Man beaten while confronting vandals

January 24, 2015

carA Nipomo man was seriously injured Thursday afternoon after he attempted to confront a man who threw beer on his car.

At about 5 p.m., a man standing on the 200 block of South Oakglen Avenue in Nipomo tossed beer on the victim’s car as he drove by. The victim then got out of his car and three men allegedly assaulted him.

As the victim fled, one of the suspects allegedly drove off in the victim’s car.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies responded to a report of men fighting and found the victim suffering from serious face and head injuries. During the investigation, the three suspects returned to the scene.

Deputies arrested Javier Chang, 19, Francisco Encinas Mendoza, 19, and Noe Chang Leon Jr., 23, of Nipomo on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon with gang enhancements for conspiracy.

The victim was treated and released from a local hospital. His car was discovered nearby.


Two words…conceal and carry.


If there is no will in Sacramento or DC to combat these gangs and thugs…and they can’t keep these people locked up and if they can’t or won’t deport dangerous people that do not have a right to be here in the first place then we need to protect ourselves. We have that right. It’s called the 2nd amendment.


Are the accused citizens? If not will they be imprisoned/deported? Fat chance.

If the victim does pursue this civilly, good luck: it will cost more in attorney fees than he can recover and then he’ll just have an unenforceable judgment.

Given the alleged gang affiliations, his life is in danger already. Anyone helping him with this?I doubt it.

Um, they drove off with the victim’s car – isn’t that Grand Theft Auto, a felony? Why was thischarge not added? Trust me, they will get off with a slap on the wrist.

If there is a fund set up to help this victim, I would like to contribute to it.


Maybe these 3 young men thought they’d get away since a group of belligerent men did pretty much the exact same thing in downtown SLO almost exactly 3 years ago and were never prosecuted or even arrested. I guess when the person who instigated the vandalism and assault is the son of Kennedy Club Fitness owners Kevin and Barbara Kennedy, it’s ok. Or if one of the men in the group is the son of a local bail bondsman Zach Lerno, then all is well. Maybe these 3 young men wanted to be Atascadero High School’s new wrestling coach like Trevor Tice who was also one of the assailants in the group 3 years ago. They set the precedent, but it looks like Javier Chang, Francisco Encinas Mendoza, and Noe Chang Leon Jr. just didn’t have the right community connections.


Gardenslo—Sounds like you have proof. Why didn’t the victim go after this as a civil matter? With proof I could list 20 attorneys willing to have this “blank check” type of case. I’m guessing there is nothing of merit to go forward or it would have. I’m sorry for the pain of this on you.


The victim driving the car years ago was driving on a suspended license and I believe he was also on probation. It is documented in police records, court records, and in the local media because a witness tried to help the driver and ended up getting attacked, too, and was arrested when he had to defend himself after being pinned down and beaten by the now Atascadero High wrestling coach. The victim didn’t pursue any legal action because he didn’t want to go to jail and the witness who stepped in and tried to save him ended up in jail for assault. It was a bizarre story and the only significant difference between this incident and the previous is that no one stepped in and helped the Nipomo man when he was being beaten.


When and how can we stop the ghettoization of California?!?


The “how” of your two part question is simple; when Californians stop electing a political party invested in race and gender polarization. The when is anybody’s guess.


Ever since I first read about Crips and Bloods back in 1980, I thought………..where could this crap lead to and how much will society put up with? Well thirty five years later, it is the same bullshit but worse. When are WE as a society going to say ENOUGH!!!!


Throughout American history, there has been a history of “gang” activity. I’m not trying to justify it but let’s understand it’s not something new or specific to any ethnicity. With that being said, the problem with many policies which are designed to deal with gangs specifically is that they tend to step all over the Bill of Rights. There is really no need for all this embellishment of pre-existing crimes, whether it be hate-crime related or gang-crime related. If we didn’t clog up our justice system with so many crimes that were not against other people and did not directly victimize others, then we could properly and consistently punish people for their violent and property crimes, including making them serve their full time. This would also remove the problem that occurs with prosecutors using threats of excessive sentences which can often result in innocent people going to prison because accepting a plea agreement seems like a better deal than risking a loss in court. Finally, with the police focused on solving violent and property crimes, there would be a much greater threat of getting caught and maybe that would serve as a deterrent.


Name one crime,other than growing and consuming your own marijuana (which is

hardly a CA crime anymore). The high majority of crimes investigated and arrested for inSLO county are violent and property crimes.


Really?? I refer you to the U.S. Dept. of Justice crime statistics, and then tell me crime isn’t endemic to certain ethnic groups. Wake up!!


“The victim then got out of his car and three men allegedly assaulted him”.

(Sigh…..) :