Immigrants line up at Central Coast DMVs

January 5, 2015

DMVCentral Coast offices of the California Department of Motor Vehicles are booked up with appointments for undocumented immigrants seeking driver’s licenses.

Assembly Bill 60, California’s law granting immigrants who entered the country illegally the ability to receive driver’s licenses, took effect on Thursday. Some local DMV offices opened on Friday with long lines of immigrants waiting outside.

Those calling the DMV office Monday morning were met with a message noting a two-hour wait to speak with an employee. At the Paso Robles office, visitors had to endure long lines. San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles are the only locations of DMV offices in the county.

In Northern Santa Barbara County, there are single DMV offices in Santa Maria and Lompoc. Immigrants began lining up outside the Lompoc office around 5 a.m. on Friday.

Statewide, the DMV is expecting 1.4 million people to apply for licenses under the new law. The agency is adding staff at offices across the state to handle the workload.

Supporters of the new law expect the number of insured drivers to increase and the amount of hit-and-runs to decrease. Opponents point to other states that have implemented similar legislation and argue that many out-of-state immigrants have used false identification to obtain licenses.


I vote that their licenses be hand delivered by law enforcement agents driving a huge bus, ready to give them a free ride to TJ.


So I guess this new law means we should start the search for a new politically correct term for the migrants, huh? Undocumented no longer fits.


There is no reason why we can’t call them what they are–Mexican citizens, Guatamalan citizens, etc.


Expatriate nationals ….Canadians …..British subjects ….on and on.


So, what is your suggestion? They are all residents of California–anyone who comes into California with the intent of living here is a resident.

The term “national” has different meanings, but it is a possibility ex. Canadian national. You say that no human is “illegal” Now some will have documentation with a driver’s license.

Already, newspapers refer to Europeans in the US as British citizens or French citizens etc.

What is your better suggestion?


This is just plain crazy! Our politicians have done it AGAIN!! Why, WHY do they keep giving away the farm? VOTES possibly? For over 40 years they have been ignoring the ILLEGAL problem. They’ve ALLOWED Illegals to invade our schools, hospitals and given them our tax money. Oh people say they do the jobs that Americans won’t. Well, who used to do them??? Yes, that’s right, my ancestors. People who came here LEGALLY, LEGALLY, LEGALLY!!!! My grandfather came here NOT speaking English and made he was from New York to California at age 16. He made a living and LEARNED ENGLISH. He was PROUD to become an American. The problem here in CA is that the people from Mexico won’t learn English. They had a guy on the TV that had been here 13 years and still did NOT speak English! WTHECK? My nephew went to Italy and was there for only 5 months and could almost speak Italian? Our government keeps CATERING to the Mexican (mainly here in CA) population and it’s bringing our schools down, our way of life and costing the tax paying Americans WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! Drivers license is just another carrot for these people. They are laughing while they spend their 2 hours in line. How stupid the Americans are!!! Besides that I stand in line at the bank and here money being wired to Mexico all the time. The is money that LEAVES OUR ECONOMY! How good is that for us? Oh, you say they’re helping their families…what about OUR FAMILIES??? Are their families MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUR FAMILIES?? I say NO! and I say no to any Politician that has supported this crap! I will VOTE with my opinion thank you very much. grrrrr.


Do you want to work in the fields? Do you want American wages going to American field workers? How much do you want to pay for that head of lettuce? Just saying….. You really think native born people will take those jobs? Ask farmers how many apply.

Read this if you think it is such a great idea to not allow workers in to harvest crops:


I wonder who picked our crops before “undocumented” workers did it??

Did we have robots?

Did we just pace around, wringing our hands, wondering how we could get that bunch of grapes off the vine?

I wonder if AMERICANS, like MY parents did it??!! Oh my, they DID. Imagine that. They picked cotton, they sorted potatoes, they picked fruit off fruit trees. My father’s family migrated with the crops. Omagerd.

I wonder how people afforded produce…..

To predict the future, we simply look at history. Americans have ALWAYS been hard working when they HAVE to.

Migrant workers of days gone by didn’t have all the social service programs they do today. They didn’t get “Migrant Worker subsidized housing”. If you don’t believe we have it, we DO. Migrant US citizens of the past did not get medi-cal, WIC. So when you ask an older American if they want to pick the crops, they probably DON’T. They paid their dues. They worked their way up and out of the fields. Do people NOT understand that it is not LAZINESS for most US workers who would not choose to work in a field if given a change, because many have migrant work in their family history ALREADY. We already did it.

