New Times’ staff riddled by departures

April 17, 2015
Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller


New Times, San Luis Obispo’s weekly newspaper, is looking for a few good men… or women, an editor or two, and a reporter.

Ryan Miller, the paper’s executive editor whose primary responsibility was running sister paper Santa Maria Sun, will be leaving after 15 years.

Also, managing editor Ashley Schwellenbach and senior staff writer Colin Rigley are departing together for what the newspaper termed a “new adventure in the wild streets of Seattle.”

“There have been many changes at New Times over the past 30 years,” said owner and publisher Bob Rucker Thursday. “We are looking forward to the future.”

Rucker said he has been receiving many applications seeking the top editor’s job, which has been occupied by only two people since founder Steve Moss died in 2005.

UPDATE: A position in NT’s production department mentioned in an earlier post is no longer available, according to Rucker. And we erred in previously reporting Miller will remain in this area.


Steve Moss was the man….hasn’t been the same since. It’s mostly a boring read. Makes a good fishwrapper though!!


NEW TIMES =OLD TIMES, the POS paper is not even worth burning in our fireplace anymore.


New Times needs to add a category to their “Best Of” poll, Best paper to line bird cage with, the Tribune would be first and New Times second, but in another year or two maybe the New Times will take first place


There ya go Aaron…now’s your chance to show your true colors.


Rather than focus on New Times swirling the bowl in its present iteration, perhaps we should rejoice in the new blood that may make it relevant again.


Too little, too late?

Kevin Rice

I used to have a ten-year pile of every New Times in my garage. All the news one needed in a weekly, funny, provocative, snarky.

Now, New Times just mostly sucks. Antagonistic of whatever doesn’t fit their entrenched Adam Hill politician views. I skim their web site at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday morning and I’m done with it by 12:05 until the next week.

Sad to see New Times shrivel into a weekly Tribune.


It’s the price they all paid for the carrying of water.


The distribution model is broken, just like many other publications. They really don’t make good use of the internet. There are many websites that provide just about everything that a reader used to get from New Times. They need to provide links to resources and information and make the website more interactive. Allow people to buy tickets for events advertised by them, make restaurant reservations and get some type of promotional discounts, provide links to Facebook pages and other organizations websites.


As long as Glen Starkey’s still there, everything will be all right. And Starkey will never, not ever, really won’t, not-if-he’s-dragged-out, leave.


they have been circling the drain for awhile now.


New Times is hardly worth a read anymore, and the Shredder could be written better by high school students.

If they would rerun the original Shredder columns, even if they are outdated, I would start reading New Times again.


I guess that would match the recycled thoughts already in one’s head.


Actually the original Shredder– Steve Moss– was every bit as good and funny as Dave Barry, but with local people and incidents.


I arrived here too late to appreciate Steve M …but I know what you mean,

I still miss Molly Ivins.