Stabbing at Isla Vista fraternity house

January 25, 2015
Kevin Ruiz

Kevin Ruiz

A knife fight in front of an Isla Vista fraternity house on Saturday has left one UCSB student in jail and another in the hospital.

At about 2:45 a.m., a UC Santa Barbara police officer observed a bloody fight in front of a fraternity located on the 6700 block of Sueno Road. The officer found four bloody suspects who then attempted to flee.

Santa Barbara Sheriff deputies arrived and found an man inside the fraternity. The victim, identified as a 21-year-old UCSB student, had stab wounds to his chest and head.

Emergency personnel transported the victim to Cottage Hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

Deputies arrested Kevin Ruiz, 18, for assault with a deadly weapon and booked him into the Santa Barbara County Jail. The remaining three suspects were released.

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  1. Citizen says:

    The UCSB student newspaper gave the most complete information: “Sigma Chi Omega president and third-year psychology and economics major Jason Ouyang said Ruiz was heavily intoxicated and was accompanied by a “female accomplice,” both of whom approached the fraternity and demanded entry to a private gathering at the house”. The fight occurred in trying to keep this party crasher from going into the house.

    The fraternity victim was identified as a UCSB student, but the perp was called an 18 year old from Reseda. CCN incorrectly identified Ruiz as a UCSB student.

    Most newspapers do not identify people as illegal immigrants or citizens of other countries so we don’t know his status, and because he is 18, any possible criminal record would be hidden as part of a juvenile record. Judging solely from the low bail, Ruiz either had no previous criminal record, or Santa Barbara is prejudiced against fraternities.

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  2. tomsquawk says:

    2:45 a.m. that says it all. my father passed it down to me and i did to my children. bad time to be out.

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  3. willieslo says:

    Incarcerated Felons that show good promise CAN achieve a Bachelors Degree while serving time at tax payers expense!

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  4. Fedup says:

    A “Dreamer” ?

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    • SloTownMan says:


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    • bobfromsanluis says:

      A criminal, period. Race, ethnicity, country of origin not relevant. This young man is going to face a criminal court system that is going to change the course of his future in a very detrimental manner. In essence, the life that he sought by going to college is over, period.

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      • achillesheal says:

        I believe it is relevant when people from that country of orifgin are committing 95% of violent crimes around here.

        Wake up and smell the coffee mrs. Bueller.

        (9) 15 Total Votes - 12 up - 3 down
        • bobfromsanluis says:

          Do you have any corroborating evidence to back up your assertion? Perhaps a few articles posted by actual news sources, not opinion pieces or blogs, but real, backed-by-facts reporting? I’m sure you are very comfortable spouting off your opinion on the “trouble” being caused by immigrants from Mexico, but nowhere in the article does it mention whether or not the suspect is a US citizen or not. Anything less than facts or statistics is opinion, period.

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          • SloTownMan says:

            Where’s the corroborating evidence that he isn’t? Don’t just spout off your opinion

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            • kettle says:

              “corroborating evidence ” to prove a negative?

              “Don’t just spout off your opinion” Start at home.

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          • achillesheal says:

            country of origin is meant to be heritage whether legal, illegal, born in the USA or a border buster.

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        • kettle says:

          achillesheal says: “I believe it is relevant when people from that country of orifgin are committing 95% of violent crimes around here.”

          I believe it its relevant that someone cherry picks statistics in order to make thinly veiled racism somehow acceptable.
          Where are you economic stats? where are your education stats? “country of orifgin” indeed.

          (-7) 13 Total Votes - 3 up - 10 down
          • Citizen says:

            Indeed Kettle, what is your “country of orifgin”? Is it in Afgrica, or Eurfope, or Sfouth Afmerica or Pifsmo Beafch? Tangled typing fingers or a lisp?

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            • zaphod says:

              orifgin and tonic with twist

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              • achillesheal says:

                Good to see that you are more outraged by an iPad typo (origin), then by attempted murder.

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          • achillesheal says:

            95% was not meant to be a hard and fast statistic more of a saying, like it’s sunny 95% of the time in San Luis Obispo, or gangbangers commit 95% of crimes in Santa Maria.

            Here are my education stats – did not finish high school
            here are my family stats – no father present
            here are my gender stats – male
            here are my age stats – 18-25
            here is the overwhelming result – menace to society

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            • Justducky says:

              What you are calling “statistics,” Heal, reads more like learned prejudice to me. Not that you aren’t entitled to learn your prejudices through life experiences…just hope you didn’t learn them at Mom and Pops knee.

              I prefer facts before I judge people – silly me – although Mr. Ruiz, whatever nationality he is, is not a winner today in my book based solely on his actions reported here today.

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