ISIS allegedly sets its sights on Solvang

March 27, 2015

isis flagThe Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is reportedly targeting a resident of Solvang who is an active member or veteran of either the U.S. Navy or Air Force. [KEYT]

A hacking group affiliated with ISIS has released a kill list that names military personnel and their hometowns. Cities in at least 23 states appear on the list.

Solvang is one of six California cities that made the list. Newbury Park in Ventura County is another.

Vandenberg Air Force Base is located approximately 30 miles away from Solvang.

ISIS is reportedly encouraging sympathizers to kill the targeted military personnel.

Solvang Mayor Jim Richardson is a former Air Force computer specialist. Richardson said he does not want people to panic, but does want them to be aware.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office says it is taking action and wants the public to be vigilant. The FBI is also working with federal, state and local partners to address the threats.

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Get real.

This is just assinine.

It’s already a jihad. It’s already hit anybody anywhere they can. So talking trash after making it known you already want to kill everyone not with you is worthless redundant rhetoric.

It makes them look the pathetic nutjobs they are.

The Bergdahls left town years ago. Hope that helps.

If the US wants to end terrorism, it should probably stop creating them. That being said, sad and disconcerting that groups like ISIS feel they must emulate the US and its allies in committing acts of violence. I’d rather they take a non-violent approach, then again, I haven’t witnessed my families and little children being blown into a thousand bloody pieces, beheaded, and or engulfed in flames from US killer drones….

Uninformed. Neutered from truth by the media you absorb which is mainly and unequivocally humanist and antiChrist.

Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

It is not the USA. It is man. In a fallen and sinful world in which we live.

Proverbs 19:21 – [There are] many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.

The Lord our God controls all of His creation.

Wait, so are you saying that Jesus’s response would be to pour on the violence? I’m not saying there aren’t serious complexities involved with deciding whether or not to go to war, but it’s a little ironic that you use religion to justify violence against a group because they use religion to justify violence, and then you claim the moral high ground.

Maybe you should join up. They are always looking for recruits that hate the great satan

We should be constructing a HUGE border fence and hiring border security YESTERDAY. Reagan’s amnesty of 1986 was supposed to make a fence and no more illegal immigration happen. Our southern border allows an easy opening for terrorists to freely come through our borders.

We can use recycled materials, old concrete as filler for rock walls, hire some unemployed people, get some low wage Sheriff Arpaio pink prisoners, get some Welfare to work people to work on that wall. They can all get some job skills.

One of these days these ISIS people will pull a US citizen right off our streets. Why not? Why couldn’t it happen right here in the US? All it would take is just the right place at the right time.

If you think I sound tin foil hat like, rewind back to September 10th, 2001 and ask yourself if you thought terrorists would simultaneously be able to hijack 4 planes and crash them in the US……

The border issue is a separate one — at least to this point. Neither the 9-11 hijackers nor any other of the known Islamic terrorist sympathizers have entered the country that way. It might be an option for them if we can actually stop them from other ways of entering but the worst threats illegally crossing the border from Mexico now are the violent drug gang members.

The ISIS types (and similar overseas terrorist groups) come in on tourist or student visas or in other ways that are currently “legal.” While there may be some options for restricting that, those options have some major consequences in terms of international relations as they would also affect vast numbers of real tourists, business travelers and others seeking to enter the US for legitimate purposes.

Personally, I think that we will not be able to stop all terrorist activities within our borders without becoming the type of totalitarian state with which they seem to be so enamored. Life in this world is risky. We can manage the risks to a degree but need to take a long careful look at unintended consequences when we do. I am not willing to trade security from occasional attacks by terrorists based across the oceans for steady encroachments on freedom by the “Big Brother” elements in our own society. The initial downside of increasing central government control is not as dramatic as a terrorist action every few years, but there will come a time when our society can no longer be described as free in any meaningful way if we continue on the road of reliance on government for all security.

That’s your opinion, I respect your right to voice it.

But as a side note, there was a documentary done relating to the southern border in which landowners have found literature in Arabic, a few Kurans, signs out there in other languages (like Chinese) telling people where to find water.

Another aspect to consider is bioterrorism. Again, sounds tin-foil hat ish, but when you think of how disease is spread, it IS possible. It would simply take patience and planningon their part.

Scary. We are dealing with arguably the best equipped and most dangerous guerilla groups ever, while being led by the least aware and most questionably focused President ever. Former ambassador today said the U.S. is in a “free-fall” situation.

And I still can’t get back my doctors, or old Anthem 27 year plan. Ted Nugent, 2016?

“Ted Nugent, 2016?”

Of course, supporting a pedophile, chicken hawk, draft dodging, multiple poacher makes perfect sense…

And you, snake, support an Anglophobe, mindlessly narcissistic dove, responsibility-and constitutionality-dodging, multiple middle-east government toppler? The closet-Isis enabler? Look the other way while Isis grows strong and vicious? I’ll go with Nugent first, thank you.

P.S. Where is the conviction for pedophilia by Nugent? Didn’t know about that.

Peaceful religion my butt!

Hmm. You would think that all of these terrorist groups would eventually learn that these sorts of tactics only increase investment in militaristic means of resolving conflict. Will it take another 15 years before this message finally sinks in? Unity through fear.

Naw this can’t be…our fearless leader said they were a JV team…