Adam Hill fined $2,500 for campaign violations

February 21, 2015
Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was fined $2,500 on Thursday for failing to properly maintain campaign records during his 2012 bid for the District 3 seat, according to the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

A random audit conducted by the California Franchise Tax Board on all 2012 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor candidates last year revealed that Hill failed to timely report fifteen payments of $500 or more, totaling $68,058.73. The audit also determined that the campaigns of Frank Meacham, Ed Waage, Debbie Arnold and Jim Patterson prepared financial statements that were substantially accurate and complete.

In May 2012, Hill reported making payments totaling $60,220 to an advertising and public relations firm to use for television and radio advertising. He did not disclose, though, what advertising the firm purchased on his behalf as required by California election disclosure laws.

In addition, Hill’s campaign (respondents) had a prior enforcement action.

“On March 25, 2014, the enforcement division sent respondents a warning letter for failing to state the correct employer of the source of a contribution of $100 or more on a semiannual statement, in violation of Section 84211,” the stipulated order says.

Last year, developer Gary Grossman donated $1,000 to Hill in the same week that the supervisor attended a groundbreaking for one of Grossman’s Pismo Beach developments. But, Hill listed Grossman, the president of Coastal Community Builders, as retired on a campaign financial statement.

In March 2014, the FPPC sent a warning letter to Hill. Because of the misstatement, Hill was required to return Grossman’s $1,000 donation.

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Once a Hill,

Always a shill,

A political swill

At best.

Your attitude,

And political best.

Is something we





These were probably under-the-table payments to Tom Fulks.


Perhaps meant-to-be-undetected donations from PG&E’s Tom Jones?


Adam Hill is such a slimy loser.

We can add this latest scandal to our list of issues to raise if Hill does run for State Assembly.


Sentence him to have to run naked down higuera st during farmers market.


What did the farmers market vendors do to

justify what would undoubtedly result in a significant decrease in sales?

Give the small businessman a break.

Hill’s punishment should not inflict punishment on others.


I guess you’re right. I was thinking it would be fun to pelt him with baked potatoes and spare ribs as he ran by.

Too much trauma would be caused to vendors and children alike.


Are you kidding me? Megalomaniacs like Hill would LOVE to be “sentenced” to flashing his genitals in public.


Don’t wait for Karen. Dave’s station doesn’t allow her on the show.


Doesn’t matter.

Adam won the election, and that’s what’s important.


So, like Lois Capps’ commercial, the end justifies the means?


I’m thinking Adam should use the same excuse as the SLO Police Chief who got caught fudging his expense account by having the city pay for his family member travel and meals.

Adam: Go talk to Steve Gesell and you can learn the fine art of explaining it all as an “inadvertent mistake” or you can use the old “I think I overextended myself” ploy. Heck, it worked for Gesell.


Or blame it on a wild, late night green tea party, worked for Steve Adams.


This is a big deal to the FPPC. Having known of cases where minor mistakes were made and the $100 fine level was applied, this says they really think this was improper. Yes it’s still a slap on the wrist, nothing to a paid hack like Hill, but the amount tells us the relative severity of Hill’s behavior.


I’m sure they are just picking on him. (eyes rolling)


Yep, surely much ado about 68,058.73 little nothings.