Hill ousted; Arnold, Compton take leadership

February 3, 2015
Supervisor Debbie Arnold

Supervisor Debbie Arnold


Amid allegations of sexism and a good old boys’ club, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Frank Mecham stepped down as board chairman in order to promote Supervisor Debbie Arnold to chair and Supervisor Lynn Compton to vice chair.

The move slates Compton to become board chairman in 2016. Hill previously was in position to claim the chairmanship next year.

Prior to making the restructuring recommendation, Mecham disputed allegations of sexism and a good old boy’s club. He said his proposal would restore an order to the rotation of chairmanships since Arnold represents district 5 and Compton serves district 4.

“I know how to fix this,” Mecham said before nominating Arnold and Compton. “I am fully ready to step down as chairman of the board.”

About 100 members of the public attended the afternoon hearing, many of whom spoke during public comment and applauded Mecham for his move. They also held signs in the audience supporting Arnold.

After public comment, the board voted 3-2, with Gibson and Hill dissenting, to move Arnold into the chairmanship and Compton into the vice chair position.

In addition to placing women in leadership roles, the restructuring of the board may shift power in the county away from liberals and into the hands of conservatives. Both Arnold and Compton are conservative Republicans, while Gibson and Hill are liberal Democrats.

Mecham is a Republican, but he has often sided with Gibson and Hill on key votes. Recently, some constituents criticized Mecham for his cooperation with Gibson and Hill.

On Jan. 5, Gibson presided over the final meeting of his most recent chairmanship. During the meeting, the board unanimously elected Mecham as chair. With Arnold dissenting, Hill, Gibson, Mecham and Compton voted to make Hill vice-chair, but the board violated California’s open meeting law amid the reorganization.

Prior to the reorganization vote, Gibson did not allow public comment, as required by the Ralph M. Brown Act. Additionally, the meeting agenda did not include public comment, and speaker slips were not available in the board chambers.

Gibson admitted responsibility for the error at a board meeting the following week. But, members of the public suggested that Gibson purposely eliminated public comment in order to place Hill in the vice-chair position without opposition.

The board then voted 3-2, with Gibson and Hill dissenting, to conduct the reorganization process a second time. Mecham said he voted in favor of a redo because he wanted to set a tone of inclusion and transparency.

On Tuesday, Gibson and Hill said respectively that they took offense and were insulted by allegations of gender bias.

“What we’re seeing here is partisanship, not gender bias,” Hill said.

From 2009 to 2012, Gibson and Hill aligned themselves with former Supervisor Jim Patterson to form a board majority. For much of the past two years, they worked with Caren Ray, whom Compton replaced in January.

Compton offered a second to Mecham’s restructuring motion Tuesday. Arnold said it was a tremendous honor to be nominated board chair.




Can’t wait for Robert Cuddy’s opinion piece.


Or political operative Tom Fulks in the Fibune?


Mr. Political Campaign Manager/Consultant for Adam Hill and/or Bruce Gibson. Isn’t this a conflicted of interest to be a reporter for the fish wrap and also be a political consultant for these Democrats. This does not seem right as you report what you want or don’t want us to know about these two buds!


Me either.


Is Mr. Sewer Gas still around? I thought he got flushed!


Bruce…Adam…can you spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T?



Bruce and Adam went to the board

To fetch a chairmanship vote.

Bruce fell down and broke his crown,

And Adam came tumbling after.


Doesn’t rhyme.


Pelican said


and made a phony pun.

He tripped and sailed, and broke his tail,

And strangled his own tongue.


Nice try……


AG tosses Ferrara out and elects a breath of fresh air, Jim Hill.

Caren Ray has yet to win an election, Lynn Compton wins supe seat.

2015 looks as though it’s taking up where 2014 left off.

Hill and Gibson feel the heat and become the board minority in a stunning turn of events.

Now to the sanitation district…ready Shoals, Guerrero, and Seitz?


And Ms. Compton wins on her first try. Some people in this County know quality when they see it. Good luck Ms. Compton and be careful who gets in that elevator with you (Ask Ms. Arnold).


Ms. Compton’s political ambitions regulate that the elevator only goes up.


As is Mr. Hill’s and Mr. Gibson’s and Mr. Gurerro’s and every other politico in the county and the nation—-this is not new news.


GB Mayor Shoals wants the BOS seat.

A. Hill wants an assembly seat.

Caren Ray wants to win an election so is considering AG Mayoral run.

What’s your point?


Dan Blackburn will talk about yesterday’s BOS meeting today (Wednesday) at 3:05 p.m. on News/Talk 920 KVEC. We stream live at 920kvec.com.


I certainly applaud Supervisor Mecham’s dedication to fairness and transparency, and to give Supervisor’s Arnold and Compton the opportunity to show their abilities as leaders.

