Fatal head-on accident near Paso Robles

March 23, 2015

CHP@Two people were killed and two others injured Monday in a head-on collision at the intersection of State Route 41 and State Route 46 in San Luis Obispo County east of Paso Robles.

Shortly before 7 a.m., witnesses reported the crash. CalFire officials said one person is trapped in a vehicle.

Information on the cause of the deadly accident is not yet available. CalCoastNews will bring you information about the crash as it becomes available.

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People need to SLOW DOWN. I am constantly dismayed as people zoom past when I’m driving in dense fog. It is so incredibly reckless. Even in the dark of a moonless night they go down the road above the speed limit leaving them absolutely no time to avoid an impact if anything goes into their path. Then there are the idiots that don’t turn on their headlights.

It was very foggy this morning at 41/46 junction. Anyone who has driven EB 46 to NB 41 before knows the left turn lane to Parkfield is just prior to the left turn to 41, and is easily confused. I surmise from the scene that the EB driver started to take the earlier Parkfield left, then realizing, continued in the WB lane toward 41, where he met the WB driver in the fog.

CHP investigations are unbeatable, and the precise mechanism will be determined.

EB driver not paying attention.

I suppose that could explain being in the WB lane. CHP will figure it out, that’s certain.

$100 says the W/B driver didn’t have their headlights on and E/B didn’t see them. Foggy and dawn light at the time. It is unbelievable how many fools drive around in inclement weather and in near dark conditions without headlights being on!

Why don’t they notify us of these James Dean re-enactments in advance?

Pretty much same circs. EB driver turning left in from of WB traffic at Hwy 41.

Perspicacious, what an insensitive remark. The family of the deceased comes to this site to be comforted and they will read your horrible remark. Absolutely pathetic. You should be ashamed.

Oh, for heaven’s sake. The comment was obviously tongue-in-cheek.

LOL! So was the reply. Read the name.

Yes…but how appropriate is “tongue and cheek“ at a time when two people died.

Chill. Even the Trombone mentioned James Dean in its report.