Morro Bay Recreation and Parks Director ousted

April 27, 2015

morro bay plantAfter more than 26 years with the City of Morro Bay, Recreation and Parks Director Joe Woods was dismissed from his position on Friday.

Woods was an at-will employee. Under the terms of his contract, the city will pay him five months’ severance pay.

On Friday, the city paid Woods about $24,400 in accrued leave and $49,325 in severance.

City Manager Dave Buckingham will manage the Recreation and Parks Department until a new manager is hired. The reason for his dismissal has not yet been made public.

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Welcome to the “New Morro Bay”. This is the agenda of the current council and city manager. If you don’t like it, so what. If you don’t agree, go away. Funny how they are doing just what they accused the fantasy “good ol boy” club of doing.

Well, if you don’t like today’s council majority, you are screwed. Until the next election. If you like it- enjoy your day in the sun. But know also that it won’t last forever. Your majority has gone too far and crossed too many lines. The voters will speak during the next election, and speak loudly they will. Good bye Irons, and good riddance. Mark these words- for Irons and his lot will fade into obscurity leaving behind in their wake serious damage to the city of MB. But we will recover, because the real roots of this town are made up of resilient, tough people.

Yippy, I’ve heard everyone say, we need a new era in MB Rec & Parks, let’s get started!

Is this just one more victim of Iron’s purging of city staff? When will the “cleansing” of former staff end?

Another member of the $100,000 salary and pension club, plus around 10 weeks of accrued leave. Ridiculous,stop the raping of taxpayers with his replacement.

I agree the replacement ought to be more sensitively compensated.

I wonder, however, how this termination plays into retirement fund expenses. Since we “know” that gov’t retirees receive more in retirement than they paid into the system, it’s possible that cashing out this employee’s retirement fund will end up being cheaper in the long run.