Civil suit filed against Lenny Jones

April 25, 2015
Lenny Jones

Lenny Jones

The guardian of two girls who were allegedly sexually molested while attending a party at Lenny Jones’ Arroyo Grande home in March filed a civil suit against Jones on Friday seeking punitive and compensatory damages. [KSBY]

According to the suit, “Jones engaged in sexual conduct with the minors with the intent of arousing or appealing to his lusts, passions and sexual desires.” During the party, Jones lured the children to “a secluded location on his property” and took sexually explicit pictures of the children.

In the suit filed by attorney James R. Murphy, Jones is accused of attempting to hide his assets after he became aware of the investigation. The suit says Jones and an unnamed defendant “conspired together to conceal the true ownership of the property owned by Jones.”

Jones is currently being held without bail in the San Luis Obispo County Jail after he was arrested for allegedly molesting three girls ages 6, 9 and 12 and a 3-year-old boy at a birthday party in March at his Arroyo Grande home.

Jones is currently facing charges of kidnapping, penetrating with a foreign object, molesting two girls under 14 years of age, molesting one girl under 10 years of age, having explicit photos of a child, exploitation of a minor and molesting a child.

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Just curious, where was the “guardian’ when the children needed protection?


No consolation for the damage done to these and however many more children, but I hope they get 100% of this scumbag’s assets.


He’s screwed. I remember him from 24 years ago when I was around 5. He was a partner with Chuck Fellows and I lived up the street. I would play fort in the old Christmas tree lot two up from the Fellows with all the neighbor kids (back before kids had phones) and one time Lenny came up and wanted to play tag or another game? I remember that because we weren’t supposed to play with strangers, but he knew Chuck. And his face was on like Albertsson shopping carts?

We didn’t play with him, but it seems that association and notoriety has been a common tactic?


There is something about this story that continues to nag at me. What were the details of this “birthday party”? I mean, why are there so many children there? If the party was in honor of Lenny Jones, how was he able to slip off to a secluded corner and take photos of children. Given Jones’ status in the nonprofit community, I need to ask: Was his birthday the pretense for some event benefitting a local nonprofit? Is that why so many children were there. Ifear there may be more to this story below the surface.


All the kids are different ages, kind of strange for a birthday party, maybe the other adults should be checked for accessory?

Mike Byrd

I believe it was a birthday party for a child.


No doubt. I tend to believe he lulled (manipulated) the community into a sense false trust and then not unlike the pied piper he lured children into his very dark and dangerous abhorrent world.piper

Jorge Estrada

This is too weird, was a Jackson fan?


Before the criminal and civil cases are concluded it will be very difficult to remember any of the good things Lenny did.

Destroying evidence.

Conspiring to conceal the true ownership of his property.

Sexually explicit photos of children, etc.

These are the things Lenny will be known for now, the good has been all but obliterated.


Just because these slanders appear in the press doesn’t mean they’re true. Best to hold judgment till we know more — like from a trial on or dismissal of charges.


I like to think people are innocent until proven guilty, however in this case it does not look that way. First, there are four children that have come forward with the support of their families.

Secondly, it has been reported that Lenny Jones attempted to destroy evidence and hide his assets.

This is only what the press has reported. I am sure their is more evidence that the D.A. has uncovered that is not in the press.

I think we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in this case.

The thoughts and prayers need to be with the victims and their families.


In addition to my comment I would like to include the fact that his bail had been increased to 1mil and then revoked. Also, he has a history of deviant behavior.

Now, does an innocent man go to great lengths to destroy evidence? Would bail be denied? Does a previous charge go unnoticed??

Hmm, let me think about that.

3 putt

The “Guardian” of the two girls filed suit…….Sounds like these kids have already been through some sort of problem or trauma. Now this///// So sad and infuriating. Poor kids. in


Guardian , Sounds like you are going to protect A child.. Not sure they was much protecting going on, Leave it to Jim Murphy.. If he is after you , I bet He knows Just what Lenny’s worth Right now .. Pretty fast Work .. Go Get him James R. Murphy !!

Vultures Circling Seems to be Justice.. I would say this about the lat time when he got off for the old open Robe Gig.. People are trying to head this off at the pass just in case Lenny Has any Aces left.. Looks Like aces & 8’s .. Go get him Wyatt ..


Guy’s not even dead yet and the vultures are circling.


James Murphy? He is screwed….


Murphy is an unprincipled pitbull but that doesn’t mean he is guaranteed success. However, in this case, I think any competent attorney would have a good chance of winning a good settlement.


If Jones is criminally convicted of any acts that form the basis of the civil lawsuit, civil liability is established as a matter of law and it will simply be a matter of proving damages. The civil suit will almost certainly be stayed pending resolution of the criminal charges. However, even if Jones is not criminally convicted, that doesn’t mean he’s free and clear in the civil action. The plaintiff will have to establish liability but will have to do so only by a preponderance of the evidence rather than the more stringent beyond a reasonable doubt standard for criminal prosecution.


In other words, yeah, he’s probably screwed even if he’s not criminally convicted.


A quicker way to say it is, “see OJ”



I guarantee the family’s who were affected my what Lenny did are not smiling.