California judges must steer clear of the Boy Scouts

March 18, 2015

boy scoutsThe California Supreme Court has ruled that state court judges may no longer belong to the Boy Scouts of America. [NPR]

An existing law bans judges from belonging to groups that discriminate based on sexual orientation. The Supreme Court ruling rids a section of the law that has exempted participation in youth groups with discriminatory polices.

After facing years of pressure, the Boy Scouts recently reversed a longstanding policy prohibiting openly gay youth from joining the organization. But, the BSA still bans homosexual adults from serving as troop leaders.

The Supreme Court decision does not apply to religious organizations. Judges can still belong to any religious organization regardless of its discriminatory policies.

The ruling gives California judges one year to cut their ties with the Boy Scouts.

That irks some judges, like San Diego’s Julia Kelety who serves as a scout leader.

“The issue is whether individual judges can choose in their private lives to be involved in an organization that has tremendous qualities and provides tremendous support for young people,” Keltety said. “I don’t think a person appearing in my court would think that I’m biased or unfair simply because I help my sons out in their Boy Scout troop.”

Robert Glusman, the former president of the California Judges Association, said he supports the ban.

“Would a judge be able to join an organization where black men could not be part of the organization?” Glusman said. “I don’t think that would be as close a question.”

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Yet, judges are allowed to be Democrats?

Can a heterosexual male prostitute skip a trip to jail? Or is that another story? I’m lost and confused. Did I miss something?

Have any other organizations been banned? Does anyone know?

Is it okay to be a member of NAMBLA, La Raza, the Communist Party of the US, ISIS?

you forgot girl scouts

Give me a break! SO you discriminate against an organization for having their own views? Whats next? Churches? Besides the fact it’s on their own personal time! Things are so crazy these days. TO EACH THEIR OWN

Ya ! we would not want our judges to be influenced by an organization that touts morals and truth and the importance of integrity. We as a society are so circling the drain.

Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Boy Scouts party? The next version of McCarthyism? Brought to us by the not-so-tolerant left.

We will not tolerate intolerance, and we will discriminate against those who discriminate. That said, it’s the 21st century and i personally feel that homophobia is one of the sillier phobias. But understanding comes by way of getting conflicting ideas out into the open, seeking solutions to problems, and separating fact and truth from prejudice and fear. While i don’t want the judges calling the shots to be bigots, disallowing any type of membership will not prevent said bigotry from influencing judicial decisions. Instead, disallowed behaviors will simply be driven into the closet and ignorance will continue to fester.

Oh, and i didn’t mean to imply that being a member of bsa necessarily makes you a biggot.

Rich complained “The US Constitution and your freedom is under attack blah, blah, blah…”

Give me a break. This decision can at most effect less than 1 out of every 15,000 Californian.

If any reader is both a judge and a member of BSA, please chime in.

So, what you are saying is that it is O.K. to stomp on the civil rights of small groups? Got it.

Your short sightedness is impressive. Do you not see the slow erosion of our rights and the growing influence of government. You are a member of the growing population of sheeple.

Loved your comment. I’m so appalled that a man in his private time can’t be part of the Boy Scouts of America. Their reasoning is further proof of an eroding America where the blended lines take us to new disgusting lows in the morals we teach our boys. Pathetic!

Keep sippin’ that kool-aid comrade.

This is how these nuts think. It’s not affecting my freedom, so screw them.

Then it’s another 1 out of 15,000.

Next week it’s 5 more people and before you know it our 4th Amendment is trashed and the Government can spy on you without a warrant all it wants.

But excuse me for standing up for the Constitutional freedoms that our forefathers bleed for…as long as my freedoms are intact I’m ok with screwing the other guy…disgusting.

“Would a judge be able to join an organization where black men could not be part of the organization?” Glusman said. “I don’t think that would be as close a question.”

If Glusman thinks these two instances are alike he is dead wrong. This whole thing is getting ridiculous. It won’t be long before one will need to pay a fine for not being gay.

The US Constitution and your freedom is under attack.

You have now lost your right to free assembly guaranteed by the US Constitution in the State of California.

Yawn….will anyone notice…..

Yawn?, BS, many know what’s going on but California has to many nuetered voters or just plain sissies until it affects them. Then they cry, “oh stop that”.

Spot on Jorge!