SLO’s sex offender on Craigslist dodges prison stint

March 10, 2015

Robert RoeA registered sex offender who used Craigslist to solicit sex with underage women in San Luis Obispo received a six-month jail sentence after accepting a plea deal on Monday.

Robert George Roe, 55, pleaded no contest to a single felony charge of arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes, according to a San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office press release. Roe faced a second felony charge and a possible state prison sentence prior to accepting the plea agreement.

Last week, police found Roe naked in a San Luis Obispo hotel room where he was waiting for a 16-year-old girl to arrive. A police detective posing as a teenage girl seeking sex arranged the encounter with Roe.

The female detective called Roe on his cell phone in response to an ad he posted on Craigslist that asked “young girls” to meet for sex. Roe included a photo of his genitals in the Craigslist ad.

Roe’s plea deal places him on formal probation and requires him to register as a sex offender. He is already a registered sex offender in Arizona.

In 1987, Roe was convicted of molesting a minor in Arizona, according to San Luis Obispo police.

Roe is scheduled to appear in court for a formal sentencing hearing on April 6.

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Absurd. DA pleads out nearly everything to avoid trials. I get it for drug cases and property crimes but I thought sex crimes were one of the things actually taken seriously. I’ve seen people get stiffer punishments for way less. This guys a real dirt bag that needs to be removed from society. Maybe one of those hardcore homeboys who were realigned into county jail will give him what should be coming.

Did this case interfere with the DAs golf game?

Convicted child molester

Found naked expecting to meet and have sex with a 16 year old

Within 1 week of his arrest, the DA takes a plea deal?! ! WEEK?

Why? He must have had a amazing reason to be naked while soliciting minors for sex and posting his penis?

This disgusts me beyond comprehension. The DA needs to be held accountable for this dirtbags next victim. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Words are escaping me at the idiocy of this DA.

I certainly think that CCN should dig further into this and give us the name of the person in the DAs office who made this fine decision. WOW! But Don’t worry folks, Mayor Jan is taking a strong stance and protecting us from people standing on rooftops! All is well.

Dan Dowd promised swift justice for these misfits…it could have been swifter (4/6

sentencing) and a longer prison term. Don’t disappoint us Dan!!

Dan suckered you in Amigo…I saw this coming 100 liberal miles away…it is in there DNA to go soft on criminals, it’s who they are and who Dan Dow is showing to be!

What next time served for Rape?

Castrate this MF’er!!!

Why o why was this plea-bargained down? He’ll be out in less than six months due to realignment and overcrowding. Why wasn’t a move back to Arizona included in the plea bargain? This is very disappointing! When he molests his next victim, we are all set for another costly lawsuit here. Unreal!

Six months is just crazy! What is he the DA’s uncle or something?? Send this guy BACK to AZ after he serves his 6 month vacation on our bill.

Does anybody know why we are now getting these mental defects from Arizona (remember the guy who sucker punched a store clerk)?

Better bennies in CA!

Six months, then what?

This pervert isn’t going to cease his sick behavior!

Well there you go SLO a Sex offender will be back on the Streets rather than in Prison thanks to the Feel Good Liberal DA you just elected!

Suckers…I hope this sicko next doesn’t rape a little Girl…we will only have the Soft on Crime DA to thank!

You want to know why this stuff is happening more and more…it’s because our DA’s are letting them GOOOOO