KSBY and DirectTV at impasse

January 1, 2015

ksby 2After a contract dispute between KSBY and DirecTV could not be reached, DirecTV stopped carrying KSBY as of Thursday at midnight.

“Both sides have made considerable compromises to try to come to terms, but fundamental differences remain on several key points including the fair value of our programming,” KSBY said in a statement. “DirecTV has decided to drop our station as of Jan. 1.”

In response, DirectTV said that, “the owner of this channel has removed it from the DirecTV lineup despite our repeated requests to keep it on.”

Subscribers can continue to receive the KSBY for free over the air with an antenna, or from Comcast Cable, Charter Cable, COX Cable and Dish Network.

In 2013, a contract dispute between KEYT and DirecTV led to a drop in broadcast services for two weeks.


Join us! We have never bought into cable, satellite, or any pay-through-the nose “services.” Tried rabbit-ears antennae but tired of constant tweaking required for acceptable picture with discernible sound. And did I mention commercials? So you relinquish half your paycheck to TV “service” provider [that reserves the right to raise monthly fees whenever the urge hits] and you still must wade through commercialville. Insanity. Switch up TV for the internet and leave DIRECTV et al. in the dust.


The sad truth of the matter is, all content providers have their annual increases just before Christmas. So it seems a few “contents” (Fox News, local affiliates, etc) either want more of a piece of the increasing pie, or they’re being strong-armed into taking a smaller cut.

DirecTV and DISH both increase their costs just below cable (which actually has an infrastructure to support); if there were no cable, I fear what Satellite TV would cost.

Then again, more and more are simply turning them off. Is there really any TV that is worth over $100 a month? Inexpensive, broad-pipe bandwidth would take care of this whole thing, but you better believe there are serious power players doing everything they can to prevent that from ever happening in the U.S.

Turn up the heat, froggies.


Call KSBY and ask for a waiver to get the NY AND LA NBC feeds. They aren’t willing to provide it. If your in SB County an antenna won’t work anyway.

Call the sponsors and tell them that they need to ask for rebates because KSBY isn’t providing the eyeballs the were promised.

Call NBC tell them the same thing.


They’re corporate. They don’t give hoot what you or anyone else thinks.

They’re paid by lobbyists and corporate whores.

YOU as a subscriber, is meaningless.


As a Directv customer, I would be happy to trade local KSBY with the national NBC feed, which is blacked out due to FCC rules to ensure patronage of local stations. I wonder if KSBY is telling their advertisers that 30-40% of the viewers are no longer seeing their commercials?


Oh Lawdy ! Woe is me !

Now I can’t watch Chuck Todd on Meet The Republicans, where he admitted to Lewis Black last week that if he challenged the Republican’s nonsense talking points and blatant lies, that “They would never come back again, and I’d be out of a show”.

Hey Chuck…Why don’t you have guests that WILL answer tough questions, guests that you don’t have to kowtow and fawn to ?

OR, have on opposing guests AT THE SAME TIME that will challenge these liars !

Guess I’ll catch George Snuffle-up-a-gus, or maybe stick to weekend reviews of Bill Press, Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, and Bill Moyers when I can catch him.


Hey CCN … I have a brilliant marketing strategy: Why don’t we buy the rights and re-broadcast Father Coughlin’s diatribes from the 1930’s and 40’s ?

A good portion of your ‘readership’ here will think it contemporary, and PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE !

It’s a cash cow, I tell you !


It is indeed sad when all one has in their life is politics. I’m so sorry it appears to have worked out this way for you.


You know what they say …politics is like driving a car:

You want to go forward, you put it in D

You want to go backwards, you put it in R.


hopefully cable will drop ksby as well. it would also be nice if the FCC would drop that airwave.


So being a direct TV customer, have they BREACHED there contract, and will we be able to switch without paying the penalty for changing to another source ?

Kevin Rice

Easy: No.

Mr. Holly

This seems to be a new trend with satellite service. FOX news is off the air on Dish satellite. I’m sure that in the end a fee increase to users will take care of all this.

What ever happened when you could just put an antenna on your rooftop and actually receive 7 or 8 free TV channels that had good clean shows. Maybe it’s time to turn the clock back to basics. But then on the other hand I’m sure our government officials would want the antenna to be permitted and engineered attachments provided. There may even be a CEQA requirement to see if they meet all environmental requirements. Then the Sierra Club will put an injunction on the antennas as a bird may fly into one.

Where have we gone? But worse, where are we going?


And if you want to receive stations by antennae today, it has to be using an HD antennae which picks up a digital signal. Personally, I think this is by design. If you are concerned there may be opposition from citizens, what a better way to limit the freedom of speech than to eliminate the ability for people to subversively. broadcast signals easily which can be watched by everyone.


Minor suggestion: get a shortwave radio ( yeah, I know it is only listening, but do you really need to SEE the buffoons and trick-clowns ? ).

You will then get a world of perspective;, instead of the filtered, narcotized, corporate propaganda intended to keep the masses stupid.

Extremely Stoic

Being a Dish customer, I’ll trade KSBY for FNC and throw in $5 a mo to boot.


Dumb, dumber, and dumberer .

$5 extra for Faux Noise ? HOOHAH !

P.T. Barnum lives !