Morro Bay attorney charged with embezzlement

March 4, 2015
John Patrick Fennacy

John Patrick Fennacy

A Morro Bay attorney was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony grand theft by embezzlement, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

John Patrick Fennacy, 50, specializes in estate planning, was a former Morro Bay planning commissioner and is the co-owner of the Brickhouse BBQ. The district attorney charged him with embezzling more than $65,000.

According to the district attorney, Fennacy embezzled the money from a family trust account from Nov. 2012 through Nov. 2013. Fennacy faces a sentence of between 16 months to four years in jail if found guilty.

Fennacy surrendered to authorities on Wednesday and then was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. He was released after posting $85,000 bail.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on March 5.


BBQ with dirty money. Stinky sauce. Total Bum.


A lawyer. Who could ever guess.

honest abe

This really is too bad…cuz I really liked the garlic bread at his BBQ joint which will probably end up closing.


Innocent until proven guilty~


Too bad those that have made it their mission to discredit the current mayor don’t follow the same advice.

Kevin Rice

Questions of law and matters of policy are entirely different issues.


At CCN? What a novel idea!


Lawyer, politician, crook. Put it on your tombstone Johnny.


Hardly a buddy of Irons. He was one of the group that led the failed recall effort.


A crooked conservative? This is shocking.


Crooked goes both ways.


This is sad news….but we must remember that it has not been proven in a court of law as of yet. If after that….then this is more than sad. I hope this is just not true.


How the hell does a comment advocating the concept of innocence until proven guilty get 11 dislikes? Oh, that’s right – it’s Morro Bay talking.


Why do Morro Bay discussions always seem to deteriorate faster than any others? Already we’re complaining about our posts, accusing the man’s ribs of polluting the air, blaming him for both sides of the political divide, and talking bad about the dead (Broshears), and the story just broke a few hours ago.


My ribs pollute the air…his ribs smell heavenly…