If the next generation of US workers needs a job, perhaps farmers would be more motivated to hire a citizen with a valid social security number if the penalties for NOT doing so were severe enough. Perhaps if e-verify was actually well utilized, matching SSN to fingerprints, maybe THEN we could make some progress.

Now back to the issue at hand; Driver’s licenses. I have full coverage insurance on all family vehicles, and they are all paid for and greater than 8 years old. The oldest is 16 years old. I think it is a prudent thing to do, given that our Government is allowing driver’s licenses, but has no way to verify that the cars are the road STAY insured.


Awesome! Now those of us LEGAL inhabitants can wait even LONGER at DMV. We are so screweled!


Oh my GAwD this is beginning to look worse than Y 2 K !!!


Best to make an appointment: no waiting.


How do our leaders expect people to follow our laws when they let people who break our laws get away with no punishment or actually reward them for their illegal behavior. We are circling the drain and I believe California is heading toward third world status. Citizens with money will just declare residency in another State and taxes on the people who stay will skyrocket. Democrats who believe money grows on trees are not our friends.


California is Mexico-Norte,

embrace the diversity, it’s good for

our quality of life.

Jorge Estrada

Somewhere in this comment, I sense a treasonous hypocracy.


No, it is sarcasm and you mean hypocrisy.


Those of you who vote for Democrats are to blame. Shame on you!


Achadjian voted YES on this …and I would bet that most Republicans voted for him.


Once again… Nice straw argument…

Republican assemblymen — Katcho Achadjian, R-San Luis Obispo, and Jeff Gorell, R-Camarillo — voted for it.

Wow 2 out of 55. You were so right…


This stuff fries my brain. Illegal aliens being given drivers licenses. Pure insanity. What a Bizarro world, leftists have forced upon us.


No human beings are, or can be, illegal.

Some of the sacks of flesh that walk around here are people, but they’re not human.

Kevin Rice

Don’t use fallacious language acrobatics. They are criminals—illegally here: illegal aliens.


Here’s what happened to me: I was in an accident—not my fault. The guy who hit me had no driver’s license, no insurance and it was pretty obvious he couldn’t get any, not at that time. Guess who paid to fix my car—MY insurance company! So, just in case this situation happens to you, would you not rather have the guy who hit you have his insurance company pay, not yours? (If you have a license, you must also have insurance, if you recall….)


“license does not = insurance”, there are more people licensed driving without

insurance than the other way around. But what was only may 36 years old L.E. work.


Last time I looked, it’s the car that has insurance, not the driver. You can get a licens W/O insurance you cannot register a vehicle W/O insurance


Look again:

You can’t take the driver’s test without the insurance.


Back to school, it says the vehicle must be insured, not the person.

Kevin Rice

I’d rather not have criminals all around us in the first place. Your solution is to reward criminals instead of hold them accountable.


Georgia passed a law outlying undocumented workers. Many crops rotted in the fields because even the out-of-work in Georgia didn’t want the jobs picking crops. Many crops were then harvested by prisoners. Is this a better solution?

(In case you didn’t see the link above, here it is again.)


Well, the illegal already has a history of breaking the law and getting away with it. Who is to say that this driver’s license will be the “magic wand” to make sure they will now drive with insurance? How do we know the illegal really IS who they say they are?

The more people that come in to the US illegal, the more freedom it takes away from the average, honest US citizen. In order to identify, track, tax, jail, etc the “illegal”, more and more “big brother” tactics will be employed “for our protection”.


Thank you liberal puke officials.

Rich in MB

Ye….ha….the roads and freeways will be safer, the cost of labor will go down now that the illegals can drive and get to the jobs that Americans won’t do and most of all….

The Illegals are one step closer to voting Democrats…..hip hip hurray….

Thanks Obama and The California Legislature!


Thanks to the White supremacist racist trash that continue to align with Republicans.


Tell us how you figure that.


Fighting fire with fire.

Reductio ad absurdum




I don’t eat goats and never have lived under a bridge.

However, I will continue to reveal and oppose the selective psychopaths that are discriminatory bigots.

What does that make me ? I’m not aware of a specific word for it.


Actually, there is a word: paladin …an existentialist paladin.

So, it doesn’t matter what others think I am, or call me.


You sir are unhinged.


Slowfaster, how’s that winning “hearts and minds” thing going for you?


Cain’t win what was ain’t ever there.


I rest my case


I think not.

Most of the fellow travelers here prove my case.