Morro Bay attorney charged with embezzlement

March 4, 2015
John Patrick Fennacy

John Patrick Fennacy

A Morro Bay attorney was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony grand theft by embezzlement, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

John Patrick Fennacy, 50, specializes in estate planning, was a former Morro Bay planning commissioner and is the co-owner of the Brickhouse BBQ. The district attorney charged him with embezzling more than $65,000.

According to the district attorney, Fennacy embezzled the money from a family trust account from Nov. 2012 through Nov. 2013. Fennacy faces a sentence of between 16 months to four years in jail if found guilty.

Fennacy surrendered to authorities on Wednesday and then was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. He was released after posting $85,000 bail.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on March 5.


Yeah I like those Ribs too. Hey…I wonder why my postings don’t show up on the board for hours. I can tell by going on my tablet. Later postings get placed before mine and then my post shows up hours later in the first post position. Is it the same for you all? My apologies if It seems as if I’m repeating one of your posts..but I most likely posted it first. I guess my opinion here has to be scrutinized by the moderator before it gets posted. How silly is that? Maybe I spoke too soon about donations.


Actually, Fennacy was added to the planning commission by

Mayor William Yates, Councilmembers Carla Borchard, Nancy Johnson, George League & Noah Smukler. Fennacy left the planning commission post once his buddies got voted out of office. The building where Fennacys BBQ business is still located belonged to Dan Reddell. For whatever reasons, cough, cough, Reddell ( allegedly) let Fennacy use the building in a prime location, free of charge…..Hummm. I’m sure it was pure coincidence Reddell was attempting to build on a controversial site that was stalled due to lawsuits and needed planning commission approval, which he got. I would consider that a bribe. That’s how business has been done in Morro Bay for years. The backroom deals in the good ole boy network come floating to the surface. If CCN digs deeper there’s much more from this time period when Andrea Leuker and Rob Shultz once held court of the inner circle, before being terminated. Lots of favors.


Damn it I like that barbeque!


Another Lee Broshears.


Now we know how him and his wife took all of their wonderful trips! SCUM BAG! And yes Mr. Smith thanks for quoting something from the “Fibune” after all they are a reliable source.


¿¿¿Something in the MB water affects your integrity???

Jack Smith

From the Tribune article…”He was known as an organizer of the recall effort against Irons, which started in October 2013 but failed over the following three months to collect enough signatures to put the issue on a ballot.”


Mr. Smith, with all due respect…The Tribune? AKA The “Fibune” which spoon feeds you what they call news? You must be kidding us! Skate on!


Funny how CCN left that out.

Kevin Rice

Funny how the Trombone felt it needed to be stated twice in six paragraphs.


Fennacy and his wife Brenda are listed among the signers of the first Irons recall petition. The list is probably still available from the City Clerk and the County Clerk-Recorder.


Yet another fine upstanding Morro Bay citizen that was on the planning commission a few years back. Maybe that’s how he was allowed to put a BBQ eatery in the center of town that continually blows overwhelming amounts of smoke into other businesses, forcing them to close doors and windows denying them fresh air. Again, it’s who you know in Morro Bay. Alas, All is well in Morro Bay as they still have Aaron Ochs to help out.


Crap there goes my favorite Rib joint…

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