Lenny Jones charged with child molestation 2 decades ago

April 23, 2015
Lenny Jones

Lenny Jones

Arroyo Grande Citizen of the Year Lawrence Lenny Jones was charged with child molestation in 1995, though the charges were dropped after he underwent counseling. [Tribune]

Jones is currently being held without bail in the San Luis Obispo County Jail after he allegedly molested two girls under the age of 14, one girl under 10 year of age and a 3-year-old boy at a birthday party in March at his Arroyo Grande home.

Following an Arroyo Grande Police Department investigation, in 1995, Jones was charged with misdemeanor molesting or annoying a child. He then retained attorney Chris Casciola.

In December 1995, the district attorney’s office asked the court to dismiss the charge on the condition that Jones’ complete two years of counseling. Jones complied and the charges were dropped.

Jones is currently facing charges of kidnapping, penetrating with a foreign object, molesting two girls under 14 years of age, molesting one girl under 10 years of age, having explicit photos of a child, exploitation of a minor and molesting a child.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff investigators found explicit photos from the March birthday party on Jones’ computer that corroborate much of the information gathered from the children, according to a press release.

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First, as we know, a report in a newspaper isn’t a fair trial. Innocent until proven guilty.

Second, I’ve heard there’s a pedophile ring that’s pretty extensive in this country, not to mention international sex-slave-trading, and that police are involved and it persists because it’s so secret and investigators or whistleblowers lose their lives… Used to think this was impossible, but too many signs (and books, etc.) indicate it’s probably true. I will never understand the psychology of these worthless monsters.

Ignorant comment. Go bait some other group.

Read between the lines. Citizen. Who protected this man?

It may be time for a more current photo, Lenny in an orange jumpsuit.

At least one where he’s not smiling, unless he likes what he’s getting in jail…

The D.A.’s office has always been considered a “country club” by the other attorneys in the county. There have been some really hard workers in that office, Steve Trauth was one of them. Tragically he died from cancer and we lost a great prosecutor. There were and still are a few aggressive deputy D.A.’s in the office. However, most of the folks in that office are more concerned about their conviction rate (plea bargains count as convictions) and about being out of the office by 3 pm.

I hope the new D.A. will change this culture, but I am doubtful, since he was supported by some of the biggest offenders.

I will wait to see if Lenny gets offered a plea deal. That either means the charges are true, but the case is not concrete, or the charges are all true and can be proven, but the D.A. wants to spare some prominent people from getting drug through the mud.

If Lenny Jones is a child molester you cannot tell me that as high profile as he was, that NO ONE KNEW about it. Those people who did know or suspected it and said nothing are as guilty for the damage done to the victims as Lenny himself.


I’m a big nobody in this town and even I, years ago heard the rumors of his perverted past with underaged children. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… Still scratchin’ my head on how he ever got to be Citizen of the Year.

look I have been beating that drum for two weeks….

you hear that … the cell door slamming shut , some young kids marked for life scared..

where is Mike Byrd Now??

Dan Dow is the new District Attorney. He campaigned on making substantive changes in the DA’s office.

I recently had jury duty on a criminal case and the case is one that probably would not have come forward to trial in the past. The case I sat on was charged to the fullest extent possible.

We need to give the DA the benefit of the doubt. Also, we need to remember that while the evidence sounds horrific, we haven’t seen everything. Let’s allow the system to work through the process. After all is said and done, conclusions about justice can be debated.