KSBY and DirectTV at impasse

January 1, 2015

ksby 2After a contract dispute between KSBY and DirecTV could not be reached, DirecTV stopped carrying KSBY as of Thursday at midnight.

“Both sides have made considerable compromises to try to come to terms, but fundamental differences remain on several key points including the fair value of our programming,” KSBY said in a statement. “DirecTV has decided to drop our station as of Jan. 1.”

In response, DirectTV said that, “the owner of this channel has removed it from the DirecTV lineup despite our repeated requests to keep it on.”

Subscribers can continue to receive the KSBY for free over the air with an antenna, or from Comcast Cable, Charter Cable, COX Cable and Dish Network.

In 2013, a contract dispute between KEYT and DirecTV led to a drop in broadcast services for two weeks.

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There are still local TV stations these days?

Who would have thought…nor cared.

This is a simple dispute over retransmission fees. KSBY wants more money and DirectTV doesn’t want to pay it (any increase is passed on to you regardless). If KSBY is that important to you, get a $40 HD antenna from Radio Shack and you will get KSBY in HD for free.

If you wish to stay current on issues concerning TV-ISPs-Telecoms, please check


I never did go the local route on Direct TV I stayed with the network,I saw no reason to pay more just for the local channel.

While on the KSBY subject, what happened to John Reger? Did he quit or get shown the door?