Lucia Mar teacher strike still a possibility

March 2, 2015

teacher1A meeting of school district and union representatives on Friday failed to resolve the ongoing dispute over Lucia Mar teacher pay.

The Lucia Mar teachers are threatening to strike if they do not receive a 10 percent raise. Administrators of the South County school district have offered the teachers a 2 percent pay increase.

On Friday, a panel consisting of a district representative, a union representative and a third-party moderator convened for a fact-finding meeting. The hearing resulted in a call for another meeting on March 25, which is two days prior to the due date for the panel’s final report.

A mediation attempt also took place Friday. It ended with negotiators failing to reach a preliminary contract agreement.

Earlier in the week, the teachers union held a rally, which about 400 people attended. Teachers, students and parents marched in support of the union, walking from Arroyo Grande High School to the Lucia Mar district offices prior to a board meeting.

The school board met in closed session on Tuesday, but no new developments emerged from that hearing.

The average Lucia Mar teacher currently receives an annual salary of about $61,000. Lucia Mar teachers received a 2 percent raise in 2012-2013 and a 4.3 percent bump in pay in 2013-2014.

If they receive just a 2 percent salary increase in the current round of negotiations, the teachers’ pay will have jumped by more than 8 percent over the last three years.

A contract dispute between the San Luis Coastal school district and its teachers’ union appears to be winding down. The two sides reached a tentative agreement last week that would grant teachers a 4 percent raise at the cost of about $1.4 million annually to the district.

“Thirty-nine teachers have accepted a golden handshake which equals 65 percent of their highest pay, “District Trustee Colleen Martin said.

Rich in MB

Notice if you will that all the people brave enough to comment are against the Teacher Union Thugs getting the raise.

But those that disagree and thus clicking the Dislike button don’t have the courage to state WHY the teachers should get more pay!

They can’t state their case because they HAVE NO CASE….all they have is Union Greed!


1. Lucia Mar is situated between SLO and Santa Maria districts which are compensating their staff members by $5-20,000 more. For those of us who were born and raised here and care about the future of the LMUSD, that’s not a good sign! Do we really want our kids and grandkids educated in the district that pays the least?

2. Many teachers and administrators have left the LMUSD for these higher paying districts. At least four SLO Coastal principals have come from the LMUSD. Probably a third of all SLOHS math teachers came from the LMUSD. Many great AP teachers, coaches, curriculum leaders, etc have all gone north to “greener” pastures! We’re a “farm team” for SLO and SM!

3. District priorities are another reason the LMUSD staff is disgruntled. Instead of investing in the biggest factor in a child’s successful education, i.e. the teacher and the classroom, the district has abandoned its “lean and mean” approach and has gone for glitz while investing in dubious pet projects and programs.


Ummmmmmmmm maybe the teachers union should look at this:


And, remember, teachers also get a step increase each year. In addition, they can get increases for taking more college classes.

Mr. Holly

Where are the Ronald Reagans? Remember the air traffic controllers?

Mr. Holly

I think that as part of the qualification process all educators should be required to take an economics course. Maybe they will learn that if you spend more money than you make you will eventually fail.

All school districts should be ran by and economic administrator and not an educator. Most school districts are financial disasters. How can you let buildings deterioate year after year and no one takes responsibility for it.


Welcome to the government……. It’s motto should be “Where there is no accountability, and it always someone elses fault”


Can we, as taxpayers, strike for LOWER pay packages for District administrators and pension reforms? I am all for Unions in the private sector, where each side is represented and motivated to fight for their sides, but I am failing to see who is arguing on behalf of the taxpayer when these public sector employees (“workers” if you’re a socialist) decide to further fleece the public coffers.


If you want lots of money don’t be a teacher, but remember you get lots of benefits and vacation the average worker doesn’t.


The benefits are part of the overall compensation package, which include paying you for the rest of your life when you no longer work, which, for can be for 30 years.

The package is quite lucrative when all of the bennies are taken into consideration.



My employer is open 364 days every year.

We are closed on Christmas, ONLY Christmas.

Wonder how many teachers would be willing to trade for a more traditional work schedule?

I’m not sure teachers realize just how many regular folks would LOVE to have their benefit packages, which when compared to many in the community are extremely generous. This must be taken into consideration when considering pay. Most among us would be happy with ANY type of raise, 10%, when half the kids they teach are receiving free lunch? Imagine what it’s like to live on the income of those who will be paying for this raise.

Most Lucia Mar teachers have been good about not involving their students in this matter, but for those who have, shame on you.

Adults have no business sending kids out to do their bidding, or to garner sympathy votes.


If the teachers do chooses to strike, they will be the losers. Losers on their retirement and losers of respect from the community.

Google it up: San Ysidro ended up with 1% after their strike and lost all their ground.

Get to the table and hammer out a deal. Enough is enough!

Rich in MB

“If they receive just a 2 percent salary increase in the current round of negotiations, the teachers’ pay will have jumped by more than 8 percent over the last three years.”

ha ha ha…don’t they realize how crazy they look. They got a 8% pay raise in the last few years and are bitching and moaning and threatening a strike for MORE!!

How dare these Teachers. This is what gives THEM and their Unions a Bad Name!

Let them strike…burn it down folks. This Teachers Entitlement has got to Stop!

Rich in MB

oh and if the Teacher’s Union didn’t have this BS Senority based pay scale then the new blood and energy teachers could be paid more but all the Union cares about is senority based pay!

Screw the new young energetic teachers in favor of the Union Protection Scheme! These Teacher Unions Disgust me.


Because they have NEVER worked in the real world,

teachers are in the clouds to salary and what is appropriate.


None. Thought so.

Whoever is leading this cause need to wake up and smell how good they have it!


Demanding a 10% raise these days? Not a chance.

Do unions get a cut of this, or is this just so they can charge more in dues?