

Same result as a legitimate donation to CAPSLO except Dee Torres doesn’t get her cut.

Be wary of a phone solicitation offering a ‘free Caribbean cruise’ in return that you tell your friends.

They ask two questions: Are you 18 or older ?, and Do you plan on going on a cruise within the next two years ?. That’s it.

I knew it was bogus, but wanted to hear the spiel. They never asked about passport status.

I cant believe that some people are so stupid they fall for this scam

A fool and his/her money are soon parted.

-employee??Is it not almost as big a scam (although legal!) to have the BOS support this organization

with big amounts of taxpayer money to perform a function that hard data shows they

have failed at?

From what was printed in the Fibune, it seems that somehow, somebody got access to

some ‘official’ CAPSLO checks. Maybe a disgruntled ex-employee??

“Hard data?” Please show me some of that hard data based on objective criteria and analysis of what CAPSLO has and hasn’t done. Have they been perfect? No. Have they done a lot of good. Yes.

Also, since I don’t normally read the Fibune, do you have a link to the story where it seems that someone got access to some official CAPSLO checks? I suspect that maybe someone received a check from CAPSLO for legitimate reasons and used it as a template to forge ones of their own. That could happen to any organization, business or individual and not much can be done to stop it. It could have been a disgruntled ex-employee too but that is at least as speculative as my suggestion.

I would argue that government does a lot of good too. But I get to look at the books, see where MY money’s going. Not so with CAPSLO.

It is as open as any government agency. You just need to take the time to look instead of making false assumptions based on speculations of others.

Dee Torres and Adam Hill trying to supplement their income, because they feel “entitled”.

LOL…. Well stated marcus!

Hill, Torres, and their 9 friends gave you a thumbs down.

To me this type of scheme stands out as I have had this solicitation on Craigslist when I post ads. If someone wants to send you more money than something is worth and then tell you to send back the difference, logic should dictate that you think………….why send money not needed to turn around and give right back?? My dad always told me, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is or nothing in life is for free. Keeps me out of trouble every time.

BTDT …good advice. Why so many run afoul is because of their own greed. It clouds the senses.

There are those that are the hustlers. They COUNT on the stupidity and avariciousness of others that they call ‘marks’.

Appreciate your thoughts here.