I am very left leaning, politically speaking, but have been disappointed over the recent years by the behavior of both Supervisors Gibson and Hill; politically speaking, liberalism is supposed to be a more inclusive manner of governing, with an openness to all and actually encouraging more people to engage in politics. Both Gibson and Hill have not conducted themselves as Supervisors in that ideal, IMO. I respect that both of them are highly educated, it is a good thing for people of position to have the ability to fully understand complex issues and an idea of the ramifications that can happen for a wide array of topics that come before the Board of Supervisors, but both men have, IMO, allowed themselves to slip into a vein of behavior that seemed to be “all about them” instead of serving those who they are supposed to represent.

I have high hopes for both Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton in their respective leadership roles; one of those hopes is that they do not fall prey to the same mindset that Gibson and Hill fell into of not serving the needs of the majority of the population, and the other is that they also do not allow their political philosophy override the ability to govern in a fair, impartial manner. I honestly respect both women for getting elected, for appearing to be willing to listen to both sides, and in Debbie Arnold’s case, her history as a Supervisor of doing good work. I wish both of the well.


……”they also do not allow their political philosophy override the ability to govern in a fair, impartial manner.” Aye, there’s the rub…. And good luck with that….


This may be a blessing in disguise, as we now have an early opportunity to see what incompetent grand-standers Arnold and Compton really are.


LOL. People who care about their community(compton and arnold) vs. people who try to extract and extort(hill and gibson) from their community is an interesting way to define grandstanding.


The problem here is, SF, the general populous is not smart enough to detect the stupidity. That’s why those who win elections do so by putting up the largest signs. They know how dumb most voters are and play to that fact. Most voters won’t even notice the incompetence. All they care about is, “Did my team win the Superbowl…or did my Party win the election?” Same stupid smell…no thought involved!


Oh, I agree !

The general populous is as smart as a pile of dog droppings …maybe even less so.

We’re dealing with dolts here, and they’re everywhere in Stupidistan, i.e. America.


TO Slowerfaster and Justducky—I am wondering, aren’t you part of the general populace as well?? Curious attack on people who want transparency and honesty in their government leaders. This “dolt” as you refer to others who are not you, is going to continue to work for change whether you like it or not, whether or not you think I am dolt, or whether or not you call me, and others who are not you names equally insulting. I believe that if given a chance, Hill and Gibson would use the same language you are using to describe the general populace—maybe you are Hill or Gibson—maybe not, but you are clearly aligned with people who are not interested in hearing from the public.


LeAnn – I have no problem with the public speaking out during Public Comment. That is why we have Public Comment. If you think that I am referring to you personally as a dolt, I’m sorry. I was not necessarily referring to anyone on this website.

However, I am aware that many uninformed people go to the polls and vote when they shouldn’t. If I know nothing about an issue or a person I leave it blank when I vote. Either I research something/someone VERY thoroughly or I don’t feel I should vote at all in that area. I wish all people would function this way but they don’t. I had a typical voter tell me one time that she voted for a particular individual because theirs was the last sign that she saw before she went into the polling place.

I hate to have to say this but in my experience this is VERY typical. How do you think someone like Obama got elected. If people really took the time to personally investigate this guy (I did) most would never have voted for him. Now many are beginning to see the light, but a little too late.


Ducky, there are a lot of politicians, locally and nationally, that rely on the ignorance of the voter otherwise, they would never get reelected over and over.


Of course, and there was one Republican running for Supervisor in District 4 who counted equally on the stupidity of voters and it worked out just fine for her. And I’m sure she’ll play the same stinking game the next time around.


George Carlin ( Warning: Strong Language ) …



Well, SF your second link didn’t work, but love Carlin and the first link was right on…except Dan Quail was just stupid and FOS…not nuts. Nuts is a lot worst than Dan Quail…it’s OBAMA!


The February 3, 2015, BOS rearrangement was a good step in the right direction, but an even better step is to NOT re-elect Mr. Gibson ever again! Removal is ultimately the permanent solution. District 2 voters simply missed their mark. When Bruce was up for re-election, registered voters made the unfortunate decision to either not vote or they cast votes bringing Gibson back for another FOUR-YEAR round of deceitful politics. It takes effort and determination to replace an incumbent, but it can be done. In this case, by all means, it SHOULD have been done.


Hopefully the voters will dump Mr. Hill in his next election and then without Mr. Gibson ever serving as chairman or vice-chair again he can be replaced in 4 years, getting him out of office before then would be a long shot unless he is unable to control his personality and his regular childness behavior becomes enough for his voters to want him out sooner


I’d like to think that we could replace gibson before his term is up but that is really doubtful,I don’t think that we could convince the ill informed that voted him in to vote him out at half time, the best shot we have is to dump hill this next go around.


Interesting…No mention of this in the TRIB.

In any event we have shown the petty tyrant wannabe Gibson that his power is fleeting. As far as that perverted deviant sociopath Hill, well he needs to put away somewhere for good. In reality both should be run out of town on a rail.


SSS – The Tribune’s David Sneed posted this yesterday: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2015/02/03/3473627/supervisors-chair-arnold-compton.html


There is an article about this in the Trib.