Bowling alley proposed for downtown SLO

April 4, 2015

An out-of-area developer has submitted plans to transform the former downtown San Luis Obispo Sports Authority space into a bowling alley, restaurant and live music venue. [Tribune]

Jeremy Pemberton filed for a conditional-use permit to allow alcohol to be served past 11 p.m. at the 24,500-square-foot space located on the corner of Chorro and Marsh streets. Pemberton owns a similar entertainment venue in Ventura, Discovery Ventura.

Plans for Discovery San Luis Obispo include a 14-lane bowling alley, a restaurant and a bar and banquet area.

In about three months, Pemberton is expected to take his plans before the planning commission.

Discovery Ventura

Discovery Ventura

Ted Slanders

What a waste of godly space! This is a perfect location right in the center of town for those that haven’t found Jesus yet. No, He is not lost, but only lost to many that haven’t found his doctrine yet!

All divisions of Christianity in this city, which are all correct even though they contradict each other, could go in together and purchase or lease this building on a venture for “Bowling for Jesus!”

Said divisions, aka, Churches in our area, could participate in their particular division verse another Christian division. Can you see Lutheran’s verse Catholics nights, along with Jehovah Witnesses vs Mormons, and lest we forget, Pentecostals verse everyone else? Preferably, all divisions of Christianity in our area would make an appearance and take on the front runners of another division of the faith. With particular caution, they could have one night a month and include Muslims, Jews, and Atheists in these games. Atheists would have to bring their own asbestos suits for obvious reasons.

The winner of the Christian division for that night’s game would have the bragging rights of giving their winning money to their particular division of the faith so as to help their pastor in getting a newer car, keeping their tax free church real estate up to date, etc. Look at the rivalries that will come to bear where the adage of “you build it and they will come” would provide great entertainment for the community.

So what if this Christian venture would be property tax free like their houses of worship, they would at least provide sales tax on godly food and wine and the sales of their churches particular beliefs in books, CD’s, and other areas of interest.

Regarding the music, obviously it will be Christian music to sooth the sole as the pins are heard dropping in the background like unbelievers on Judgment Day, praise!