Is Capps upset with Obama?

January 21, 2015
Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps

Central Coast Rep. Lois Capps praised President Barack Obama for his State of the Union address Tuesday night, but took an uncharacteristic jab at the commander in chief for passing over the subject of gun control.

Capps credited Obama with growing the economy, creating jobs and lowering gas prices, in a statement released to the media Tuesday night. She, too, stated that healthcare costs are rising at a slower pace under Obama’s leadership than in the past.

However, the Democratic congresswoman said a discussion of reducing gun violence was lacking from the president’s address.

“We are only two years removed from the State of the Union where President Obama took the dais — weeks after the Newtown massacre — and vowed action,” Capps said. “Since then, dozens of people have been killed in mass shootings — including right here on the Central Coast — and thousands have died from senseless gun violence, while no substantial legislative changes have been made.”

Capps’s guest at Tuesday’s State of the Union was Richard Martinez, the father of a UC Santa Barbara student killed in shooting spree last May in Isla Vista. Martinez’s son Christopher was one of four people, including the perpetrator, killed by gunfire in the attack.

In response, Capps introduced the Pause for Safety Act, which would allow judges to order the confiscation of firearms from individuals deemed mentally ill. A similar bill became law in California, but Capps did not succeed in pushing her legislation through Congress.

Earlier Tuesday, Capps reintroduced the bill. She said it is the type of common sense policy that politicians should support.

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I love America.

She cannot control my right to disagree with her, and OH, do I disagree with her.

She knows nothing about healthcare, even though she is “technically” a nurse. I guess. Don’t get cancer, don’t want a choice in doctors if you have ACA. No seriously, don’t.

She is a terrible judge of character. She hires a drunkard who murders a young woman on Santa Barbara streets, then doesn’t want to deal with it. Finally she says, “oops, my bad”.

Given her awesome track record in judgment, she thinks taking guns aware from law abiding citizens will somehow make law abiding citizens safer from evil mean people. I am trying to understand how the rape whistle or my own urine can stop a bullet. Unlike Lois, I actually HAVE worked as a registered nurse inside of a hospital this century, and I can personally attest to the fact that when someone wants to shoot you, they do not stop when you “reason” with them. I took care of a woman that was shot in the chest by her husband (he shot himself in the face, he didn’t die either-bad shot), anyway, she had a good sense of humor; we just laughed and laughed when we talked about how gun control and “reasoning” with her crazy husband was an AMAZING idea.

I vote that our politicians lead by example. They should have no bodyguards, and should only defend themselves with nerf guns and “their words”. I am waiting….


Capps is a racist multiculturalist who supports trickle-up-poverty policies. This is how she and the Democrats grow their voting base.