IRS to pay refunds to illegal immigrants

February 16, 2015

sales taxNon-taxpaying illegal immigrants will be eligible to receive tax refunds once they receive Social Security numbers, the IRS chief told Congress last week. [Washington Times]

As many as 4 million illegal immigrants may now receive work permits and Social Security numbers under President Barack Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty program. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified to the U.S. House oversight committee on Wednesday that the 4 million undocumented immigrants could receive refunds whether or not they pay any taxes.

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program allows low-income workers to apply for IRS refunds. If low-income illegal immigrants can prove that they worked, whether on the books or off the books, they can receive tax refunds from the EITC program, Koskinen said.

Additionally, immigrants who used substitute social security numbers in order to pay taxes will become eligible for refunds when they obtain proper social security numbers, Koskinen said. About 700,000 illegal immigrants currently work and pay taxes.

Koskinen told the oversight committee that he does not know how much money the IRS will have to pay out in refunds to illegal immigrants and that the White House did not consult him prior to adopting the amnesty program. The maximum annual credit for non-taxpayers is between $500 and $600 per individual.


SO …What about the illegal employers ?

Shouldn’t we put these crooks in prison ?


How can it be called a Tax Refund when no taxes are paid in to begin with? Call it what it is a Cash Give-a-way. Or as Karl Marx would say: From each according to their ability (tax the rich). To each according to their needs (welfare).


Immigrants with TIN numbers have been filing false income taxes for years. They cost us over SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS a year by claiming dependents they don’t have. The IRS and our govt. knows about this and DOES NOTHING!! Tax preparers have notified the IRS that clients are claiming 12 kids with phony social security numbers and they rake in thousands a year. A 19 year old claimed 9 dependents and got his thousands anyway. A bill was presented to Harry Reid to put an end to this fraud but he claimed no problem existed. The child tax credit scam grows every year as more illegals learn about it. Yet if this were you or me we would be hounded by the IRS endlessly.

Jorge Estrada

I think I know susieq and she is spot on with years of data.


Hey, since they can get a drivers license, and therewith can register to vote, why shouldn’t they get tax refunds?


Anyone truly deserving of a tax refund should be able to avail themselves of it.

Driver’s licenses does not qualify voting rights. I know of several foreign nationals that are professors here ( Cal Poly ), and they have DL’s, but can’t vote because they are not American citizens.


@ slow,

Wake up man!

And prove your citation; “Driver’s licenses does not qualify voting rights. I know of several foreign nationals that are professors here ( Cal Poly ), and they have DL’s, but can’t vote because they are not American citizens.”

You work in higher education do you? That speaks volumes of who you are.


Never said that. I wouldn’t tell you to wake up, because you would still be stupid.

Jorge Estrada

The sleeping voters chose this by not getting their lazy asses out of bed. Congrats to those that risk everything and move here and grow our food, cut our grass, build our homes and more for cash.


A refund even if no taxes were paid? What’s not to like about that?

How long can the IRS pay refunds to those who don’t pay into the system?

For as long as we keep paying OUR taxes.


You have it backwards. Payroll and FICA taxes are collected from undocumented workers, but they can’t collect refunds legitimately due because of their status and not filing.

Even cash/contract workers have taxes withheld, or are supposed to. Of course, unscrupulous employers may never report or send those ‘taxes’ to the gov’t and just pocket the fund for themselves. They’re crooks ( the employers ) anyway, so why not ?

Undocumented workers are a symptom of the problem.

The problem are the businesses and crooks that hire the undocumented …often at slave wages

These criminals are UnAmerican and belong in prison.


Payroll and FICA are only withheld if they are paid above board….no one withholds these amounts for the people getting paid under the table….


SF you have it wrong, the only taxes withheld from illegal workers are social security, medicare and state disability. No one gets a refund of those taxes, legal or illegal. What this new group now qualifies for is both the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit neither of which was paid in, but rather it is welfare for people with children and limited earned income. Cash/contract workers do not have taxes withheld nor are they supposed to.


Isoslo, you got it part right, but workers (and I say workers because they are doing real work in kitchens, fields, shops, lumber yards and on and on) do get income taxes withheld from their paychecks just like you and I.

Here’s how it works.

They get a fake SSN which they use with their employer or labor contractor who doesn’t bother to check if the SSN is real with eVerify. And eVerify and I-9s are required by law. The beginning of the chain is a corrupt employer who gives employment to someone “not authorized to work in this country” and who doesn’t have a valid SSN.

