North County mother and son killed in accidents last weekend

April 27, 2015
Zack Lopez

Zack Lopez

Just hours after his mother died in a car crash in Santa Margarita on Saturday, an Atascadero man died in a motorcycle accident on Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon, Donna Dean Magee, 56, of Templeton died in a single vehicle accident. Nearly 12-hours later, her son Zack Lopez, 35, of Atascadero died in a motorcycle accident.

Magee left the Pozo Saloon where she was attending a Saturday afternoon concert and drove to Santa Margarita to get gas, said one of Magee’s co-worker at the Santa Margarita Mercantile.

Magee then headed eastbound on Highway 58 where she lost control of her Toyota Tacoma while going around a curve. The truck went off the road and landed 25 feet below in a dry creek bed. Magee later died from her injuries.

Shortly before 5 a.m. on Sunday, Atascadero police officers responded to a report of a crash and found Lopez had driven off Sycamore Avenue and crashed. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

No other vehicles were involved in either accident. Both crashes remain under investigation and it is not yet known if drugs or alcohol were factors in either accident.

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What a sad story. Can’t help but wonder why Zack was on the road riding his motorcycle at

5am? My condolences to all who loved them.

Cindy, how you got 66% more thumbs down than up, for your brief compassionate comment, I don’t know, but I can guess at your 5am question…..

Cindy, he was on the road at 5am either for responsible personal relief and freedom of 2 wheeling, which I can understand as I used to do it, or else, on the bad side, 5am is when he can “act out” and waken and disrupt the largest number of people, if he happened to have one of the all too common vicious illegal modified exhausts. Not having known the man, I can’t guess and have no right to surmise, whether he was a responsible motorcyclist, family man, good guy, or an Adam Hill shaking babies from sleep in any dwelling he passed. Hopefully he was the former, a responsible man who just happened into a tragic early death. Riding has great appeal, as some say, “four wheels moves the body, two wheels moves the SPIRIT.” (and in my crazy case, it is two TRACKS on the dozer, grooming ranch roads for the fun of it, that moves the childlike spirit on the big yellow Tonka Toy. In any case, machines call out to us but they do have RISKS).

Either way, it’s a sad story and most any death is a tragedy. The call of riding our mechanical stallions or driving our swift cars is one I understand, and I’m sorry that they occasionally take the life of the operator. To lose TWO members of one family must be very very hard on the survivors, and they have my condolences.

So, so sad. My condolences to the family.


Rest in Peace Mother and Son.

Blessings to those family members who are left behind.

May our God and Savior Jesus Christ comfort you.

This is about the most depressing story I have heard in a while. Sad!

Correction: 58 runs E-W, not S-N.