Adam Hill attempts to stifle public comment

March 18, 2015

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill accused Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB) spokesman Mike Brown of bringing “bloviating foolishness” to meetings of the board of supervisors.

Hill made the remark while calling for a public hearing on Brown’s private meetings with supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton. The comment set off a few minutes of heated exchange between board members.

“These are people that take time out of their day that come to the meetings and speak, and to chastise somebody from the public is beyond ridiculous,” Compton said in response to Hill.

“My response is that he is a lobbyist that meets with you every week. Don’t conflate the issue with the citizens,” Hill said.adam hill

During the exchange, Brown got up from his seat in the audience, called for a “point of order,” and approached the public comment microphone. Arnold, the board chair, said she agreed with Brown’s call for a point of order, but she did not award him a chance to respond to Hill.

Supervisor Frank Mecham attempted to diffuse the tensions by calling for a 10-minute break from the meeting. The board carried on with the meeting, though.

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One can never go wrong underestimating the integrity of Gibson and Hill.

If Gibson and Hill have nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be suppressing public comment.

Here is something that no one has brought up yet,with Frank not going to run again whats

to stop A Hill from having secret coffee meetings with another Caren Cay from Franks district

to try to get another useless zit to run in Franks place,just what we the taxpayers of SLO

county need,please San Luis and South county need to get behind someone to take hills


You are aware Debbie Peterson has announced her candidacy for Hill’s seat, right?

Rumor has it others are also considering a run. Adam will not slide back in.

The more candidates the more debate.

Bring it on!

Well, what do you know?

Elevate the debate!!! Go Debbie! Go Dan!!!!

District 3 is fortunate now to have two choices other than A Hill.

Debbie or Dan would be head-and-shoulders above Hill IMO.

They are decent, caring people, and either one would serve the residents in an honorable and respectable fashion.

BOS meetings would once again return to civil, get down to business meetings rather than the drama brought forth by Hill and his sidekick Gibson.

I hope the residents of District 3 are as excited for the possibilities as others in the county are!

I would like to see CCN do a public records request for the calendar of people who have met with Hill and Gibson for the past year.

Likely near the top of the list would be Gary Grosman

You know, if it wasn’t for the likes of Hill and Gibson, I doubt there would even be a COLAB.

Hill has one of his petulant meltdowns and COLAB gets a few more new members.

Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if COLAB didn’t somehow work behind the scenes to keep A.Hill in office just to keep their supporters galvanized.

If you created a reality TV show based on SLO County Government you couldn’t sell the idea to a producer…..they’d say it was to far fetched.

I think I’m gonna check out COLAB’s annual fundraiser next week.

Elected officials meet with lobbyists all the time. Isn’t Tom Jonesf

functioning as a lobbyist for PGE and he is probably paid more then Brown is paid by COLAB.

God, I love this new BOS!

Adam, no swill, no shill, and not even Hill will be able to abuse the women of this new board.

You’re not even in their league. Do everyone a favor and consider retirement BEFORE you make a bigger fool of yourself and are eventually run out of town.