Cal Poly boys and girls poop for parody

April 22, 2015

calpolySome Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students skipped out on the men’s and women’s rooms last week in honor of an event dubbed the campus “Shit In.”

The Cal Poly Queer Student Union called upon students to use only gender-neutral bathrooms last Tuesday through Thursday. The event was intended to raise awareness for “trans*/gender non-conforming” students, according to the Shit In Facebook page.

An accompanying online petition called for Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong to create more all-gender bathrooms on campus. The petition has received 294 signatures.

“Gendered bathrooms pose a threat to the emotional and physical well being of this demographic, and often force awkward and uncomfortable encounters for non-cisgender identifying students,” the petition states.

Only five all-gender bathrooms are reasonably accessible on the Cal Poly campus, according to the Queer Student Union. In all, there are 16 all-gender bathrooms on campus, according to a Cal Poly Pride Center list.

In addition to requesting more gender-neutral bathrooms, the Queer Student Union is also asking the university to add “gender diversity” signs to existing male and female bathrooms.

“Gender diversity signs would create a more accepting climate to existing gendered bathrooms, fostering more tolerance and acceptance for the trans/gender non-conforming population here at Cal Poly,” the petition says.

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oh, get over it. go live in France…..not so puritan. we don’t care about such things

Including personal hygiene and good manners…

The change they are talking about only concerns single-occupancy bathrooms. Who cares if they remove the male/female sex designation when only one individual is going to be using the john at a time? Most portables already work this way. Aside from cleanliness issues and costs associated with installing both urinals and commodes in every unit (if you decide to go that route), it seems like it would really make a lot of sense if everyone adjusts to the single-occupancy bathroom sign. If you don’t agree, do you think all portables should be given male/female sex designations?

Is there such a shortage of facilities on campus that it requires additional toilets? If so fine…If not then it’s silly and a waste of time and money. The students complain about the cost of tuition….well?

Some guys who favor wearing bras and dresses are upset they can’t use the lady’s room. Similarly some gals who favor flannel lumberjack shirts and dungarees are hurt they’re not allowed to use the men’s room.

The result is their demand for “gender-neutral bathrooms.” What a complete waste of taxpayer $$$ Grow-up kiddies! It’s a good bet your future employers won’t have “gender-neutral bathrooms.”

It’s most interesting and particularly disturbing to watch the evolution of these university students. They’ve come to get drunk together, rape together, collapse a roof together, haze until death together, trespass together,and now $hit together. Exactly what is your legacy going to be? I’d hate to venture to guess, as it won’t be good.

Am I a prude for thinking the title for this article is disgusting?

41 think you are NOT a prude. 2 think you are.

Yet, days later, the headline is still on my browser’s homepage.

The title “Cal Poly boys and girls shit in unity “, that is.