So next they work and get a paycheck.

Then February comes around and they get their W-2 and they want to get their taxes filed so they get their refund and the Child Tax Credit.

They can’t file a tax return with the fake SSN that belongs to some dead person, but they can file a tax return if they get an ITIN, an Individual Tax Id Number.

But you can’t get EIC using only an ITIN, but you can get a Child Tax Credit of $1,000 per child.

Easy to get an ITIN. You can get a temporary one when you file your taxes and the IRS will send you an official one. That’s so the IRS now has you in their records associated with that fake ID in case you work again and have taxes withheld. It gives you an “account” with the IRS.

And so you pay your income taxes, get a refund, and maybe get the child tax credit. All because the employer didn’t refuse you employment because you weren’t legal, but you did the work.

So the new law will give people who earned the income doing real work the right to the EIC. What you really want to complain about is that having a legitimate SSN will get you in the system for SSDI which is where the real fraud is.


Except they file exempt from withholding and end up with no income taxes withheld from their paychecks


Or claim 10 dependents. You pay almost 0 tax that way too.

Extremely Stoic

The EITC is nothing new, it just hadn’t been made available to the illegals up to now. I did a tax return a few years back for a greencarder who took most of his income under the table. He paid no tax and because he had two kids, he got a sizable check due to EITC.


Who didn’t know this was going to happen?


must be nice do not do a lick of work in the UNITED STATES and we hand you money , I think its time for the tax REVOLT


Are you going to revolt against the tax cheating billionaires and corporate fascists that have sucked TRILLIONS out of the US economy, stolen from the rest of us …mostly the now moribund and overworked ‘middle class’, while parking the monies in the Cayman’s and Switzerland and shipping decent manufacturing jobs overseas to China and other 3rd world slave states ?

Are you a true patriot, or just another nativist pawn ?

Extremely Stoic

Same tune, different day, SF. I send your rants to my friends on Texas for the entertainment value.


Hah, I’m in central Texas adding some panels for my sister and bro in law solar and you are dead right about how these Texans view the liberal rants. I tell you, dinner table conversation here is absolutely DELIGHTFUL and sensible. Long live Rick Perry!


It’s sad when people are so xenophobic that they are willing to overlook their own kind stealing their house and car because they are too busy chasing down someone foreign for stealing a loaf of bread.


You would feel differently if you made your living selling loaves of bread.


Here is an example of why trolling with your leftist dogma is counterproductive. You actually have a VERY good point here but your reputation makes you decidedly not credible for many people who don’t let either side of the primary political divide dictate what they think.


I used to stand up for the dummies that got pushed around and fell for the propaganda of their oppressors.

No longer. They deserve their fate. That fate is starvation and destitution. They choose it. I choose not to be stupid. Reputation is way down the list for me when it comes to survival. IOW …I don’t give a damn what asshats think of me.


It is possible to criticize the fallacies of the Republicans without endorsing those of the Democrats. Try it sometime.


Same old argument….those rich people are the reason for everyone else’s shortfall…BS. I don’t particularly like some having billions while the rest of us struggle, but rather than blame the rich for being rich i am more interested in figuring out how we can make more people rich, not how to make more people poor.


Yeah, patriots indeed…how many out of ten homeless are Veterans, and were giving what to law breaking, disease carrying, gang banging shits who have done NOTHING for our society?


Name one tax cheating billionaire, rather i suspect that the billionaires pay the majority of the taxes. The government sucks trillions out of the economy, while corporations have added trillions to the economy. It is government who steals from us, not US businesses. They rarely hide money in tax havens. But i do agree that they have shipped jobs overseas, mostly because they bought off all of the legislature in Washington, starting with Barack and Joe


Billionaires also tend to employ thousands of people who pay taxes.

Can the same be said for those who come here illegally, collect welfare, use our ER’s like a doctor’s office, don’t attempt to speak the language, etc.

Compare the two and its clear to see which of them contributes more.


You must have a reading problem, The EITC is the EARNED income tax credit. You must WORK to get it.


Well, they do have to “prove” they worked in the US to get the benefits and any of them may have even paid taxes under a phony Soc Sec. number. However, I do agree that this is going too far.


Are immigrants lazy leeches living off the system, or are they stealing our jobs? You can’t have it both ways, unless you switch to help out your most recent narrative.

Extremely Stoic

A magnet for those with their hand out.